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nicht so zuverlässige Firma ... Herr Brown kam zu Besuch, um das Gebührenangebot zu ermitteln, und bestätigte, dass sie die Arbeit erledigen könnten und in 1-2 Tagen ein Gebührenangebot vorlegen würden. Seitdem (fast 3 Wochen) haben wir nichts mehr gehört, unabhängig davon, ob wir per E-Mail oder Nachricht nachverfolgt haben. Es gibt uns das Gefühl, dass das Unternehmen nicht daran interessiert ist, den Service anzubieten, aber zumindest hätten sie es uns einfach sagen sollen, anstatt die Zeit zu verschwenden.
over 3 years ago
I had Neil Brown- Handyman and Renovations paint the inside of my house in Luxembourg. Neil and his team where true professionals, who took the time to do a world class job. The team was organized, clean, efficient and my exceptions where exceeded. Pricing was outstanding and the job they completed was outstanding. I highly recommend Neil Brown-Handyman & Renovations. They are truly the best-in-class.
about 4 years ago
Neil Brown and his team are highly professional and very efficient. We had our wood flooring done in our flat and their job was fantastic! He helped us also with changing pipes to install a new heating radiator in a different place of the room and installing other appliances in the kitchen. Renovations can be sometimes a difficult time, but they just made it look simple and the finishing was with great attention to detail! Thanks Neil!
over 4 years ago
I am very pleased with the renovation Neil Brown did on my kitchen.
over 4 years ago
Attentive to the wishes of the client, even when she changes her plans and spouses don't agree, Neil Brown deals with it calmly. A living room renovated and a new kitchen renovated and installed to our complete satisfaction, and on time.
over 4 years ago
Neil Brown's outstanding skill and knowledge of all building trades meant the complete rebuilding from scratch of the first floor of our house from 1929 was completed in just the way we wanted, with ideas and suggestions along the way, and an attention to detail and good workmanship rarely seen. From a flat ceiling to a vaulted ceiling, new walls, lighting, rewiring, new plumbing, tiling, flooring, the lot. We changed our minds, added to the project, Neil took it in his stride. We would wholeheartedly recommend Neil Brown.
over 4 years ago
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