New project

stpmj is an idea-driven design practice based in New York and Seoul. The office is found by Seung Teak Lee and Mi Jung Lim with the belief that the work explores a new perspective built from careful observations of material, structure and program expanding to the social, cultural, environmental, and economic phenomena of our time. stpmj navigates on uncharted territory of material experiments focused on its sensoriality and performativity expanding our conventional material culture to broader built environment. We seek provocative works that speculate on a broad range of investigations, leveraging the potential of materials in the stage of concept and production.

stpmj aims for "PROVOCATIVE REALISM". It is a series of synergetic explorations that occur on the boundary between the ideal and the real. It is based on simplicity of form and detail, clarity of structure, excellence in environmental function, use of new materials, and rational management of budget. To these we add ideas generated from curiosity in everyday life as we pursue a methodology for dramatically exploiting the limitations of reality. We design iconic architecture that stands out, not apart; that is visionary, not fantastical. Continually embracing new parameters we provide distinct solutions at various ranges from architecture to urban strategies, from tangible realities to utopian ideas with unforeseen manners.

SungDongGu SungSooDong 2Ga, 278-17 / 189 Schermerhorn Street 2M Brooklyn
04796 Korea
South Korea