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Why hire an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer will add clear value to your property. Aesthetic ideas will come out which you did not think of.

Most importantly, you can save money. Hiring a designer can help you to avoid costly mistakes and help you land on design decisions that will pump the value of the house. In short, if you are on a tight budget, a designer knows how to get the economical value out of what you can spend.

Additionally, you can save time. A trained designer already knows what needs to be sorted out and when it needs to be sorted out, and they can anticipate any obstacles which may come up.

You can get professional assessment. Professional interior designers received necessary education and had several apprenticeships. Interior design is a delicate balance of art and science and good interior designers have studied both, so they know how to come up with ideal plan.

You can have a qualified liaison. A good designer is aware of how to consult with a client when it comes to architects, contractors, and building owners. Effective communication between the interior design and the lighting, furnishing and architecture is clearly the key.

You can have better resources and contacts. Designers work in the environment of home improvement, so they already have reliable connections that you need. Designers also have access to tons of product and fabric not available to the public.

Interior designers are trained to think creatively and spatially. A professional interior designer will create custom-designed pieces to make it clear that everything fits perfectly and is ideally special to your home.

Advantages to hiring an interior designer in Cardiff?

Hiring an interior designer in Cardiff will give you the advantages of network of contractors, painters, installers etc.

They know good colour combination. Majority of people only know white, cream and other light colours that are usually used for the interior. But, if you consult an interior designer, you will learn that they can make a good combination of varied colours, making your room look so lively.

How much will interior designer in Cardiff cost?

Some interior designers charge by an hourly rate but, more commonly, they are providing packages to fit different budgets and needs of homeowners. Your interior designer’s fee will usually be 10%. However, this figure will vary depending on your location as well as the interior designer’s experience and qualifications. The following is the guidelines as to what you can expect from your interior designer for packages which vary in terms of cost and their input.

The essentials—£100 – £500 fee (e.g. for one room)

budget up to £5,000.

  • a consultation; to keep their fee down, they suggest consultations between you take place on the phone/online
  • a furniture placement plan
  • a concept board
  • a shopping list for you to make the purchases yourself
  • to keep their fee down, the designer may suggest they work remotely, with you providing the measurements of your room
  • the documents you are provided with are likely to be digital

Design only—£500—£2,000 

budget between £5,000 up to £20,000.

  • consultation(s) in person
  • your room(s) measured and drawn in detail by your designer
  • a detailed furniture plan, including lighting / electrics
  • elevations and sketches of the final design concept
  • mood / concept board, including samples
  • detailed tender documents to get comments from builders/decorators

Design, supply and install—£2,000+

budget over £20,000.

  • all of the above plus:
  • project management of builders/decorators
  • purchasing on your behalf
  • 3D imagery (usually additional fee per visual)
  • a fully co-ordinated service with minimal input or effort required from you.

The cost of your interior designer will be determined by numerous factors which includes experience, expertise, and the extent of the project as well as the budget of the client.

Each interior designer has their peculiar style of work and charge, considering those peculiarities. The following is the four main ways an interior designer could charge for their services.

The room by room method: This is the commonest method to pay interior designers.

The fixed lump sum: In short, the fees are calculated as a product of the hourly rate and the expected time the project should take.

Time charge: Hourly rates commonly start at £50 but can increase up to £150 per hour or more.

Percentage: The fees are calculated as a percentage of the total cost outlay of the project.

How do I choose an interior designer?

This is maybe the most critical decision you’ll need to make during the entire project.

- What’s your style?

Although most good interior designers will adapt to the style and brief set by their client, it makes sense to choose an interior designer whose projects make you think, ‘I’d like to live there’.

- What’s your budget?

Look through their portfolio and projects. You’ll want to select a designer who has expertise in working with budgets like yours for the best results.

- The scale of project

Is it a single room refresh or a whole house renovation? If it’s the latter, using an experienced interior designer used to dealing with projects of this scale would be clearly effective.

-Your involvement

Do you want to be heavily involved in the design process – choosing furniture and paint colours – with your interior designer? Or would you let the designer work on the project with his style and expertise?

- References

It is always good idea to get feedback from their previous clients before hiring a designer.

- Use a contract

It is important to have a contract with your design professional so you can be clear about what to expect from each other during the project.

- Do you need a local interior designer?

For most projects, it would be sensible to search within a 20-mile distance.

- What’s your time-scale?

Do you need this project to be completed ASAP? When speaking to interior designers, double check your expectations for the project with their availability.

- Do you get on?

You will be working with this person to design your own home, so it’s critical to establish a good working relationship.