Montecchio S.r.l.


Production of floors, garden furniture, glazed, jars and amphorae for wine making and aging of wine in Terracotta Impruneta traditional and modern handmade using ancient techniques of Tuscany tradition. And in collaboration with Prof. Arch. Massimo Ricci internationally renowned expert in the field of ancient technology applied to the restoration and preservation of the monuments we have developed products for the production of pigmented plaster, tempera based on slaked lime aerial and floors cocciopesto Roman and Etruscan, unique products of the highest quality, made from natural binders absolutely no resins or chemical additives Roman technology first century BC.

  • Material supply
  • as regards plasters and cocciopesto material supply and construction if required.
Company awards
The tradition of the Tuscan Terracotta of Impruneta and the figure of Prof. Arch. Massimo Ricci
Via Montecchio , 4
50028 San Donato In Poggio (Fi) Italy


6 months ago
6 months ago
Bellissima azienda, posto suggestivo. Complimenti alla Sig.a Francesca per la disponibilità cortesia e passione con cui ci ha spiegato cosa c'è dietro ad un buon bicchiere di Chianti Moira e fam. Udine
10 months ago