Prestigious Textiles


They expect us Curtain Makers to spend a fortune, buying their books. And allow online sites to sell their fabric for £1 a metre more then the trade price. Do not pay them for sample books, you are wasting your money.
almost 2 years ago
Every time I have dealt with Prestigious Textiles I have found them to be nothing but polite, helpful and friendly. I would 100% recommend them.
over 2 years ago
Amazing place this, proper prestigious textiles.... I wanted to challenge their title, this is how it went.... First off I asked for a magic carpet, they have one! They said it needed charging so wouldn't fly right now but they do have one, I believed them. Next Harry Potter invisibility cloak, yep, in stock! But he can't locate it right now, bit hard to find something invisible, I believed him. Looking for the Bayeux tapestry, they have one but it's in their store in France! He showed me on the internet, I believe them. What about Kylie Minogue's gold hotpants? He has them! Couldn't show me as he was wearing them and it was embarrassing........ I believe him, looked the sort who would.
almost 4 years ago
Fantastic fabric and very helpful staff . Thanks Hugh
over 3 years ago
Rude, staff need to learn some manners.
almost 3 years ago
about 1 year ago
Yeah good tip
6 months ago
Superb fabric supplier with an amazing rep.
6 months ago
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