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KAMBIAM (NeuroDesign Furniture for People)
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They can design influence the emotional state of a person?

Besides .diseñamos Form and Function ... we are thinking about the people who will use our products?

How can we include users of our design in the process of creating it? .. It decir..¿El customer or user can be the designer of the design purchase? ...

Answering these questions gives meaning to innovation line KAMBIAM (NeuroDesign for People) want to enter into the creative world of industrial design products and spaces. The innovation is that in addition to the pursuit of perfect form and function of any product design, kambiam introduces the variable "person", ie "we create designs that make connections between the person and the product"

Therefore, we present this new concept of #Neuromobiliario, designed to connect with the customer, combining psychology and neuroscience with design furniture and interior, providing elements that create links between the product and the person designs that can "kambiar" designs , vivid designs, in which the customer-decorator is included in the process of final design of each piece ....

The versatility of our parts generates a great adaptation to space needs in the areas of hotel, offices, administration or the like, as shown in our collections 2015_ TRAP, INCL and PRSPs, bookshelves, tables, chairs, planters, lamps, vases , bins, mirrors, tables, pens, coat racks, cushions, side tables, ... that are part of the Kambiam neurodiseños.

This project could not be started without the client-decorator, not so much as a buyer of a product, but as a participant of the product.

And since our study we think that if the customer feels part of a design or project, and make your home, hop your closet, or design your lamp, creates a bond between product and person.

Well, in our case, the Studio kambiam create "cells, or neurons atoms" equal pieces together, but they are able to generate "organs, molecules or brains" all different, offering the possibility to create many combinations possible ("people, materials or thoughts").

To do this, we work on finding new simple geometric shapes that allow a multitude of possible combinations between them.

And this is where the person, the client is included in our design. He, who choose, build and design the finished product will be.

Furthermore, our second line of work is the study of the perception on the client, ie, that brain processes developed to interpret the stimuli we receive color, perspective, etc.

Visit our website www.kambiam.com and "start neurodiseñar"

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