Architecture and Interior design

He was born in Switzerland in 1965, he graduated in Architecture in Florence in 1990 and after working experiences in Italy and France opened his own studio in 1992 in Foligno (PG). He has taught at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence and the Faculty of Engineering and Agriculture of Perugia; 1999-2001 is Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University “La Sapienza”, Rome.

His practice focuses on architectural design of museum exhibition and interior design, restoration of cultural heritage and re-use of existing buildings. In recent years he devoted himself especially to the world of “wellness”, dealing with design of spas and hotels, sports centers and theme parks. In 2011 he devised a concept for Panatta Sport that, after an initial pilot implementation, is being carried out in several sports centers throughout Italy. In all the work particular attention is paid to the relationship between conservation and inclusion of contemporary forms and functions. The materials are used in their essentiality, the furnishings are kept to a minimum and always integrated into the architectural design with rare exceptions of strong visual and emotional impact.

  • assistance in purchase
  • building and land surveys 
  • geological surveys
  • historical research
  • Project Design
  • Interior Design
  • 3D modeling and renderings
  • Garden and Landscape Design
  • structural engineering studies
  • electrical and heating systems project with particolar attention to ecological solutions
  • urbanistic and administrative building permits
  • cost estimates
  • assistance in choosing contractors
  • Construction Supervision
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