Corndell Quality Furniture


Attempted to buy dressing table via retailer back in Mar-21. Originally given four week lead time. Six months later after numerous missed target dates and various excuses around shipping containers, had to give up and get refund. Have bought products previously, but will not do so again based on experience.
over 2 years ago
Sign on the door saying "permanently closed"
almost 4 years ago
Atrocious customer service I called corndell the woman that answered my call was totally unhelpful and arrogant I wonder if the owners of this company know how their potential customers are being dealt with over the phone I will not be buying anything from corndell ever again thanks to the service I got from this woman I called them at 12.40hrs today 24/05/19
almost 5 years ago
Lots of good quality furniture that you would find in department stores with large discounts. If I had just moved into a house, this would be a good place to get a bunch of new stuff at a good price.
about 5 years ago
No Stars. You order from them thinking the item will be the colour they advertise but its not. The furniture is good but the company has a shocking after sales guy called Simon. He will do nothing to help you out even tho your a good customer of Corndell products! He's quite rude. 4 months i have been messed about by them and they still won't except this is there fault... so please reconsider before ordering.
about 5 years ago
Don't bother they advertise furniture on fb put pics up of new furniture when you go there to have a look it's totally different
over 5 years ago
Ordered eight pieces of Corndell's Anancey Range bedroom furniture,via retailer CFS, on 18th February 2017.Really wish I hadn't bothered.This is supposed to be made to order furniture.Firstly the colour of the paint is nothing like the web site photos.It appears as "off white" when it is actually dark grey. They sent a double bed when I had ordered a king size bed.The paint on the wardrobe and chest of draws had areas where the paint hadn't covered properly ( minor admittedly but still there).The wardrobes doors both had areas where the paint had chipped. They had completely omitted to paint all 6 draws in the tall boy and they had sent 2 wrong handles for the bedside cabinets. Eventually I agreed to keep the chest of draws with the minor paint missing area for a piddling £80 refund from the suppliers.I contacted Corndell to ask for some touch up paint,they sent about 20 ml but gave no apology. Next they created confusion with the retailer,refusing to replace the wardrobe doors and the tall boy and the handles because I had "agreed to keep the damaged items" and had been sent the paint to repair them.When I contacted them to resolve the issue they simply replied to every email with the standard response "speak to your retailer as your contract is with them not us". When I complained and said they were incompetent they took offence and denied it. So, nearly 2 months since I placed my order still no sign of a bed,I'm told it will, be the standard 2-6 weeks till it's in the warehouse of the retailer.Who,incidentally, have also been totally unapologetic.Still no sign of the replacement items. My advice avoid this company like the plague.They are in many retail furniture stores so beware.There's obviously a reason why they only supply and don't retail.
about 7 years ago
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