7 Architects in Birmingham


As qualified professionals with a passion for design, architects make sure that all construction work complies with building regulations and is finished to the highest standard.  

When should I use an architect? 

When you appoint an architect, you’re more likely to end up with a better quality product. While there’s no law to say you have to hire an architect, if you think you need planning permission, it’s probably best to consider it.  Whatever the building project, an architect can be of great benefit in the long run and can be involved in all phases of design, right through to completed construction.

What do architects do?

Architects not only design buildings, but are also responsible for how they fit in with their environment, conserve energy and deliver safety and visual appeal.   Architects work on a variety of building projects that can include remodelling, renovations and new design plans. 

As well as providing you with a functional design that’s aesthetically pleasing, they work throughout the process to make sure their design is followed properly and is economically and environmentally sustainable.   

They’ll usually start with concept drawings and then provide construction drawings, or 3D renderings and videos of what your future home will look like. 

Your eyes and ears throughout a project, one of the most important duties of an architect is to manage and supervise construction. They can help you find the best project managers and buildings to save you money, and make sure there is always good communication between all contractors to ensure the project runs smoothly. 

It’s easy to find architects in Birmingham on homify.  Every architect is unique so be sure to check out their portfolios for examples of past work and read reviews or ask to speak to past clients.

How do I find the right architect in Birmingham?

Whatever the scope of the work you need done, it’s important to hire the right professional to suit the individual job.  Many architects have their own specialities, so it’s definitely worth making contact with a few different firms and individuals.   

As well as designing the initial concept, architects can help you select and hire other professional West Midland subcontractors, which may include builders, engineers and landscape architects as well as interior designers to help you select furniture and finishes.   By choosing someone who knows the Birmingham area, you’ll stand to benefit from their knowledge of: 

* The local environment and climate 

* Reputable contractors, tradesmen and materials suppliers 

* The building regulations for your suburb or zone 

* Local authority planning rules 

Once you have chosen your architect, you should have a fairly clear idea of the style of house you’d prefer, as well as your budget.  If you’re looking for more passion in work and have more money to spend, you may also consider working with a more expensive, smaller boutique practice. Or you may choose an individual or larger architectural firm for a more affordable option. 

Finding a Birmingham architect through Homify is easy and you’re able to see where they’re based, their speciality, plus you’re able to read customer reviews before you decide on who is right for you.

How much does an architect cost in Birmingham?

Most architects work for an hourly rate or an agreed fixed fee that’s based on a percentage of the construction costs.   While professional architectural services aren’t cheap, they’ll definitely save you money in the long run, but it’s worth understanding how to negotiate prices up front.    

TOP TIP:  Remember the cost of hiring an architect can vary in different parts of the UK and remodelling projects can be higher because of unpredictable hours. That’s why it’s worth knowing exactly what needs to be done, so you can negotiate effectively.

Are there any building restrictions in Birmingham?

Building regulations make sure your home is structurally safe, while planning permission is more about how a building looks. As a quick guide: 

* Building regulations in England fall under the Building Act 1984 and are regularly changed and updated 

* Building regulations set design standards and make sure all building construction complies with health and safety, fuel and power conservation and disability access standards.

How much does it cost to build a house in Birmingham?

The average house sold in England and Wales in 2017 had a floor size of 104m², while flats averaged around 49 m².  Taking these together, the average size of a property is 90 m². 

While it’s difficult to provide exact figures, a rough guide for a new build in areas outside of London is anywhere in the range of £1,200 to £3,000 per m², depending on the quality of your fixtures and finishings 

In 2017, the estimate for the cost of a single storey extension outside of London is anywhere between £1,200 and £1,500 per m², while the cost of a two storey is about 50% more. 


* Make sure you get 3-5 quotes 

* Remember to add on 10-15% for professional fees for the architect, planning application, building regulations, structural engineer and so on 

* Remember VAT

More about Birmingham architecture

Although Birmingham in England came into existence as a settlement over a thousand years ago, very little survives from its early history.   In fact, today’s city is mostly a product of the Industrial Revolution, and is an interesting mix of 18th, 19th and 20th century architecture.   As the city expanded in the 18th century, the city’s architecture evolved from Georgian, through to Edwardian and Victorian styles; before World War II’s heavy bombing raids caused extensive damage across the city.  Since then, the city has seen a further evolution from classical and art deco styles to more modernist and contemporary designs.   Great examples of this cutting edge contemporary style include Selfridges in Bullring (winning the RIBA Award for Architecture in 2014 as one of the first major examples of blobitecture), the Library of Birmingham, The Cube and Newman University Library. 

How to find an architect in Birmingham? 

Consult our architect directory to find an architect in Birmingham. You can use the homify directory to make contact with them to book a consultation in person, across the internet, or by phone.