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KUBE Architecture
KUBE architecture is a modern architecture studio that challenges the norms of daily life and attempts to reinterpret ways
FORMA Design Inc.
Since 1994, Washington, DC and Miami Beach based FORMA Design, Inc., has produced memorable, creative and thoughtful Architecture
APT Renovation Ltd
APT Renovation Design + Build was created from the vision of our Managing Director, Andi Pepaj, who saw a gap in the market
John Toates Architecture and Design
John Toates Architecture and Design LLC is a full service architecture and design firm that offers a guided, collaborative
건축으로 세상을 바꾸고 싶은 놈들 Augmented Reality Architects
The office of Andre Tchelistcheff Architects bases its work on conceptual refinement with attention to craftsmanship and
Feldman Architecture
Feldman Architecture is an innovative residential and commercial studio known for creating buildings that sit lightly on
ARCHI-TEXTUAL provides thoughtful, unique and personalized design solutions to meet your unique needs, we can help you
Dialogue forms the foundation of studioWTA’s architectural process. Our ongoing discussions with clients allow us to understand
Klopf Architecture
Klopf Architecture brings the outside in. For 15 years the team at Klopf Architecture has sought to understand each client's
Saif Mourad Creations
We are a design & build company established in 2017 by Saif Mourad Fahmy; a young Egyptian architect who believes in
brandt+simon architekten
brandt+simon architekten is an architectural practice based in Berlin, Germany.
Sarah Jefferys Design
Boutique design firm that specializes in residential, commercial and small institutional design, including new construction
Billinkoff Architecture (formerly Donald Billinkoff Architects) was established on Manhattan's Upper West side in 1992.
Christopher Architecture & Interiors
Christopher Architecture & Interiors is a full-service design firm that specializes in custom residential and boutique
SA-DA Architecture
We are a multidisciplinary, small Brooklyn based practice that provides design services to home owners and investors. We
DeMotte Architects, P.C.
DeMotte Architects is an architectural firm established in 1990 based in Ridgefield, Ct. While the majority of our projects
Rêny is an architecture firm based in Paris and Cairo specialized in the realization of outstanding designs for residential

When do I need an architect?

You need the services of a professional architect if you want to draw up technical design plans for a building, build a new structure (like a house), or make alterations / additions to an existing one. But the duties of an architect stretch far beyond the mere designing and building of something. A good architect skilled in his craft can assist with the following: 

·      Advising on the proper location of a building site 

·      Helping to put together a decent brief for your project 

·      Designing and planning to match your requirements and budget 

·      Correctly preparing drawings for approval 

·      Obtaining competitive quotes from various builders 

·      Being involved on site during construction to ensure everything goes according to plan 

·      Advising on what you can build where, seeing as they are well versed in council rules and policies 

·      Incorporating current trends and concepts (for example, ‘sustainability’ and ‘energy efficiency’ are hot topics in the architectural world).

What can a Dudley architect do for me?

Selecting an architect from Dudley when your building / renovation project is located in Dudley will definitely save on transportation costs, as this will minimise travelling.

Also keep in mind that the UK’s different cities and regions have their own councils, with each council’s rules and regulations pertaining to building approval and architectural planning differing from one another. 

 By selecting a Dudley architect, you get to work with a professional who is familiar with the local climate and environment, are aware of the relevant authority rules and regulations, plus know which contractors are the best to use, the right materials for the job, etc.

How do I find the right architect in Dudley?

Thanks to homify’s extensive collection of professionals in the building- and design industry, finding an architect in Dudley is easy and quick. Simply click on ‘Dudley’ in our selection of locations/cities at the bottom of the ‘Architects’ page, or type in ‘Dudley’ in the ‘search’ bar.

In addition to location, our lists of professionals include additional data such as images and details of past projects completed, plus customer reviews. 

Besides searching on homify, there are other ways of finding an architect for your Dudley project: 

·      The most common way is via word-of-mouth referrals 

·      Looking at leads found in architectural / design magazines and websites 

·      Referrals from other architects

Making contact with your Dudley architect

After selecting a few potential architects for your building / renovation project, make contact and try to set up a meeting. Keep in mind that some firms charge for an initial meeting, so be sure to check on this.

An initial meeting is important for discussing your requirements, timeline and budget, and discovering whether or not the potential architect is the right person for the job.   

Remember that your architect must be registered with the Architects Registration Board.

What to ask your Dudley architect

As no two building projects are the same, the list of questions to ask an architect will differ. However, some important queries to be aimed at your architect, regardless of your project, budget or timeline, may include:

·     Do you have any references I can follow up on? 

·     Have you ever completed a project similar to mine? 

·     What is your proposed timeline for my project? 

·     What is your fee structure? 

·     What services do you offer in addition to designs and drawings (obtaining Planning Permission, organising contracts for contractors, etc.) 

·     What are the biggest challenges and considerations regarding my project?

How much do architects in Dudley cost?

Ever since the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) abolished their indicative fee scales, very little info is available regarding architectural fees. Also take into consideration that the costs of hiring a professional architect can differ considerably from firm to firm.

As a rule of thumb, fees are usually quoted as being between 8% and 12%. However, the final costs will depend on various factors, such as: 

·     The appointed architect (a more experienced and accomplished one will charge more than an unknown) 

·     The type and size of your project 

·     The complexity of the project (for example, a brand-new build compared to a small extension or one-room renovation) 

·     The quality and finishes of the structure required 

·     The location of the architect and building site.

What other professionals do I need for my project?

Depending on the size and nature of a building project, the number and type of professionals involved will differ noticeably. A regular design that provides no major problems will require the usual experts like the architect, builders, electrician, interior designer, etc. For a more complex project, many more professionals can become involved, including:
·     Structural designers

·     Designers specialising in specific areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, garden landscapes, etc. 

·     Project managers 

·     Surveyors 

·     Structural engineers 

·     Tree surgeons 

·     Main contractors / builders 

·     Bricklayers 

·     Stone masons 

·     Roofers 

·     Window fitters 

·     Plasterers 

·     Plumbers and heating engineers 

·     Tilers 

·     Planning officers 

·     Warranty inspectors etc.

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