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Woodside Parker Kirk Architects
Our lives are not generic so why are our buildings?Buildings should be designed to suit the way we occupy and use them.
Capital A Architecture
Capital A is an award winning Architecture practice based in Edinburgh and Fife, specialising in contemporary house extensions
Somner Macdonald Architects
Associated with high quality bespoke design; we successfully restore, transform and remodel Georgian, Victorian and modern
GLM Ltd.
Respecting our past, building our future.We have a passion for architectural heritage. But we always look forwards. We’re
block 9 Architects
block 9 Architects is a young, innovative and energetic practice based in central Edinburgh. Originally launched in London
Studio DuB
Studio DuB is an RIBA Chartered Practice and was formed in 2006 out of the office of Duffy & Batt (established 1993) to
Heath Architecture
Architectural design and other services. We can also specify branded products to be used in your home, extensions, new build
Richard Murphy Architects
Multiple award-winning practice extensively published in UK and abroad. Reputation for arts buildings, high quality domestic
A449 LTD
We are an RIAS Chartered Practice based in Edinburgh with a proven track record of delivering high profile refurbishment
WT Architecture
WT Architecture was founded by Architect William Tunnell in 2006 following the expansion of his work as a sole practitioner
EKJN architects
EKJN Architects are fully Accredited and experienced Chartered Architects operating on projects through Scotland. EKJN hold
ZONE Architects
We are an award-winning Edinburgh-based architects and interior design studio working throughout Scotland and the rest of
Urban Creatures : Architects
We area small, award winning, Edinburgh based practice specialising in bespoke and innovative buildings and interiors
Having started life as a fledgling firm almost 30 years ago, GLM has grown into one of the country's most respected consultancies
morgan McDonnell
Morgan McDonnell Architecture Ltd was started in 1995 by Guy Morgan and Anthony McDonnell. Lisa Morgan joined the company
Joseph Thurrott Architects
The work of Joseph Thurrott Architects seeks to explore all the intrinsic possibilities that each project has to offer.  
Erdal Architects
Erdal Architects is an established architecture practice based in Edinburgh and involved in projects large and small all
Escala Absoluta
EJGonçalves Arquitetos | Escala Absoluta é uma empresa de arquitetura  com mais de 40 anos de experiência. Em fase de crescimento
Arqcubo Arquitectos
TMV Architecture company
Архитектурная компания ТМV основана в 2007 году и на сегодняшний день является лидером в сфере проектирования и строительства

When do I need an architect?

In Edinburgh, deciding whether or not to hire an architect is a big decision. Many homeowners manage to renovate, remodel or build without the help of an architect. However, taking on the work of one of these professionals is a large task which most first time home builders don’t have the time or knowledge for. The most common advice is that if you need planning permission, then you need an architect.  It is often a long process when deciding which architect is best for you. In order to make sure you have the right person for the job, with desirable ideas and style, price and time, it is worth checking out many people online, and having consultations first. There are many architects in Edinburgh who can help you and with homify, you’re able to contact them without even leaving the website! It’s even possible to visit their Facebook page, portfolio, location and contact details of each architect with homify! Due to the amount of training and skill in architecture, it is often difficult to find someone who will do your work cheaply. However, it is worth remembering that people who work in the trade and live in your area may know someone who is great for you. Many architects work by word of mouth so ask around!

What does an architect do?

The work of an architect can be extremely varied. Tasks can range from creating plans for your home—keeping in mind the aesthetics, all planning and local guidelines, the energy efficiency and even how the building will work with its surroundings. They also keep in touch with the site manager, or general contractor—which may sometimes be the home builders themselves, to keep an eye on their plans, and make sure builders and tradesmen are easily following their plans.  Architects spend a long time studying for their profession, and so it is important to them their work is of a high standard and their reviews are positive. Therefore, if you hire an architect you’re more likely to have a higher quality finish with fewer hitches throughout the process! 

Architectural remodelling

The process of remodelling your home can be long and arduous. With the help of homify, you’re able to find professionals who can help with this and create a home which is perfect for you. An architect is the most obvious choice when hiring people who can help your project run smoothly. If you are remodelling an old building they may be able to help you keep period features, yet producing a modern effect. It is worth checking out homify and creating an ideabook from all of the remodelling ideas which have been created before. There are thousands of pictures to give you inspiration and you are even able to add text to help you remember exactly why you liked the picture in the first place. This is the best way to help an architect know exactly what you’d like from your remodel.


Renovation is a process which can have many surprises. Hiring an architect may mean that you are more in control of your project, and even though the cost of an architect may be more expensive than for a building project, you can be more secure in the knowledge that fewer mistakes will be made with the help of a professional! It may be advisable to start small. Rather than buying a whole property to renovate, choosing to renovate your own garden, kitchen or bathroom will give you a good idea of what to expect before you start a larger project. Either way, hiring an architect is still advisable.

Architectural planning

Before planning begins, it is worth knowing exactly how the process works so that you’re informed. Architects may create 3D models, sometimes made from anything from paper and cardboard to computerised visualisations. As it is now so vital how a building interacts with its surroundings, it is important that an architect keeps in mind facilities, aesthetics, the future of the building and whether it is sustainable. They will keep in touch with you to make sure the plans are exactly what you would like from your home, before any building work begins.

How do I find the right architect in Edinburgh?

Finding the right architect is essential to make sure your home is perfect for your use. Is it worth remembering that many architects predominantly rely on word-of-mouth, so asking around in Edinburgh and checking out previous clients is an essential way to find someone good. It is also worth keeping in mind that if an architect is reluctant to put you in touch with their previous clients, there may have been a problem which would be better for you to avoid! Always ask for consultations; the first is usually free or cheaper, and ensure you know exactly who you are dealing with! Keeping in mind your budget and how much you can afford to pay an architect is something to keep in mind. Negotiating this price and signing a contract so that both sides are happy is ideal, too.

Are large architectural firms in Edinburgh better than smaller, boutique firms?

There are mixed reviews for both of these options. Deciding on what you would like from an architectural firm is the most important thing to remember. For example, with a smaller company, many homeowners often find that their architect has more time to spend on the build meaning they show more passion and enthusiasm. However, the positives of a larger firm are that they will almost always be the cheaper option. They will also have far more architects in their company and so a larger amount of knowledge to draw upon when creating your home. It is worth checking out everyone close to you on homify by using the directory, therefore you can be sure you made the right choice. 

Choosing an architect in Edinburgh

Enlisting an architect through homify’s directory is a great idea and a way for you to see exactly where the architect is based, what they specialise in, and previous customer reviews. Finding the right person may be a very difficult process but with homify you are able to explore architectural practices before you decide on who is right for you.

How much will an architect cost in Edinburgh?

Often the cost of hiring an architect will be around 10-15% of the overall construction costs. This is not a small price to pay when the alternative may be designing a home yourself. However, with the second option there are likely to be far more expensive mistakes made! Architects are not often cheap; this is thanks to many years of training and the skill involved in their work. However, keeping an ear out is a good idea. There may be some people in your local area who have managed to find a proficient architect at a reasonable price. Remember to ask builders, tradesmen and even people in home building stores for architect recommendations. Understanding how to negotiate prices with your architect may also save you money!

How can I contact an architect?

You now have the brilliant option of using homify to easily and quickly find an architect close to you. With this information you will also find all the contact details which you need to secure a consultation whether in person or online. Our directory points you towards the people close to you in Edinburgh, meaning you don’t have to waste your time sifting through people miles away! You can read reviews, view portfolios, visit Facebook pages, and even check their exact location on a map without even leaving the website! 

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

For first time builders, renovators or remodellers in Edinburgh, the road to a successful build can seem like a long one. However, if you do your research and make sure you know exactly who is best to hire and help you in your project, you will be able to create a home quickly and perhaps even easily. 

General Contractors

Depending on your involvement within your project, it may be possible to work as the general contractor yourself. This involves a lot of time and keeping tradesmen and builders happy. An architect keeps in touch with the general contractor to make sure their designs are being followed correctly and working properly. A general contractor will often have the task of arranging specific permits and inspections to be done. It can be a difficult job without professional help. If you hire an architect then they are likely to be able to point you in the right direction.


The role of a designer in your home build can be as small or as large as you would like. From designing curtains, prints and other home wares, to fitting out your entire home and creating a style for you to live in, there is someone who can help you in every aspect. With homify you’re able to create an ideabook of all the home designs you like most, save them and later show a designer so they have a better idea of how to help you. It is also possible to use the directory to find the perfect designer for you.

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