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Retool architecture
A small sensitive practice generating Low impact and environmentally responsive Buildings.In house specialisations in Carpentry
Ewan Cameron Architects
Ewan Cameron Architects are an award-winning practice, specialising in energy efficient residential projects. We have an
Allison Architects
Allison Architects are a Glasgow based Architects Practice serving Glasgow and the Central Belt of Scotland
A-Cubed Design Ltd
Glasgow-based architect, specialising in house extensions. Company established in 2005.
Hebridean Homes
We believe we can offer you great design, building structure and materials, and the best service off the peg.  We are offering
Collective Architecture Ltd
The name Collective Architecture reflects our approach to the practice of architecture and our internal structure. We are
Processcraft is an architectural design studio based in Glasgow established by Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler during their
AXN Achitecture
Glasgow Architects: providing cost effective designs for houses, house extensions,multi-flat developments, schools and commercial
Tait Architecture
Sole practitioner, working mainly on small domestic developments, extentions, planning and other permissions. Design and
Network Five Architecture Limited
Architects and Designers specialising in bespoke new homes, extensions and alterations for private clients including sustainable
Core Associates
Core - the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything Core Associates is a dynamic practice of architects which
CRGP Limited, Architects, Surveyors and Project Managers
CRGP Ltd is a leading multi-disciplinary construction consultancy that specialises in our core disciplines of Architecture
Claire McLuckie Architect
Whether you are looking to extend, convert your loft, or re-model the internal layout of your home or build a new home,
Escala Absoluta
EJGonçalves Arquitetos | Escala Absoluta é uma empresa de arquitetura  com mais de 40 anos de experiência. Em fase de crescimento
Arqcubo Arquitectos
TMV Architecture company
Архитектурная компания ТМV основана в 2007 году и на сегодняшний день является лидером в сфере проектирования и строительства
Linhas Simples
Linhas Simples is a company of:- Consulting - Architecture - Interior Design, Remodeling and Rehabilitation - Management
MOB architects crede che l’architettura influenzi il comportamento di chi la vive e per questo lavoriamo con l’intento di
Miguel Zarcos Palma
Este atelier surge da vontade do arquitecto conciliar a sua experiência com a prática da arquitectura a nível local, servindo
전원주택, 목조주택,철콘주택 설계/시공을 진행하는 전문 건설업체입니다.  회사내 설계사무소와 인테리어팀, 시공팀을 주축으로  건축주와 설계부터 시공까지 함께 합니다. 행복한 집짓기는 위드하임의 건축전문가와 함께 하세요

Why you should always work with an architect in your city

Far from being an added cost, consulting a local Glasgow architect can turn out to be one of the best cost- and sanity-saving decisions you can make. But why is hiring a local architect from your city so much better than dealing with building contractors yourself?

An architect is a highly skilled specialist who is professionally licensed and trained to conceptualise and effect building plans and designs, as well as oversee interior architecture relating to design features such as doors, windows, stairways and skylights. They will bring to life your dream and maximise your space that is building by-law and regulation compliant. Usually, when submitting building plans, especially for new homes, and architect’s approval is required.

Inexperienced designers who are not professional architects could submit plans with flaws, which will only lead to your plans being rejected. It is also likely that an ordinary contractor won’t combine functionality and creativity as well as a seasoned professional would, leaving you disappointed and with possible extra costs along the way.

Architects are trained to oversee building projects and contractors, within budget and according to schedule. Your local architect would know who the best contractors and sub-contractors are for the nature of your job.

Importantly, your local architects in Glasgow will select the most suitable building materials for the cool, wet climate of the Western Highlands that is home to Glasgow.

It is important to try and work out your overall expected construction costs upfront, even though this can be notoriously tricky. Doing so is important as an architect’s fee will often be four to twelve percent of the total cost, depending on the scope of the services required and degree of difficulty attached to the job.

Ensure that your chosen architect is registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB).

Homes in Glasgow – average cost

The average house price in Glasgow is £165,858 or £1 578 per square metre. Expect to pay the most in Bearsden, Newton Mearns, Loganswell, Hillhead and Kelvinside.

In the last four years, levels of new building completions in Scotland has been on a steady upward trajectory. Although off from the 2005 peak of 25 000 new buildings per year, the average is now climbing up again to 20 000 new buildings, thanks to rising affordability. This bodes well for first-time home builders in particular.

Building your own home can be less expensive – and certainly more fulfilling – than purchasing one. Nailing the architectural design courtesy of an architect is key though. Factors which will influence your building costs are:

· floor plan size, whether or not you want a garage

· whether you home will be all, partially or not at all owner-built and the extent to which you’ll use contractors

· borrowing costs, insurance, legal fees and professional architect fees

· cost of your plot

· materials – will you be opting for traditional brick and mortar or something else?

Building restrictions in Glasgow

In cases of ‘permitted developments’, no planning permission applications are required. It is almost certainly required in environmentally sensitive areas and areas of historical importance.

Any Glasgow architect would be able to ascertain the building guidelines applicable to your suburb or zone. A Land and Buildings Transactions Tax is also payable – consult your bond originator and property attorney.

The glory of Glasgow architecture

Glasgow is famed for its distinctive nineteenth century Victorian architecture, and twentieth century Mackintosh or ‘Glasgow-style’ buildings. Glasgow-style architecture is characterised by industry-mimicking design, Asian influences as well as modernist ideas.

The Lighthouse was Mackintosh’s first public commission, and an elevated study in architecture for any design fan. If you’re looking for creative expression that’s gothic with a hint of art nouveau, you must visit the Mackintosh-designed Queen’s Cross Church, designed in 1896.

The great Glasgow City Chambers, on the other hand, is arguably the most glorious of Glasgow Victorian architecture examples. A stroll through the city centre on the whole is a design sight to behold indeed!

More recently, Glasgow has also become home to a leading array of modern architecture buildings, of which the Riverside Museum is an apt example.

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

For many first time home builders, the prospect of undertaking a project as large as a home can be a daunting experience. In Glasgow, there are hundreds of people who are able to help make this process a lot easier. Depending on your budget and the amount of time you are willing to devote to your dream home, you should consider hiring some of the following professionals to help you make life a little easier!

Interior architect

Interior architects do not work on the overall structure of a building, but with the spaces inside a building. They can change the overall mood and feel of a space by changing things such as the lighting, acoustics, or adding built- in furniture. Interior architects, in a way, manipulate a space to make way for the human activity that will take place there.

General contractors

The general contractor must take into account the cost of labour, materials and equipment and then provide the owner with a price for the project. They work on the overall coordination of a project. They make sure that everything runs smoothly and may also work as a tradesman. They are usually employed by the client on the advice of the architect. With renovations, general contractors often visit the site first to make sure they know exactly how everything should be run.

Kitchen planners

As the kitchen is often the most used room in a home, it is important to make sure you create a light and welcoming place to spend time cooking or socialising. There are hundreds of kitchen designs from modern to country, all on the homify website. You can also easily find a kitchen planner who can guide you through the whole process, while keeping you informed on what looks and works best for you.


Designers are the people to hire when you want a consolidated style but don’t have the creativity or time to put everything together yourself. This can be a difficult task, but by communicating a lot with your designer on exactly what it is that you would like, you can create the home of your dreams without having to stress about every tiny piece yourself.

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