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Farrar Bamforth Associates Ltd
We are a Chartered Architectural Technologist practice based in Huddersfield, set up in 1976.From our first contact you
Slade Architecture
Slade Architecture was founded by James Slade and Hayes Slade in 2002 as they were seeking to focus on architecture and
Umada Concepts
Umada Concepts study your lifestyle and create the right space that works for you, whether it be a house extension, a full
Orange Design Studio
Orange Design Studio is a young and vibrant architectural design practiceOur Mirfield based studio focuses on providing
PARKdesigned Architects
We are an independent creative practice made up of a tight knit team of designers and technologists, working together to
CJA Architecture
“Creating the perfect space for you and your family’s needs can be simple with the help of a qualified architect.” If you
Escala Absoluta
EJGonçalves Arquitetos | Escala Absoluta é uma empresa de arquitetura  com mais de 40 anos de experiência. Em fase de crescimento
Arqcubo Arquitectos
TMV Architecture company
Архитектурная компания ТМV основана в 2007 году и на сегодняшний день является лидером в сфере проектирования и строительства
Linhas Simples
Linhas Simples is a company of:- Consulting - Architecture - Interior Design, Remodeling and Rehabilitation - Management
Miguel Zarcos Palma
Este atelier surge da vontade do arquitecto conciliar a sua experiência com a prática da arquitectura a nível local, servindo
MOB architects crede che l’architettura influenzi il comportamento di chi la vive e per questo lavoriamo con l’intento di
전원주택, 목조주택,철콘주택 설계/시공을 진행하는 전문 건설업체입니다.  회사내 설계사무소와 인테리어팀, 시공팀을 주축으로  건축주와 설계부터 시공까지 함께 합니다. 행복한 집짓기는 위드하임의 건축전문가와 함께 하세요
Alessio Lo Bello è un architetto e interior designer con sede a Termini Imerese, Palermo, ma lavora in tutta la Sicilia.
Arquitetura Sônia Beltrão & associados
A dupla, Sônia Beltrão e Gabriel Beltrão, está no comando do “Sônia Beltrão Arquitetura”. O escritório, que desenvolve,
[ER+] Arquitectura y Construcción
La empresa otorga un servicio integral en las etapas del desarrollo de un proyecto, definición de la arquitectura y desarrollo
Somos un despacho de arquitectos en la ciudad de Querétaro, México, con propuestas frescas y creativas. Desarrollamos proyectos
antonio felicetti architettura & interior design
Sensazioni come la natura in tutte le sue declinazioni profumi, colori, luci, ombre, vegetazione, superfici inaspettate
divine architects
Divine architects company specializes in conceiving modern, high-caliber solutions for architectural design and&nbsp
Fabricamus - Architettura e Ingegneria
Lo studio di progettazione "Fabricamus Architettura e Ingegneria" è composto da 3 professionisti associati: - arch. Oreste

How do I find an architect in Kirklees?

Online search engines have revolutionised the way people not only communicate with one another, but how we discover new information. And that includes your search for a Kirklees architect.

Thanks to homify’s ever-increasing collection of architects (and other professionals in the building / design industry), finding a variety of experts in Kirklees is easier than ever before. Simply select ‘Kirklees’ from the list of cities at the bottom of the ‘Architects’ page, or type in ‘Kirklees’ in the ‘search’ bar.

The results provided will include a myriad of details, including: 

• The name of the architectural firm 

• The company's website 

• A description of the firm and their relevant services 

• Service areas 

• Any awards won by the company 

• Additional contact details (such as street address, links to their Facebook and Instagram accounts, etc.)

Other ways of searching for an architect in a specific area include: 

• Word-of-mouth referrals 

• Online search tools (such as Google) 

• Leads found in design magazines and –websites 

• Referrals from other architects and experts in the industry (such as electricians, builders, interior designers, etc.)

What can a Kirklees architect do for me?

When searching for the right professionals for an architectural project in Kirklees it just makes sense to hire someone based in the same area to cut down on travel costs.

As far as an architect’s job description goes, architects are responsible for the designing of an architectural structure – houses, office buildings, sport stadiums, hospitals, shopping centres, etc. But an architect’s responsibilities go far beyond the physical appearance of a structure, for the finished design must also be safe, functional and economical. That is why it's important for an architect to be involved in every step of the construction project, from the initial planning stages to the final completion.

With the advancement of technology, architects’ tools have also evolved. Thanks to computer-aided design (CAD) software, an architect can draw up 3-dimensional designs of a building which enables other professionals (such as builders, floorers, interior designers, etc.) and the client to get a perfect understanding of what the finished structure will look like. This effectively decreases the odds for design errors, plus makes the process of implementing changes (whether by the architect or the client) to the design much easier.

Don’t forget the fact that architects form only one branch of the architectural / building industry. And since they work with other experts in the field, an architect based in Kirklees can put you in touch with builders, structural engineers, roofers, painters, electricians, landscape architects and many other professionals from the same region. This means that working with an architect in Kirklees lets you benefit from their (and other professionals’) knowledge of:
• Kirklees’ climate and environment 

• The correct contractors for the right job 

• The relevant building regulations of your suburb or zone 

• The planning regulations of the local authority.

Remember that your architect must be registered with the Architects Registration Board.

Questions for your Kirklees architect

Every building project will differ from the next depending on various factors such as the type of structure being built / modified, the location of the project, the number of professionals involved, etc. However, some important questions to be aimed at your Kirklees architect, regardless of your project, budget or timeline, may include:
• Do you have any references (past clients, other professionals) that I can contact? 

• Who will be in charge of my project? 

• Have you worked on a project similar to mine? 

• What is your proposed timeline for my project? 

• How does your fee structure work? 

• In addition to finalising designs and drawings, what other services does your firm offer (obtaining Planning Permission, organising contracts for contractors, etc.)
• What are the biggest challenges and considerations regarding my project?

How much will it cost to hire an architect in Kirklees?

The average house price in Kirklees comes in at approximately £175,300 – more expensive than Barnsley (£140,802) and Bradford (£129,626), yet cheaper than Leeds (£195,371). But property prices are not always an indication of the relevant architect’s fees, as there are different ways that architectural companies go about calculating their prices:

• Percentage of the construction cost: The architect’s fees are broken down into work / project stages
• Lump sum: The costs are set at an agreed rate for each stage of the project 

• Hourly rate: Based solely on time spent working on the project

Even though an architect will usually name his fee to the client upfront, it is between the two parties to negotiate the amounts for each stage of the project.

The Kirklees area

As the third largest metropolitan district by area (after Doncaster and Leeds), Kirklees is noted for having several rural villages. In addition, the borough is also known for its Victorian architecture, particularly in the town of Huddersfield, where one can find the Huddersfield railway station, a Grade I listed building which has been named "the most splendid station façade in England".

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