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When do I need an architect?

If you are applying for planning permission, then many people believe you would be lost without an architect. It is important to find someone who you can work with on a long term and personal basis. If you already have a very detailed idea of exactly what you’d like, it may be that there are ways around hiring an architect, such has choosing a finished design.  However, by doing this you are losing out on the ability to create your own home with the features you want. Having an architect means you’re able to have the freedom to tell them what it is you like most without being restricted. This choice is entirely up to you, but it is definitely worth weighing up the pros and cons before you make a final decision.

What does an architect do?

An architect can design your dream home. They will keep your preferences for aesthetics in mind but also make sure the building is stable and functional. They may use 3D visualisations or models to show you what the final product will look like. A good architect will also know all the latest rules and regulations in the Leicester area so that the plans made are completely up to date and within these limits, causing you less trouble. They will then be involved in the work from the beginning to end and keep in touch with site managers and general contractors to make sure their plans are followed correctly.

Architectural remodelling

The process of remodelling your home can be long and arduous. With the help of homify, you’re able to find professionals who can help with this and create a home which is perfect for you. An architect is the most obvious choice when hiring people who can help your project run smoothly. If you are remodelling an old building they may be able to help you keep period features, yet producing a modern effect. It is worth checking out homify and creating an ideabook from all of the remodelling ideas which have been created before. There are hundreds of pictures to give you inspiration and you are even able to add text to help you remember exactly why you liked the picture in the first place. This is the best way to help an architect know exactly what you’d like from your remodel. 


Renovation is a very worthwhile process, if done correctly. Many builders even make an income from renovating, however, they are usually very experienced and know how not to make mistakes. If you are hoping to create a beautiful home from an old building, it is worth hiring someone who can help add the features which you need. You can either completely change a building, or just renovate a smaller part – this is advisable for first timers! Having a large involvement within the process can be a very rewarding experience.

Architectural planning

Architects use plans to develop an idea and to communicate their concepts. This way architects can convince you of the best design that you’re happy with. They will also have a record of the work and this plan will be the way in which builders know exactly what to create. Architectural drawings are made according to a certain set of conventions – these include having a proper floor plan, with sections and rooms, sheet sizes and units of measurements. Architects now use tracing paper; this means that copies can be easily run off. They may also use 3D visualisations so you will get more of a sense of what your dream building will look like. 

How do I find the right architect in Leicester?

With homify you’re easily able to find the perfect architect for you. Remembering that every architect is unique is important; this means checking out as many people as possible, to know you have the right one. From reading reviews, to visiting Facebook pages, you can do all of this on homify. Make sure to use the directory so that you know the architect is close to you! 

Who are the Architect Registration Board? 

The Architecture Registration Board are the people who make sure that everyone calling themselves an architect is trained to a high standard. The board are also able to help people who feel they have been wronged by an architect; they may be able to help a homeowner take action. 

Choosing an architect in Leicester

In order to make sure that you have chosen the right architect, you will have to spend a lot of time speaking to different firms and asking a lot of questions. Asking around in your local area for recommendations is also a good idea. Once you have a list of architects, you should call each of them and make sure they have the right sized firm, the right amount of experience, and even enough time to take on a project like yours. It is worth having an idea of what you would like to build in mind so an architect can help draw up plans right away. 

How much will an architect cost in Leicester?

The cost of an architect is definitely not cheap. You may occasionally be able to find a good deal if you ask around and keep an eye out but the location, market, and even your negotiation skills can affect how much their services will cost. They may ask for a percentage of the overall construction costs or have a fixed hourly fee. It is worth asking this in your initial consultation to make sure that you can definitely afford the work. 

How can I contact an architect?

Contacting an architect is easy with the help of homify. If you use the directory then not only do you have a list of architects who are close by to you, but also reviews, Facebook pages and all the contact details so you can call or visit in person. 

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

There are many people who can help with a home build. For first time builders, the whole process can be very stressful without someone who knows what they are doing! An architect is often the first person to consider. However, there are even more people, from interior architects to landscapers, who can also help. Here are lists of some of the professionals you can find on homify who are happy to help.

Interior architects

The work of an interior architect is often far more complex than many people believe. In order to create a perfect home for you, they will originally discuss everything with you from your tastes to your expectations. They will draw up plans which will suit you and establish a brief to follow. 

After this they are able to begin changing the feel of a room by using lightings, fittings and even cabinetry. They will make sure that everything is ordered and fitted properly so you don’t have to worry, working from the beginning, all the way through the process until you are able to move into your perfect home.

You may also need the help of an interior architect as they will often work on processes such as council requirements and managing resources. 

General contractors

General contractors are the big picture thinkers. They work with you through the entire project, from the idea phase to the finished product. By contrast, subcontractors come and go. They specialize in certain areas of the construction process, like large equipment operation, concrete formulation, plumbing, electricity and carpentry. They enter a project to do a particular task and leave when that task is finished.

Kitchen designers

Having a good kitchen design means you will want to spend more time in your home. On homify you’re able to find hundreds of ideas with different styles for your perfect kitchen. If you create an ideabook and save all your favourite pictures, you can later show these to the your kitchen planner who will be able to create this dream for you. 


Having a beautiful garden is possible with the help of a landscape designer. Many people find that their garden is left till the very end of a project and often neglected as they run out of time. If you hire a landscaper, they will be able to plan and create a garden to match your home. 


In Leicester, you’re able to find many designers who are able to create a beautiful home for you. They will work on the overall aesthetic of your home, making sure that it matches up to your expectations. They can work on as much or as little of the process as you would like. Hiring a designer with similar tastes to you is crucial; you can use homify to find the right person!


Engineers work on everything from lighting to security systems. They may do this by creating computer models and researching into the best technology and ways to create a stable and safe structure. They work closely with architects and other construction professionals to make sure the building is stable and secure. An engineer may either work in an office, or on site. Other tasks which they work on are visiting building sites and reviewing progress, making sure new products and used and installed correctly and doing safety checks. An engineer can be one of the most important people to hire when working on a large project.