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R2 Architecture
R2 Architecture is an independent award winning agency that creates outstanding places in which to live, work and play.  
Francis Garner Architects
FGAs Design approaches are informed by over 15 years of international experience collaborating with consultants in competitions
Architectural Emporium
Like all good Emporiums, Architectural Emporium (AE) is a seller of unique goods. AE brings vigour, creativity and dynamism
Pearson Architects
Pearson Architects is an RIBA Chartered Architecture Practice and property development company, established in 2011. The
David Grube
The practice has been established in Chester since 1992 with projects thoughout the Northwest and North Wales. Projects
Escala Absoluta
EJGonçalves Arquitetos | Escala Absoluta é uma empresa de arquitetura  com mais de 40 anos de experiência. Em fase de crescimento
Arqcubo Arquitectos
TMV Architecture company
Архитектурная компания ТМV основана в 2007 году и на сегодняшний день является лидером в сфере проектирования и строительства
Linhas Simples
Linhas Simples is a company of:- Consulting - Architecture - Interior Design, Remodeling and Rehabilitation - Management
Miguel Zarcos Palma
Este atelier surge da vontade do arquitecto conciliar a sua experiência com a prática da arquitectura a nível local, servindo
MOB architects crede che l’architettura influenzi il comportamento di chi la vive e per questo lavoriamo con l’intento di
전원주택, 목조주택,철콘주택 설계/시공을 진행하는 전문 건설업체입니다.  회사내 설계사무소와 인테리어팀, 시공팀을 주축으로  건축주와 설계부터 시공까지 함께 합니다. 행복한 집짓기는 위드하임의 건축전문가와 함께 하세요
Alessio Lo Bello è un architetto e interior designer con sede a Termini Imerese, Palermo, ma lavora in tutta la Sicilia.
Arquitetura Sônia Beltrão & associados
A dupla, Sônia Beltrão e Gabriel Beltrão, está no comando do “Sônia Beltrão Arquitetura”. O escritório, que desenvolve,
[ER+] Arquitectura y Construcción
La empresa otorga un servicio integral en las etapas del desarrollo de un proyecto, definición de la arquitectura y desarrollo
Somos un despacho de arquitectos en la ciudad de Querétaro, México, con propuestas frescas y creativas. Desarrollamos proyectos
antonio felicetti architettura & interior design
Sensazioni come la natura in tutte le sue declinazioni profumi, colori, luci, ombre, vegetazione, superfici inaspettate
Fabricamus - Architettura e Ingegneria
Lo studio di progettazione "Fabricamus Architettura e Ingegneria" è composto da 3 professionisti associati: - arch. Oreste
Sia Moore Archıtecture Interıor Desıgn
Sia Moore has been telling a story of timelessness with an artistic perspective in its designs since 2009...Sia Moore was
divine architects
Divine architects company specializes in conceiving modern, high-caliber solutions for architectural design and&nbsp

Hiring an Architect in Liverpool

Making changes to your existing home or building a new abode from scratch can prove to be quite stressful. A qualified and professional architect or interior architect can lift the burden off your shoulders a bit by providing key services such as creating relevant designs for your room, building or home and hiring the best builders to get the job done. Let’s take a look at what at architects in Liverpool have to offer.

1. Pros of hiring an architect

While hiring an architect may seem like an unnecessary expense, it may save you a ton of hassle. For instance, he/she can draw up architectural designs that perfectly fit what you have in mind for your home. Their input can be invaluable in developing solutions that cut construction bills, reduce running costs and add long term value to your property.

Some benefits include:

They understand the weather perfectly: The effects of climate on the designing of buildings cannot be underestimated. Factors such as rain, snow and heat will may affect the way a structure is designed. A skilled architect will be able to guide you on what’s best for your structure in terms of the climate you live in.

The price rates are usually equivalent to wages: Some Liverpool architects will charge an hourly rate, others base their fees on a percentage of the total construction cost or propose a fixed fee (payable in instalments) for projects such as house extensions or a complete home design. The cost of a building, house or room is extremely difficult to predict from the get go. A multitude of factors including the size of the project, geographical location and the complexity of the task will determine the price. In most cases, the final quote can only be given after the project is fully completed, as changes may need to be made along the way, resulting in extra costs.

They know where to get the best materials: Whether you’re going for a modern architectural feel or something a little more classic and traditional, an architect will be able to find you quality materials that will help breathe life into your dream home. They may also be able to get you some great discounts on essentials like concrete, steel and textiles.

They have contacts for suitable sub contractors: Architects have a close working relationship with subcontractors. An architect’s directory is vast and will make a huge difference when it comes to hiring the best in the business. While the architect will handle the aesthetic side of things, a skilled contractor will be able to manage a construction project and stay within schedule and budget. Alternatively, you can find subcontractors such as home builders, kitchen planners and carpenters on homify’s easy to navigate website.

2. How much does it cost to build a house in Liverpool

Price per m2: On average, it starts with a base cost of around £800-900 per m2. Thereafter, other costs like architect, QS, land surveys, demolition, clearance, substructure, services, project management, S106, NHBC & building control is taken into account. Also, one has to add the cost of extra fittings and equipment such as kitchen appliances and TVs. Lastly, a further 5-10% needs to be added for contingency.

Average size of a house in Liverpool: While information for the average house size in Liverpool is not readily available, in the UK, the average house size is relatively small at 76 m2 (818 ft2)

3. Restrictions for building in Liverpool

Legal and illegal aspects: the following rules apply:

Floors, certain walls and doors must be structurally able to resist the effects of a fire for a specified period of time, usually 30 minutes in a typical domestic situation.

An automatic smoke detection system must be included to give early warning of a fire

The structural adequacy of a new floor has to be designed and checked to ensure it can safely supports the new loads placed upon it, without suffering collapse or excessive deflection.

Ventilation is essential to most room areas to prevent unpleasant living conditions.

Provision of suitable insulation to the lofts ceiling and floor must be provided.

Certain roof space layouts and roof construction types require careful consideration of ventilation and vapour check barrier provisions.

Taxes: For building a new home, one has to pay a tax called Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). You do not have to pay any stamp duty if you purchase a plot for residential use for less than £125,000. 2% stamp duty is charged on the next £125,000, 5% is charged on the next £675,000 and 10% stamp duty is charged on the next £575,000.

4.- Characteristics of Liverpool’s architecture

Liverpool’s architectural style: It’s hard to put into words what the ‘style’ of Liverpool architecture is as it encompasses a variety of influences over the past 3 centuries. There are hints of Victorian, Medieval, Georgian elements, but the modern effects of the 20th and 21st century have certainly left its mark.

Best types of structure according to the weather: In Liverpool, the climate is warm and temperate, however there is high rainfall, even in the driest months. In terms of roofing, asphalt shingles and metal roofing will withstand the moisture well. Raised foundations are suitable for wet climates like Liverpool.

Materials: Since Liverpool is generally quite a wet region, it may be best to choose water resistant materials such as concrete materials for floors, bricks and moisture resistant paint.

Famous buildings in Liverpool: The city is famous for historic architecture such as the Catholic and Anglican Cathedrals, and for the Three Graces.

Public buildings: St. George’s Hall: Built in the 1800s, with a remarkable neoclassical design, St. George’s Hall is one of Liverpool’s most iconic attractions.

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