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When do I need an architect?

Everyone is aware of the profession of an architect, however, few realise just how important their role is throughout the building process. Architects are responsible not only for the design of a building, but also its energy compliance, its future, and how it will interact with the environment. Architects also work throughout the building process to make sure that their designs are being followed and are coming together correctly. In order to have a functional design which is both economically and environmentally sustainable as well as aesthetically pleasing, it is imperative that you hire an architect! Putting time in to research just who is best for your build is also important. Every architect is unique and so checking our their style online, contacting previous clients and asking questions are all extremely useful to make sure you have someone who is right for you. With homify you can easily find architects in London who know exactly what is right for you and can help your build begin as soon as possible in the style you want! 

What does an architect do?

An architect can work on the building, remodelling, or renovation of your home. Architects work on the facilities, aesthetics and prospectives of a building. From the very beginning of the project, an architect is not only responsible for the design of a building but also its interaction with the environment – this can include the construction and energy compliance, as well as how the building with evolve in the future. They will work with you to come up with plans and formal designs to show construction professionals exactly what the finished project should look like. Architects consult with site managers throughout the process in order to check on their designs and ensure a smooth build! Architects all have their own specialities, too, which makes checking them out before consultation is an important step in finding the right architect for you.

Architectural remodelling

Architectural remodelling refers to changes in an existing home. It often involves a large amount of work such as moving walls or creating additions. An architects job is to draw up blueprints, hold meetings with contractors, take measurements and study building plans. They may also be able to help give ideas of exactly what can add value to a home.


Any property that has been left to decay will need a large amount of work done to it. An architect will be able to help bring the property back to life and to a satisfactory standard. Some architects may specialise in adding modern aspects to a home, whereas others may aim to keep the period features, and even add some. It is worth having an idea of exactly what you would like to do before consulting with an architect. Hiring an architect for renovation is an important way to make sure you don’t make any expensive mistakes!

Architectural planning

London architectural planning now has to involve far more than just drawing up plans for builders to follow! It has become vital that buildings interact well with their surroundings and are both environmentally and ecologically friendly.

Hiring a visualisation expert who can create images of how a project will look when it is finished is also a great idea. Tools such as CGI packages help architects visualise their work and give you a better idea of what to expect from your home. Extensive architectural planning is the best way to avoid expensive mistakes in the future andto save time.

Site manager

A site manager is an important person during any build. They have an extensive job from preparing the site and taking on staff, carefully planning the work to be done and installing temporary offices for site staff. They also deal with how materials are ordered and transported, as well as managing workers and keeping everything in order. For the architect, consulting the site manager is how they check that their designs are becoming reality. So it makes sense to hire a proficient, reputable site manager to ensure that the project is delivered with minimum hassle.

How do I find the right architect in London?

The field of architecture is very broad. Whatever your focus, there are many professionals who are able to help you. Finding the right architect has been made easier with homify: our directory allows professionals to display their best projects on our website, creating an online portfolio that is available to view by any user. This helps you decide on exactly what it is you would like for your London home. You can contact any professional directly through the website, too. And, to make the search easier, you can narrow it down by expertise and location, meaning that only London architects who work near you appear on that list.

Are large architectural firms in London better than smaller, boutique firms? 

There are positives and negatives to both larger firms and smaller, boutique firms. The best idea is to evaluate what you would like from an architectural practice and what your expectations are before you approach one. For example, smaller firms may be able to provide more time and passion to a project as you may have only one architect working on your home. However, larger firms may have a lot more experience and knowledge to draw upon.

Choosing an architect in London

Choosing the right architect may be a difficult process, especially as there are so many in London. It is worth spending time doing your homework and knowing exactly what it is you would like before you approach an architect. With homify you are able to explore architectural practices before you decide on who is right for you. There are experts offering everything from renovations to bespoke luxury bathrooms, home building projects or even garden work. Enlisting an architect through homify’s directory is a great idea and a way for you to see exactly where the architect is based, what they specialise in, and previous customer reviews.

How much will an architect cost in London?

Cheap architects are hard to come by in London. Factors such as the current economy, the experience of the architect, the individual practice and even your success at negotiating all play a large part in how much you will pay. Most architects work for an hourly rate or a fixed fee based on a percentage of the construction costs. Rates for remodelling projects are often higher due to the unpredictability of the work involved. Although hiring an architect may not be cheap, it is worth keeping in mind that hiring someone skilled can actually save you money on renovations in future. Cheap architects may be hard to come by, but keeping a look out both online and around your neighbourhood is a great way to know exactly how much you should expect to pay.

How can I contact an architect?

Many architects work through word of mouth and so talking to people who have had positive experiences with architects may help you find the best person to hire. homify offers a radically new way to contact the ideal architect for your home design project. You can use the homify directory to seek out the right firm and make contact with them to book a consultation in person, across the internet, or by phone. homify provides full contact details including Facebook links and maps showing where each architect is located, as well as reviews from previous clients.

What other professionals do I need for my homebuilding project?

For a project as large as building a house, it is a great idea to make sure that you have the help that you need before everything begins! Architects may be able to guide you with the best professionals for the job, but here are some ideas of people who may be important in your build:

Interior architects

An interior architect focuses on developing already built interior spaces. This work has a huge impact on the atmosphere and the overall feel of the interior rooms and spaces. They do not design projects that affect the structure of a building, but work on developing built interior spaces. By doing this, they set the internal volumetrics and arranging the built-in furniture, lighting and coatings, especially for flooring, walls and ceiling.

General Contractors

General contractors manage all aspects of the job to ensure it’s completed on schedule and to your satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for London building contractors for a new construction, or home improvement contractors to spruce up your existing place, it’s important to know exactly what role they will play in the project. General contractors are on site but are an architects main point of liaison during a homebuilding project. Their job includes overseeing the entire home construction or remodelling process while taking charge of the general day-to-day tasks such as arranging for permits and inspections or hiring sub-contractors. Some contractors will even have skills to handle certain tasks onsite, such as carpentry.


There are hundreds of great designers in London who can help you style and remake your home. Depending on your personal tastes and desires, options such as country style, modern, Scandinavian or eclectic homes are all easily within your reach! Designers keep in mind your personal style and choose colours, products, materials and even furniture to create the look you desire. They can be invaluable for busy homeowners!

London Architecture

London architecture has some of the most intelligent and groundbreaking designs. It draws on a rich history but also takes inspiration from across the world, making it one of the leading cities for architecture. Building an office block in central London, for example, is around 20% more expensive than other densely populated cities such as New York or Hong Kong. But why is the cost of building large-scale real estate in London so expensive?

There are many regulations as to the size and shape of a building, and how it interacts with the existing architectural landscape. The Leandenhall Building in the City for example, was designed in its asymmetrical shape in order to not block the view of St Pauls from Fleet Street. This factor, along with the medieval layout of central London streets means the design process is time consuming and expensive. The narrow streets also mean getting materials in is also expensive, and cranes are often custom-built. Despite these tricky design points, architects continue to design buildings that are unique and fitting to the context of London, creating an architectural landscape unlike any other city in the world.