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Artform Architects
Award-winning Manchester and London based practice offering professional architectural design services for custom designed
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Pride Road
Raynes Architecture has become Pride Road. At Pride Rd, we know what it takes to turn a house into a home. A property into
guy taylor associates
Founded in 1969, Guy Taylor Associates is an award winning, innovative and forward thinking design studio with offices in
Grant Erskine Architects
Founded in late 2010, Grant Erskine Architects is a Manchester based Architects practice with big ambitions. Our ongoing
DK Architects
DK Architects is a small architecture practice which offers the professionalism and expertise that would be found in a large
Architecture:M is a growing, dynamic and creative architectural studio whose philosophy is to delight clients by delivering
PS9 Architects is a boutique Architecture and Interior Design Studio based in the heart of Media City UK, Manchester.  PS9
OMI Architects
OMI Architects is an award winning RIBA Chartered Practice, working in the fields of architecture, urban design and master-planning
Space Architecture + Planning
We are a studio of highly creative and imaginative architects committed to designing buildings, space and places which are
daniels thiede architects limited
Daniels thiede architects are a Manchester based group of architects, designers and artists with a strong belief in a multidisciplinary
Reid Architects
We believe that good design adds value.
Studio Tashkeel Architecture
/’TASH-KEEL/VERB: ‘TO GIVE FORM TO‘; OR ‘TO CREATE’ We are young, we are vibrant & we are based in the Northern Powerhouse
74 Architects
We are seventyfour a collective of award winning Architects and Designers, working together to provide an exemplar design
Define Architects
We are a young, dynamic architectural studio based in Manchester. We think generosity manifests itself in architecture that
Pride Road Architects North
We delight in improving peoples’ lives and specialise in turning houses into homes.Our speciality are hand drawn concept
Creative Design & Build
We provide architectural services, design drawings, planning and consultancy services for home owners looking to extend
Daffonchio & Associates Architects
Daffonchio and Associates Architects was established in 1996 by Enrico Daffonchio, who has qualified in Italy and registered
Tsiantar Architects Limited
Specialising in personalised luxury, Tsiantar Architects was formed in 1986 by George Tsiantar.This RIBA chartered practice
Project 3 Architects
Project 3 is an RIBA Chartered Practice who's passion is the creation of innovative contemporary architectural solutions

Appointing an architect is one of the best home-building investments you can make

To most people, the idea of hiring an architect automatically conjures up home-building adventures filled with aesthetically pleasing design outcomes. This tends to put architects in the category of ‘want’ versus ‘need’, when the fact of the matter is that far from being a luxury spend, a professionally trained and accredited design specialist in the form of an architect is essential to saving you time, money and tears down the line.

Architects are able to sketch and bring to life your design in a way that maximises efficiency, structural soundness, interior architecture design appeal and costs. There’s no need to settle for a house that seems to be based on a design from cookie-cutter land! Your architect is there to ensure that both your internal and external style choices reflect your personality and lifestyle, and stays within approved zone and council parameters.

Architect registration requirements

Your local self-build chartered architect in Manchester should be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB) or Royal Institute of British Architects (ARB). As members of these professional bodies, he or she will be able to furnish you with scale models, 3D models or 3D prints of your architectural design as you go along. This provides you with the assurance that what you’re envisaging is what will be produced, and as such gives you huge peace of mind before building commences.

Your architect in Manchester as structural artwork overseer of your home-building project

Because your local Manchester architect has drawn up your plans, he or she can oversee the building team to ensure they deliver on time, and within budget. It’s important to stay local with your choice of architectural designer. They are bound to know the top contractors to execute the drawn-up plans within your budget. They’ll also advise on the most suitable building materials, and internal as well as external design finishes that best suit Manchester’s relatively high humidity levels, light year-round precipitation, and increasingly hot summers and cold, snow-touched winters.

Your architect is like your project manager-in-chief. As building progresses, your architect will issue certificates for work done within schedule after doing the necessary inspections. Any cost variances should not be over-the-top and would have been cleared with you before the time, especially if you’ve stressed this when choosing and appointing your architect. This means you’ll only ever pay for work that has been done and won’t have the hassle of holding contractors to task.

Your interior architecture is included

Windows, skylight fittings, staircases, shared walls – these are but some of the issues your interior architect will be uniquely qualified to advise you on. Being as happy with your home from the inside and utilising light and space in a way you desire, are much more likely to happen when you hire an expert versus a generalist contract designer.

Fee structures of an architect in Manchester

There are various fee structures for architects – some even offer an initial consultation at no cost. Your architect is likely to charge you a flat fee, hourly retainer or amount based on anything from five to fifteen percent of your building costs. Most first-time home-builders opt for the flat fee structure, so they have an agreed upon cost upfront. The degree of complexity of your project will influence how much time your architect needs to dedicate to it, which will influence the fee.

Remember that while upfront costs may seem high, they are an investment that will save you tears and tantrums, and work out to be more thrifty in the long run. Identifying building flaws or disliked features late into the building stage is costly, but you’ll eliminate this when you hire an architect.

The cost of building a house in Manchester

Buying an average house in Manchester will set you back between £153 600 and £180 000, with house prices in Manchester currently experiencing year-on-year price growth of eight percent. The average size of newly built three-bedroom houses has shrunken to four square metres below government recommendations to 88,9 m2 though.

Make sure you comply with Manchester restrictions

Generally, you’ll need planning permission to build your new home and for major renovations. You’ll also need separate approval for your new building. Finally, don’t flout any Manchester-specific regulations. Overall, the rules and regulations exist to ensue buildings are safe, energy efficient and do not become an environmental or other nuisance.

Remember that your Manchester architect is able to submit plans and get building approvals that are on the right side of all regulations.

Architecture in Manchester

As Manchester is regarded as the first modern city in post Industrial Revolution times, it’s not surprising that industrial architecture defines much of the city. The city also boasts standout Victorian Neogothic buildings though, the most famous of which is the town hall.

There is also a feast of early twentieth century design on display in the form of 20th-century architecture styles. Examples include but are not limited to Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Neo-Classical and Edwardian baroque.

Where to find an architect in Manchester

Find the cream of the crop of registered Manchester architects on homify. You’ll find architectural designers with every kind of speciality you could need in a budget range closest to yours in our specially curated list.

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