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What can a bathroom designer do for me?

The bathroom may be one of the most private rooms in any house, yet it also remains one of the most visited – by the homeowner and guests. That puts a decent emphasis on not only the appearance and functionality of the bathroom, but also on the importance of having one.


That is where a professional bathroom designer comes in, whose job it is to work with the homeowner throughout the entire process to ensure their needs and wants are met in terms of appearance and functionality.

The process of working with a bathroom designer

Before any physical work begins, the bathroom designer assesses the personal taste, style and requirements of the client. In addition, their budget is also discussed, the type of space they want put together, the length of the project, and other relevant topics. The next step for the bathroom designer would be to put together a design that meets the owner's needs and reflects his/her creative vision.

Designer or builder?

A lot of bathroom designers start their careers in related fields such as plumbing, tiling and interior design. Therefore, they usually have a very good practical understanding of the building process.


Many have also undergone formal training to become certified bathroom designers. The skills required by a professional bathroom designer include:

·         An educational background in relevant trades, such as Architecture or Interior Design

·         Excellent written and verbal communication and organisation skills (very important, as bathroom designers continuously have to work with clients and suppliers)

·         Creativity, hardworking, reliability, the ability to use own initiative

·         Knowledge of relevant computer-aided design (CAD) programs.


It is possible that some designers may also be able to help with project managing a bathroom, whether it's to create a brand-new one from scratch or renovate an existing one. They may even recommend a team of trusted contractors or arrange special discount deals with suppliers.

Is it crucial to hire a bathroom designer for my new bathroom?

You do not need to employ the services of a trained and experienced bathroom designer to plan your bathroom. Hiring one is simply a great way of knowing that you will be getting a beautiful, expertly finished space that works properly and accounts for every practical issue.

What makes up a well-designed bathroom?

As one of the most used rooms in the home, the bathroom must adhere to a host of specific requirements. However, before you begin to plan your new bathroom refurbishment, please note that your plans must meet current UK building regulations. These are designed to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of all homes and inhabitants.


Employing a professional bathroom designer cancels out this requirement, for bathroom designers are professionals that are trained to keep in mind legal requirements, including building regulations.


The top considerations for a modern-day bathroom include:

·  A cohesive visual style or theme

·  Practical layout and easy accessibility

·  Safety and slip prevention

·  Material and product choices (which includes waterproofing)

·  Ergonomics

·  Appropriate lighting

·  Plumbing and electrical requirements

·  Adaptability for special needs (for instance, the mobile impaired)

·  Privacy

·  Efficiency in terms of energy- and water usage.

How to find a bathroom designer

See homify as a trusted source of professionals that includes bathroom designers, painters, plumbers, flooring experts, etc. Finding various bathroom designers on the homify platform is easy and straightforward, for our lists include additional information such as where each professional is located, the relevant contact details (such as website address), facts and images that detail past projects, and even customer reviews.


Of course there are also other ways of searching for bathroom designers, which include:

·  Browsing the internet or making use of search engines (i.e. Google)

·  Word-of-mouth referrals from friends, family and colleagues

·  Contacting bathroom renovation companies, as many of them employ in-house bathroom designers

·  Getting in touch with suppliers (like tile- and bathroom plumbing suppliers), for a lot of them engage interior specialists (who may have experience with bathroom designing) to help with the selection of products.

What are some things to think about when looking for a bathroom designer?

When scoping out potential professionals for your new bathroom, there are other things to consider apart from their qualifications. For the most part, it will come down to:

·  What you think of the designer's portfolio / past work

·  How well you communicate with the designer

·  The designer's ability to understand your brief

·  The extent to which you believe the designer will be able to create something you approve

·  How the bathroom designer's fees fit into the budget for your new bathroom.


Keep in mind that even though you are the client and your preferences and requirements are important, the design process also includes the designer's creative vision. The professional may make suggestions, either at the initial meeting or throughout the entire project, but if you have got your heart set on a specific look, style, material or colour, it is up to you to communicate this to the designer in a clear and proper way.