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What can a Bristol bathroom designer do for me?

When it comes to bathroom remodelling, many people aren't sure where to start. Should they dial a plumber, an interior designer, or an architect? Plumbers are often one of the first professionals that are contacted, but plumbing is only one aspect of a full bathroom renovation. And unfortunately, approaching it piece by piece (one tradesman after another) often results in a disjointed and frustrating project.


That is why it is recommended to go with a full service design firm specialising in bathroom remodelling, as they are trained and equipped to handle everything from start to finish.


If you want to give your bathroom a full renovation, there are certain sequential steps to take. And it starts with searching for an experienced firm who has taken care of various projects similar to yours.


In the Bristol team who will be taking care of your project, there is one individual (the bathroom designer) who will be orchestrating the renovation from start to finish. After meeting with the bathroom designer to discuss your wants and needs, he/she will start drawing up plans and designs while guiding you through the selection process of all the new materials and finishes.


Having a seasoned bathroom designer act as your general contractor eliminates the stress by taking the pressure off you, as the client, and ensures it is taken care of by experts from start to finish.

How much will a bathroom designer cost?

Various factors can influence the final cost that goes into renovating a bathroom, including the size of the project, the expertise / experience of the professionals involved, the quality of finishes included, etc. However, your average bathroom remodelling project can work out to about £4,500.


The cost of designing a new bathroom also depends on which items are being replaced, such as the basin and tub, piping and tiles, etc. Obviously if the entire bathroom is being completely redesigned then that means more work for the bathroom designer and, thus, a higher fee.


Let's take two examples of bathroom designs, where bathroom A's new design cost £2,500 and bathroom B's design came in at £6,500. Now see what influenced the prices.

Bathroom A

Measures taken to reduce costs:

·         The walls were only partly tiled using ceramic tiles

·         The client painted the walls and ceiling themselves

·         The existing bathroom layout was kept the same to keep plumbing costs down.

Bathroom B

Deluxe options i.e. indulgences included:

·         Underfloor heating used to heat the bathroom and ensure a warm feeling underfoot

·         A dual heat towel warmer was installed

·         The door orientation was swapped to create more space.


To be sure there are no hidden costs along the way, always be very honest with your bathroom designer about your available budget from the start.

Why choose a Bristol bathroom designer?

For a bathroom remodel in Bristol, it makes perfect sense to hire a professional located in the same area or, at the very least, as close as possible. This is to minimise travelling and save on transportation costs.


Apart from providing you with professional design services, a Bristol bathroom designer can also put you in contact with other experts in the same area, including landscape architects, interior designers, electricians, etc. Working with one of these professionals in Bristol also means you benefit from their knowledge concerning:

·         The latest design- and building trends and techniques in Bristol

·         Reliable contractors

·         The relevant building regulations of your suburb or zone

·         Local authority planning regulations.  

Finding the right bathroom designer in Bristol

homify has made searching for a bathroom designer in Bristol (or any other area) easier than ever before. Our collections of professionals are grouped into relevant categories concerning job title (Bathroom Designer, Plumber, Architect, etc.) and then clustered into further categories via location / city / town.  


In addition, we also aim to provide as much information on each professional as possible, including contact details, website, images and details of past projects, and customer reviews.


When meeting with a potential bathroom designer for your project, consider the following questions:

1.    How long have you been in business?

2.    What does the average bathroom renovation cost and what does it include?

3.    When will I receive a copy of your design and elevations?

4.    Will you provide the contractors or must I source my own?

5.    Do you help with selecting materials and finishes?

6.    Will you install the materials if I purchase them myself? How does this process work?

7.    Will you act as the general contractor and be in charge of the entire project from start to finish?

8.    How soon will you start on the project after I pay the deposit?

9.    How long will the project take to finish?

10.  How often will you visit the jobsite?

11.  How are your fees structured?

12.  Do you have references and/or testimonials?

13.  Do you have any pictures of projects similar to mine?