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What can a Liverpool Bathroom Designer do for me?

Nobody expects us ordinary folk to have it all figured out when it comes to bathroom remodelling – or any other type of design- or construction project. That is why there exists such professionals as bathroom designers, architects, interior designers, etc. So, if you want to give your bathroom a dashing new look, there are certain steps to follow. And the first one is searching for the right firm to approach your bathroom project.

In the Liverpool team/company that you will ultimately choose, there is one person who will orchestrate the design/renovation of your bathroom from start to finish – and that person's official title will be Bathroom Designer (or something similar). After an initial meeting with the designer to discuss what it is you're looking for (and what you don't want), the designer will start drawing up plans and designs while also guiding you through the selection process of all the potential materials, finishes and fixtures for your new bathroom.

Apart from the fact that you will get a stunning bathroom, there is one other major advantage of making use of a professional Liverpool bathroom designer: you will have someone who will act as your general contractor, which means much less stress and pressure on your shoulders!

How much will a Bathroom Designer cost?

Many people choose to rely on their DIY skills when it comes to renovating a bathroom (or other spaces). However, keep in mind that the quality of the installation and the final result may not nearly be as high had you opted for a professional.

Relying on a professional bathroom designer offers three major advantages:

·  You get one price for the job covering all aspects with regards to the installation

·  You only have one point of contact instead of having to juggle between various professionals such as electricians, window fitters, etc.

·  You have the peace of mind knowing that your bathroom renovation is in experienced and professional hands.

But even with these advantages, there is no one-price-fits-all when it comes to a bathroom renovation, as the final costs are dependent on various factors such as the expertise of the professional, the quality of the finishes, the size of your bathroom/project, etc. However, a brand-new bathroom may not be as costly as some people think, for the average bathroom renovation currently works out to between £3,000- £5,000.

Also keep in mind that a new bathroom suite (if designed correctly) can add approximately £7,250 to the value of a house.

What are some things to consider when looking for a Bathroom Designer?

A bathroom that is designed and built to last can be quite a major undertaking. To avoid any errors right from the start, ensure you know the following before settling on a final bathroom designer:

Company size: Remember that bigger is not always better, and that sometimes a smaller company can guarantee a more personal and tailor-made service. Bigger and more experienced companies often offer package deals with set prices. On the other hand, smaller firms are more likely to offer a unique design at a reasonable price, plus be more open to oblige a client's unique requests.

Company location: It is firmly recommended to choose a company located close to you, as that makes it easier (and less costly) for them to make site calls and be really present throughout the entire project.

Past projects: Always ask to see portfolios of past work completed for other clients, of projects both similar and different to yours.

Reviews: A lot of architectural- and home design websites and blogs can offer reviews of professionals in the building/design industry. And there's always Google to search for other clients that have worked with the bathroom designer you're contemplating for your project.

At the end of the day, don't be afraid to go with a lesser-known designer for your project, as we all need to start somewhere. Just be sure you are completely confident in them. And never be afraid to ask questions – true professionals are used to questions and will never hesitate to give an answer.

Finding the right Bathroom Designer in Liverpool

When it comes to putting you in touch with experts in the design- and building worlds, homify aims to make it quicker and easier. Therefore, to see which bathroom designers are available in the Liverpool area, simply click on 'Liverpool' in our selection of locations/cities at the bottom of the 'Bathroom Designers' page. Alternatively, type in 'Liverpool' in the 'search' bar.

Every professional has their own page with relevant information, including images and data of past projects, contact details (such as website), plus customer reviews (when available).

In addition to searching for a bathroom designer on homify, other ways of finding an experienced professional include:

·  Searching online for professionals in the building industry located in your area

·  Requesting referrals from friends and family members

·  Browsing design websites and -magazines.