13 Bathroom Designers in London


Bathroom Designers in London

What can a London bathroom designer do for me?

The responsibilities of a bathroom designer are described below:

·  Visiting sites: The project starts with the designer visiting the site to assess the measurements, decide which designs and materials are suitable as per the client's requirements, etc. Site visits will also continue throughout the duration of the project to ensure everything is implemented according to plan and to do quality assurance checks.

·  Drawing 3D models: With computer-aided design (CAD), the designer draws up 3D plans to share with the client, as well as the architects and construction staff. These plans will detail all the various fittings, fixtures, colours, materials and finishes to be used for the proposed bathroom design.

·  Budgeting: After meeting with the client to get an idea of their needs and wants, the designer has to provide the estimated costs of the new bathroom design.

·  Providing required materials: After the proposed designs and costs have been approved by the clients, the designer sets out to obtain the right materials from the relevant vendors. It is also the job of the bathroom designer to negotiate with different suppliers and place the order with the one who can provide high-quality materials at reasonable prices in order to meet budget requirements.

·  Handling team members: Team management and leadership skills are highly valued in bathroom designers, especially when working on multiple projects simultaneously. He / she will select members according to the project requirements (i.e. a brand-new bathroom being built from scratch versus an existing one being renovated), assign tasks, monitor and evaluate the team members' work, etc.

·  Documentation and reporting: In addition to being responsible for the technical aspects of designing the bathroom, the designer must also look after the documentation of the project's various phases. This includes keeping record of all documents pertaining to the project for the reference of other people / professionals.


Keep in mind that making use of a London bathroom designer for a project in London will help cut costs in terms of professionals' travel expenses. A London bathroom designer will also possess knowledge on which London-based contractors and suppliers to use (for acquiring tiles and implementing plumbing, for example), etc.

How much will a bathroom designer cost?

Of course there is no law stipulating that a trained and professional bathroom designer has to be employed for your new bathroom. When it comes to costs and the DIY approach, the final expenses can be cut down significantly with individual items like the sink, toilet, shower, etc. However, the quality of the installation and the final result may not nearly be as high as it would have had you gone the professional route.


Going with a seasoned bathroom designer offers three major advantages:

·         You get a single price for the job covering all aspects with regards to the installation

·         You only have one point of contact instead of having to juggle between plumbers, tile suppliers, etc.

·         You have the peace of mind knowing that your bathroom renovation is in experienced and professional hands.


The final price of a bathroom replacement will vary according to the professional, the size of the project, the quality of the finishes, etc. However, the general costs for a bathroom refurbishment can start at around £2,500 (lower end of the scale) and exceed £6,000 (for more high-end lavish designs). Bear in mind that various aspects of a bathroom design will need to be charged, which can include:

·         Electrical work

·         Wall tiling

·         Vinyl flooring

·         Plumbing

·         Old bathroom removal and waste.

Questions to ask yourself when considering a bathroom designer

Even though style is important, opting to have your bathroom redesigned involves significantly more than choosing new window treatment and floor tiling. Depending on the size of the project, your bathroom remodel could take a while. Be very honest when asking yourself these questions:

·         What is my bathroom design budget?

·         What do I need and what do I want? (a his-and-her sink is a want that most of us do without, while sufficient storage can be classified as a requirement)

·         Who will be using this bathroom? (Is it for guests only or will the entire family make use of it?)

·         How long can my household function without this bathroom? (A couple going without a secondary bathroom is very different than a family with children relying on only one bathroom)

·         Do I need more bathroom ventilation?

Questions your bathroom designer may ask you

No two bathroom designs need be the same in terms of customer priorities, budget, etc. And since working with a bathroom designer will be a business / professional relationship that works both ways, be prepared to be asked multiple questions, which may include:

·         Should your new bathroom be functional or luxurious (or both)?

·         Do you require more space, or is the existing size adequate?

·         Do you want a tub, shower, or both?

·         What are your storage needs?

·         What colours do you want for minor items/spaces, such as the tile grout?

Finding the right bathroom designer in London

With homify's ever-expanding collections of professionals in the building- and design industry, finding a bathroom designer in London is easier than ever before. Simply click on 'London' in our selection of locations/cities at the bottom of the 'Bathroom Designers' page, or type in 'London' in the 'search' bar. 

In addition to location, our lists of professionals include additional information such as images and details of past projects completed, contact details, plus customer reviews.