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Maxmar Construction LTD
Maxmar LTD is London's building company with own joinery workshop. We have also opened our branch in Poland where we produce
We are arquitecture and engieneering carpenter solutions. Specialist in kitchens, dressing rooms, doors and business.
Zhejiang Yiya New Materials Co., Ltd
Our wholesale PRINTING CANVAS are in line with international standards,and  Advertising Grade Reflective Sheeting film
 Realizamos cualquier tipo de trabajo de Carpintería y Barniz.         Instalación de Pisos de Madera:  Ingeniería ó Sólida
Fabricamos muebles finos de todo tipo con materiales de primera calidad al gusto del cliente .
lab58 Il design che prende forma. Lab 58 è un laboratorio di design artigianale, nato nel 2018 dall’incontro di Jean Pierre
Somos una empresa con más de 45 años de experiencia en el sector de la madera y productos vegetales, brezo, carrizo, esparto
MOKALI   Carpintería Residencial
MOKALI, empresa dedicada a la fabricación e instalación de muebles de carpintería interior residencial; tales como cocinas
Carpinteria Alcocer
Empresa líder en el ramo de la carpintería, dedicada a la fabricación, instalación y diseño de todo tipo de mobiliario
NavarrOlivier es una empresa joven de origen familiar que conserva sus características iniciales de compromiso con el cliente.Nuestro
WOOD TAILORS - Boutique de Projectos de Carpintaria
A Wood Tailors é uma boutique de carpintaria. Um atelier de soluções personalizadas em Madeira, pensadas em função de qualquer
la alacena segoviana s.l
Ebanistería especializada en  la fabricacion de muebles a medida, con diseño propio o el indicado por el cliente con
Grupo Corpe®
O Grupo Corpe integra e desenvolve a sua actividade no sector da madeira e conta com mais de 30 anos de experiência
!! 91-9928979713 #kala jadu specialist guru ji iN Mumbai
We’re in the space business. The business of creating additional storage or living space for you in the most cost-effective
Somos una compañia familiar, dedicada al diseño, fabricación y mantenimiento de mobiliario y accesorios de decoración de
Carpintek Group es una compañía especializada en fabricación y diseño de espacios en madera, desde los proyectos propios
Carpintería área 59
Fabricación y montaje, puertas, armarios, cocinas, muebles de baño, 
m furniture - moshir abdallah
Moshir Furniture Established in Egypt since 1987, and provided all customers with designs of wooden furniture to obtain
Somos una carpintería que realiza desde fabricación de puertas a mobiliario de todo tipo, siempre a medida. Estamos especializados

Not only is it one of the oldest professions in the world, but carpentry is also one of the most needed lines of work. All people need carpenters to frame their house, finish their cabinets, and do all kinds of custom woodwork, don’t they?

In the past, carpenters used to work with natural wood, and they still do. However, in the present, carpentry doesn’t only refer to woodwork, since there is other materials workers deal with. From timber framing to other activities, such as creating fabulous furniture and amazing cabin making, carpenters evolved in being a necessity for people who don’t want to live in anything else, but their dream houses.

What Type of Carpenters Do You Need?

As mentioned above, carpenters do different  kinds of work, depending on your needs and preferences. If you need to hire professionals to complete outdoor, large construction projects, there are many rough carpenters who can help you with this. They select, cut, and then assemble materials as parts of a larger structure. In case you are interested in cabinetry and furniture models, you need to contact  finish carpenters, who are also known for creating, as well as ornating fine wood products.

Of course, they don’t deal with your electric issues, but they can construct, as well as repair structures and fixtures made from a diversity of materials, starting with wood. What kind of structures? Well, they can build bridges, but they can also amazingly install the perfect kitchen cabinets for you.

Yes, depending on what your desires are, you can hire workers who are experienced with small assignments, or who are used to dealing with large construction projects.

What you need to know about the carpenters you hire is their level of experience. When they begin their career, they are all apprentices. Afterwards, they become journeymen, and once enough experience and competency are gained, the status of a master carpenter is received. Some workers have employers, while others are self-employed. In all cases, they should be licensed and have a minimum level of insurance.

Therefore, when wondering about what type of carpenters you need, the answer is simple: you need somebody experienced, licensed and with a minimum level of insurance.

When Do You Need a Carpenter?

Whenever you need work done at your house, you need the services of a professional. The value of your property is definitely enhanced by a new deck or a walk-in closet, but only if the work is done right. This is why, even if you might think you can do it alone, without any help, in order to make sure the work is done correctly, you need the experience of a professional worker.

Unfortunately, because there are many carpentry projects that appear to be DIY-friendly, many people believe they can easily deal with them. Well, the truth is that even if dealing with them is not impossible, sometimes, everybody needs an expert to do the job.  Why? Well, only a professional can ensure a certain level of quality.  Besides offering good services, master carpenters are also equipped with all the necessary tools. They know how to use all types of tools, no matter how hazardous they are.

Here are the essential tools a carpenter needs to have and use:

1. Carpentry Hand Tools (Hammer, Tape Measure, Chalk Line, Carpenter's Pencil, Utility Knife, Tin Snip, Nail Puller, Speed Square, Framing Square, Levels, Wood Chisel )

2. Power Tools(Construction Calculator, Extension Cords, Portable Generator, Portable Air Compressor, Framing Nailer, Circular Saw, Stepladder, Corded Drill, Porter-Cable 9750 Tiger Saw)

Now, besides risking faulty results, when trying to do the work by yourself, you also endanger yourself. Only a professional is able to take all the safety measures needed.  No matter how much you want, or how many tutorials you watch, you definitely cannot become a carpenter overnight.

Where Can You Find the Best Carpenters?

Now you know that when you want to structure or finish work in your house, finding and hiring great carpenters is the key towards a successful result. However, before you begin looking for the perfect worker, you should understand the nature of the work you need to be done. Otherwise, how can you find the professional with the right skills?

When it comes to the costs of the work, you need to discuss with the qualified carpenters you hire.  However, even though the rate depends on the professional you hire, the average hourly rate charged varies from $40 to $100 per hour.

How to find the right man?

That is easy, as long as you have an Internet connection. For instance, you can find a diversity of carpenters on homify. This is an online platform where you can easily find what you are looking for. Not only does it offer carpenters, but here you can also look for architects, planners or master designers. Besides useful info, homify also gives you the chance to look through photos and see the previous work of the person you want to hire.

Once you found the professionals you want to take care of the job, you should find out more info about them and their work. How to do that? Everything has to be done through an interview. Just keep in mind that you are looking for a reliable and communicative person who is specialized in the area you need work done. In addition, certain platforms offer you the chance not only to read reviews left by  former customers, but also to share your own carpentry experience.

Ten Questions You Should Ask A Professional Carpenter

What Are Your Qualifications?

Do you have a public liability and personal insurance?

Do you usually clean after up after the work is done?

Can you show me a portfolio?  Can you provide me with references?

What is your experience with similar projects?

When do you expect to start and be finished with the project?

Can I have a detailed estimate?

What will I need to provide?

Are there any complications you foresee with this project?

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