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Rui Paixão Instalações Elétricas Industriais
Técnico certificado com experiência 19 anos de experiência. Serviços de qualidade elaborados em segurança.
Fix Serviços
- Reparos elétricos (troca de lâmpadas, disjuntores, tomadas e interruptores
Pretoria Electrical 0794584481 (No Call Out Fee)
Pretoria , Centurion & Midrand Electricians (Free quotes) Below  is a list of various electrical services we&
Anuncios Luminosos XA
Desde sus comienzos hace 15 años, Anuncios Luminosos XA es conocido por su compromiso auténtico con la satisfacción del
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Intelidom Group Sp. z o.o.
Kompleksowo zaprojektujemy, dostarczymy, zamontujemy oraz skonfigurujemy wszystkie instalacje elektryczne w Twoim domu/
Colibri Serviços Elétricos
Com o passar dos anos a Colibri tem vindo a construir uma sólida reputação por prestar serviços de contrato e manutenção
VRF / VRV AC Dealers in Delhi/NCR,India
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Monico Impianti
Monico Impianti si occupa di impianti elettrici dal 1946 fornendo servizi di installazione e manutenzione in tutta la provincia
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BCV Impianti
BCV IMPIANTI opera nel campo dell’efficienza energetica e dell’impiantistica civile e industriale con un’attenta ricerca
A SPENGEL atua no segmento da Engenharia Elétrica com autonomia para encontrar as melhores soluções para as necessidades
Flp Eletricista
Sou formado no SENAI há 14 anos trabalho na área desde então tenho amplo conhecimento em decoração, iluminação especial
4Faz Tasarım Mühendislik Mimarlık Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti.
4FAZ Tasarim has been founded at 2017 with two passionate friends about making Electrical designs of buildings. We have
AJFA - Assistência Técnica Elétrica e Eletromecânica
AJFA – Assistência Técnica Elétrica e Eletromecânica, com o CAE 43210, certificado pela Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia
Co.Ge.I. Costruzione e Gestione Impianti
Azienda logisticamente situata in Puglia ma operante in tutto il territorio nazionale. Composta da tecnici e progettisti


What do Electricians do?

It is Electricians’ job to install the wirings and systems that provide electrical power to a building or facility. Problem-solving makes up a great deal of an Electrician’s profession since they must often test existing systems to identify and fix any possible issues, which is known as “troubleshooting”.

The job of an Electrician is quite demanding and dangerous, as it requires manual physical manipulation of electrical wiring, cabling conduit and sometimes even telephone wire. Some Electrician may even repair engines, transformers, generators, and electronic controllers, depending on their skills and training.

An Electrician usually works as a freelancer, either by being employed on a project-to-project basis by various construction companies or securing jobs for themselves via their own company.

How to go about finding the right Electrician

It is always an advantage to make use of a professional that has knowledge of your location, especially when it comes to local building codes, suppliers and vendors, plus other professionals nearby.

Thanks to homify’s collection of professionals, finding an Electrician (or Architect, or Interior Designer...) in your area is easier than ever before, whether it’s London, Manchester, or Edinburgh. Simply select your town / city from the list at the very bottom of the ‘Electricians’ page, or type in your location in the ‘search’ bar.

Our lists of professionals also include additional information on each expert including past projects, contact details, and customer reviews (where applicable).

The NICEIC is another possible source to help you with locating a professional Electrician in the UK. The NICEIC, or Regulatory body for the electrical industry, provides a register of all verified electricians who have passed their qualifications. Similar to homify, you can search by location to find a local, qualified electrician. You can also do a search via company name to verify whether an electrician is truly who they claim to be.

What do I need to think about when hiring an Electrician?

·         Be very specific about the brief when requesting quotes (for instance, should they repair a damaged power cable, fit an electric cooker, install a double socket...).

·         The quote you request must be detailed and include the start- and finish times, as well as agreed payment terms.

·         Always ask for references. A professional Electrician will provide you with the contact details of previous clients.

·         In addition to their price and the quality of their work, also consider your ability to communicate with the Electrician.

·         Clarify from the start if VAT is included in the quote.

·         Be wary of someone who is only willing to give you their mobile number. The more means you have of contacting a professional (like an office address, landline telephone number, website, etc.), the better.

·         Only pay for work that has been agreed by you in the contract, and which has been completed to standard.

After the work is completed:

·         An Electrician should always provide you with an electrical installation certificate which will confirm that the work carried out meets the British Standard for electrical safety, BS7671, regardless of how big or small the job was.

·         All electrical work in dwellings is covered under Building Regulations. For work that is notifiable, you need to be presented with a certificate to confirm that the work meets the applicable Building Regulations. Always store these certificates in a safe place, as you may need them as proof that the work has been carried out safely, especially when it comes down to selling your property.

How much will an Electrician cost?

The average hourly rate for an Electrician in the UK ranges between £40 and £60.

Keep in mind that most Electricians will charge a minimum fee based on the type of project they take on, even with very small projects. Thus, if the minimum hourly fee is £50, it might only cover the electrician coming to your property and the first hour of work.

The rates of Electricians will also depend on where in the UK you live, the contractor, license, and experience of the service provider. Usually, you will be charged an hourly rate or a fixed price per job.

Be aware that there are many factors which may affect the final quote of the Electrician, such as any additional parts and complexity of the job. If possible, hire an Electrician who will quote per job, as hourly costs can very easily spiral, plus there’s less incentive to get the job done as quickly as possible.

When hiring an Electrician, keep in mind the following cost factors:

·         Distance: The further away you live from the Electrician, the more likely the chances that they’ll charge you on travel expenses, especially if you live far away from major cities.

·         Accessibility: The simpler the project, the less you’ll be charged. If your project involves complex work, such as running a new circuit through existing walls, the costs will increase as it will take up more of the professional’s time.

·         Experience: Three licence grades for Electricians exist: Trainee Electrician, Electrician, Electrician and Site Technician. Each grade requires more knowledge, experience and testing, which will affect the final price.

·         Project parts: Obtain as many detailed offers on the prices of each part as will be required, which will save you more money on the parts alone.

·         Q&A: Establish with the Electrician the appropriate process should you not be satisfied with the job once completed, or if something unexpected happens.

·         Warranties: Double check them all and have a clear understanding of everything included in the estimate.