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Fix Serviços
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Flp Eletricista
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Why an electrician?

In an increasingly electricity-dependent world, electricians are increasingly valued. Virtually everything in our daily lives is powered by electricity and it is essential to train qualified professionals to make, install, inspect, maintain and repair electrical installations. If an electrical circuit in your home installation burns out, who will you call? An electrician!

The electrician is responsible for:

  • Study and interpret diagrams and plans prepared by electrical engineers;
  • Identify the location of the various elements on the ground;
  • Know how to identify the right wiring for each situation;
  • Know the safety rules and cut the total electricity before the intervention, following established consignment protocols (if any);
  • Prepare the ground by making the holes and other necessary steps for laying the cables, assembling the various equipment and establishing the necessary connections;
  • Test the installation, making sure all is in accordance with the plans and schematics provided and the standards in force, before delivering the work;
  • For smaller jobs, such as electrical and equipment repairs to homes, the electrician should always ask for installation plans before taking action.

What training should an electrician have?

The area of electricity is a hazardous work area which must be done by suitably qualified professionals. People without the necessary knowledge can endanger their lives and those of others, both in the course of work and in the daily use of facilities.

To practice the profession of an electrician, one must have knowledge of physics, mathematics, various standards and laws, national and international, and this training base can only be achieved with their own courses. The usual activity itself needs a permanent technical update so that the professional is aware of new standards and methodologies.

An electrician should be registered with the DGEG - Directorate General of Energy as Technical for Electrical Installations and preferably have a professional card issued by the union. To achieve these certifications, you must have a professional course approved by the relevant authorities and a good deal of experience.

Types of Electricians

There are various types of electrical installations and therefore there are also various specializations in the activity of electrician.

Basically, two types of electricians can be considered, those of electrical installations and those of electrical equipment:

  • Electrical installation electricians are dedicated to the construction and maintenance of residential and industrial building installations. They work in the electrical and telecommunications systems, usually being part of branch companies when it comes to extensive installations, or on their own when servicing and doing small installations.
  • Electrical equipment electricians are usually engaged in the production and maintenance of equipment such as transformers, lighting and motors. In this context, we can have auto electricians, air conditioning electricians, among other examples.

What factors should I consider when looking for an electrician in Wakefield?

We have already mentioned a few, but now let's talk about everything you should look for in a good professional electrician:

  • Transparency - A detailed budget, with all the information of the intervention and the costs well discriminated, is an asset that demonstrates the transparency of the professional. Value this kind of budgets;
  • Experience, training and certification - only these requirements guarantee you a safer, better quality service. However good the experience, the demands of the current market require more careful academic training and the certification of the facilities by the competent authorities also imply certified professionals. Whenever possible, check the validity of online certifications;
  • Deadlines - A professional who does not give you a deadline for starting and completing the job leaves the door open for misunderstandings, inconvenient delays and cost increases. Choose a professional who tells you openly what you can count on;
  • Budgeting after site visit - A quick site visit will allow the trader to work out a more reliable budget. Prefer an electrician who proposes to do it;
  • Good communication - we are not only talking about sympathy (although it is easier to deal with someone polite and courteous) but also about transparency. Only in this way can communication be given, on both sides, of problems and changes in the course of work;
  • Compliance with occupational safety, hygiene and health laws - make sure your professional is trained in this area while wearing protective equipment, occupational health and accident insurance. This step can save you a lot of trouble.