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Floorers in Leicester

Naturally, this is a broad and quite diverse category, as practitioners' specifications change with the material they specialize in.

There are more versatile professionals than others, being able to apply different types of flooring, but usually, there is a specialization by the specialist, which means that, in principle, the professional who applies tiles will not be the same as the one applying floating floors. Although not a rule, the greater the range of services offered, the lower the specialization and the greater the risk that the job will not be of such quality.

What type of training should a floor fitter have?

There is no specific training for this type of work. What is often there is knowledge provided by companies marketing some materials, or skills passed from specialist to apprentice.

When there is new installation technology, it is normal for brands to form the workers who will do the installation. For example, professionals who apply cement must have their own course to master the techniques and offer quality work.

The fact that there is no specific training does not mean that workers do not have knowledge of mathematical calculation (it is necessary to calculate areas, quantities and angles) or mandatory training in occupational safety, hygiene and health.

Advantages of Hiring a Floor Fitter

Although they are very useful and your hiring has many benefits, you are not required to hire professional floor installers.

For small projects with low complexity, you can lay the floor yourself. On the Internet, there are a large number of technical articles and tutorials teaching you how to apply the most diverse types of flooring, and with some means and time you can do it successfully.

Tasks such as applying a floating floor in a small room, for example, are accessible to a lot of adept people of do it yourself .

However, if you have little time and no knack for these things, our advice is to hire a floor fitter. See the advantages:

  • Money Savings - A professional floor finder will help you with your purchase by indicating the required quantities of materials and the most affordable options for you;
  • Time-saving - A professional will do the service much faster than a layperson, so if your time is precious, hire an expert in the field;
  • Greater work capacity - There are large, complex projects that increase the likelihood of errors. A professional will be able to complete these tasks more successfully and rigorously. Applying the first floor to a home, for example, is the type of project that will be better executed by an experienced professional than by you;
  • Better finishes - Experience brings more confidence. For beginners and onlookers, these works seem simple at first glance, however, they can become more complex and the finishes are poorly done. A floor standing with practical learning and work experience gives you more guarantees.

What materials are on the market and how does this influence the choice of floor standing?

There are a large number of flooring materials for sale on the market and it would be impossible to talk about all of them here, but it is important to know that different floors require different professionals and that these professionals may have different prices.

The choice of materials depends on the place of installation, your budget and your taste. Choosing a floor for the kitchen is not as simple a task as doing it for a living room, for example.

To help you choose, you should rely on your architect or interior designer , but on simpler issues, you can also rely on the floor installers to guide you.

Commercially available material types :

  • Ceramic - are the most common and resistant floor coverings on the market. They are usually suitable for damp areas, but their strength depends largely on quality, which means that a less weighted choice can have unpleasant results;
  • Natural wood - is one of the most coveted and exclusive materials, but may not fit all spaces. It can be applied by various methods and by various professionals;
  • Rolled - usually floating floor, works by snapping. These materials are easy to apply and durable;
  • PVC and linoleum - floors that are back in fashion but usually need an experienced floor installer to avoid problems later;
  • Cork - the application techniques of this material depend on the type of cork;
  • Stone - an expensive but very beautiful classic. It is not easy to install and can cause significant damage if it is poorly performed;
  • Resins and micro cement - need a lot of technique. We recommend professionals;
  • Technical floors - based on cable routing structures, require skill and learning for a successful installation.

What should I ask the floor installers in Leicester when it comes to hiring?

  • Detailed budgets, with detailed prices, technical specifications of materials and installation techniques;
  • Set deadlines, which although they may be adjusted, serve as a framework for the project. Jobs with no set deadlines risk dragging on;
  • Compliance with legal hygiene and safety requirements, as well as having insurance on time;
  • Professionalism and flexibility to listen to your questions and wishes. Thus, it ensures a good execution of the work.

How much does it cost to hire floor fitters in Leicester?

Hiring in your project region can help to limit transport and delivery costs, as well as make it easier for you to contact professionals and their references, but the prices themselves are very similar across the country.

An expert floor installer earns about 19 pounds per hour and a helper about 16 pounds per hour. There are floors that require more technical knowledge and so professionals charge a little more.

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