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What does a Wakefield gardener do?

Gardeners are the professionals responsible for cultivating and maintaining gardens in both residential and public spaces. It is the gardeners who help choose the best species for each garden, depending on a number of factors such as climate, space style, soil type, customer willingness to maintain (if the customer wants to take on this task), sun exposure, among others. The work of a gardener is continuous, that is, after cultivating the garden, the gardener must continue to be hired to take care of it so that the plants are properly preserved and reach their potential. Maintenance tasks include, for example, pruning, pest treatment, watering and fertilization.

What is the difference between a gardener and a landscape architect?

It is important to know how to distinguish the performance of professionals in each of these areas that touch and complement each other in some aspects but differ in so many others.

Unlike a gardener, the landscape architect intervenes the spaces more broadly.

When awarding a project to the landscape architect, this professional makes a preliminary study that includes garden simulations and a basic budget estimate. Once the preliminary study has been approved, we proceed to the execution phase which comprises various construction details: pergolas, floors, lighting, swimming pools, irrigation system, planting plan and so on. At this last point, the gardener can cooperate with the architect, helping to make a list of the appropriate floor plans. In fact, the gardeners are part of the teams that carry out the projects outlined by the landscape architects.

That said, it is worth mentioning that large gardening companies generally provide broader services, i.e. they may take on some work that is normally performed by landscape architects because they have the means and staff to do so.

What are the advantages of hiring a gardener?

With gardening magazines and blogs, dedicated YouTube channels, and DIY coming to us daily, it's normal for us to be tempted to roll up our sleeves and take care of our gardens alone.

Being in contact with nature is good for both body and mind. Therefore, any activity that comes close to it should be encouraged. Tending to our own herb garden, planting our favourite flowers in pots, or having a small garden to eat the vegetables we sow are easily learned. However, the help of a gardener is valuable. The knowledge that this professional has is vast, detailed and consolidated by experience.

Among the main advantages inherent in hiring a gardener, we would highlight the following:

Experience: A gardener with a few years of activity will know how to look at your property with other eyes and determine what can be done to make your garden look wonderful. In addition, their professional skills allow them to find effective solutions to circumvent the unforeseen and respond to any problems.

Cost: The issue of cost goes hand in hand with that of experience. Hiring a professional minimises mistakes, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses. Did you know that many people spend a lot of money replacing plants because the ones they had didn't make it? And that often make the same mistake again because they buy again without certainty? A professional gardener, in addition to knowing how to choose plants, has all the tools necessary to cultivate and maintain them, so they do not need to buy them (and some are very expensive, such as lawnmowers).

Artistic approach: A good gardener will know how to create a garden that has to do with the style of the house and harmoniously match the species. One of the project phases will be to make a plan that determines where each plant, tree or shrub should be placed. There is no point in having a species-rich garden if, visually, it is salty.

Appreciation of the house: A beautiful and careful garden values any home. If you are planning to put yours up for sale, remember that a shady garden can convince an interested party to buy the house. What's more, you can sell it for a higher price.

How much does it cost to hire a gardener in Wakefield?

Setting a budget ceiling should be the first step before hiring a professional. If a customer is only available to spend within a certain amount, then they can immediately exclude budgets that exceed them - at least significantly - and thus narrow the range of choices, simplifying demand.

The price to pay for this service is relative: it depends on the type of work required, the prestige of the gardener or gardening company, the qualification of the gardening team, and so on.

How to find a gardener in Wakefield?

If you are looking for a gardener in Wakefield, count on homify to help you with your search. We have gardeners from all over the country registered on our site. Without having to leave it, you have access to albums with photos of projects already completed, as well as phone contacts, e-mail and address.

In addition to homify, do a search on the Internet. Through the keywords gardeners in Wakefield, you will surely get several results. The stronger the company's online presence, the better.

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