1,144 General Contractors


Coordinated by architects or directly by the client, general contractors, or project managers, are responsible for implementing the construction of a design project, whether a new building or a renovation. They are responsible for site organisation and coordination of the various experts and subcontractors involved in the project, while respecting the criteria of duration, quality and cost that have been established in a contract with the customer. General contractors must have management skills in addition to their expertise in the world of construction. Indeed, they are like conductors who makes sure that the construction companies involved in the project are in tune. 

In public projects, the manager must ensure that the project built fulfills all the functional and technical aspects that it is supposed to, that it addresses the specifics regarding pre-project feasibility studies and analysis. For private projects, such as the construction of single family homes, the requirements may be a bit less technical, but the fact remains that the general contractor has a legal responsibility for the quality of the final project.