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Proficiency helps people with design and build as a construction company in London. Our Professional builders construct,
Ashville Inc
Ashville Inc are one of the most prestigious Building Contractors in London servicing Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge
House Renovation London Ltd
House Renovation London has completed countless renovations and home improvements in London. Our focus and determination
Builders Archway
Builders Archway are a team of experts who specialise in almost all aspects of home improvement and renovation. They are
Design and Build London Renovation
Design and Build London has completed countless renovations and home improvements in London. Our focus and determination
William Gaze Ltd
We are a building, construction and management company that do things a little but differently. We pride ourselves on being
Marriott Construction
We offer a range of building services, including new home construction, house extensions and complete home remodelling in
Lambert & Sons is a family run business in SW London. We have been refurbishing London houses for many years and have a
LDN Build
LDN BUILD House Renovation London has completed countless renovations and home improvements in London. Our focus and determination
Builders GB
Builders GB provide a Design and Build service throughout London who work with a Concept to Completion approach. Services
Albion Projects Ltd
With over 20 years in the constructionindustry, our team have all the experience and expertise necessary to provide acomplete
Builders Maida Vale
We at Builders Maida Vale offer top-notch building services at prices that can't be beaten! Our kind representatives will
Five Star Builders Islington
Five Star Builders is a top rated construction company that offers a variety of building services in Islington. Working
Artia Design and Build
Artia Design and Build was founded in London in 2008, with a philosophy of creating a highly professional design and build
ASE Construction Ltd
ASE Construction Ltd is one of the most sought after construction companies for loft conversions in Fulham and other parts
DPS ltd.
Since 2004, DPS Ltd. based in Wimbledon delivers hight standard New Build project, House Extension, Loft conversation  
Shandler Homes Ltd
Shandler Homes provide a full, high-end residential design service with a commitment to quality and the highest levels of
Diamond Constructions Ltd
We are a team of professionals. The company started 14 years ago in London. For all this years we have finished over 70
Quick garden LTD
Quick Garden LTD is a branch of a factory which has been making, delivering and installing log cabins, wooden chalets and

What do home builders do?

The job of a home builder is extremely varied and complex. Without a lot of training and experience, a home builder would be unable to change the systems and details that lead to a high quality, finished home.

Predominantly a home builder is a manager who guides the professionals of the trade, from architects to painters. They must know enough about each trade in order to determine whether any mistakes have been made and how best to rectify these. They approve or disapprove the work of each other their employees. Occasionally you will find home builders work as a land surveyor, making sure a piece of land is suitable for development. If they find a plot which is suitable for construction, then they will have the difficult job of trying to go through the permitting process.

Home builders are liaisons for architects, so that they know their plans are being followed correctly and without flaws. But home builders are also liaisons for communities and local government officials, so they are able to check that the homes which are being built are actually wanted in the area.

A benefit of hiring a home builder is that they research and study local building codes to find out what they can build in which location, so that you don’t have to worry. Building codes often govern plumbing, heating and electrical systems as well as fire safety, so having a professional to help guide you through this process is extremely worthwhile

If the building is permitted, finally a home builder can prepare the site and begin building. They will then work on the entire construction process from laying foundations to heating work.

How do I find the right home builder for my home project in London?

In order to find the right home builder for you, it is worth asking around as many people work by word of mouth. Whether you ask an architect that you already know or people who have recently built their own homes in London, there should be many home builders in your area who have good reputations.

With homify you are able to use the directory and narrow down your search for local builders to people who are living and working in the area close to you in London. From here you are able to check out their portfolios, Facebook pages and easily contact them without even leaving your home.

A tip that many people go by is to choose three home builders to consult with before they make a final choice. This way you are able to give them your plans and specifications, which you should have extras of, and then request a proposal. Once you have the proposal which suits you best, you are able to sit down with the home builder and work out a detailed contract to make sure you are both happy to proceed.

What do I need to look out for when choosing a home builder?

When choosing a home builder, it is more than worth looking at their previous work in detail. You should also make sure to contact their references and ask many questions to make sure you know exactly what to expect. Content customers will recommend their home builder, so make sure you know exactly who has had good reviews.

Home builders should be good communicators and help you understand exactly what is going on with the process, depending on whether you would like to be involved a lot or a little. They are the liaison with the architect and let them know whether their building design is working properly and also with workers so it is important that they are a good people person.

How much will a home builder cost in London?

If you decide to build your own house in London then there will be a lot of expenses to take into account, therefore, knowing the best way to accurately predict how much each worker and component of the build will cost is imperative. Finding out how much a home builder in London will cost can be a difficult task. Many people ask for price per square foot, but this can be a misleading measure. It is definitely worth instead talking in detail to your home builder about the specifications of what you both want and expect. Being specific about the quality levels you expect is also a good idea. This way they are more likely to be able to give you a good proposal which is more accurate than measuring a meaningless price per square foot! Another option you have is working with large construction companies. They may often be the best way to keep costs low as they will have lots of clients and experience to draw on, usually meaning their work is more efficient, but perhaps lacking in passion. 

How can I keep the costs low when working with home builders in London?

As a home builder is a professional, it is important that you pay them as much as is required so that they do not feel cheated and uninterested in doing a quality job. Therefore, arranging a price before work begins is the best way to make sure that you are not both left unhappy! However, there are some ways in which you can keep costs low, but they usually involve having to do a lot of their work yourself and bringing a local  builder into the process later than usual. This is not often recommended for people who are first starting out building their own homes as they will not have the knowhow of an experienced home builder and may end up cutting important corners. You will also find that your home builder will know many material suppliers and contractors and so will be able to get quality products, often for cheaper than a regular first time home owner. This will save you money in the long run. Your home builder can be essential in processes such as working as an inspector; they scour the site and make sure that everything is prepared for when officials show up. Once your home is finished, it is the home builder who informs the appropriate municipal departments that it is ready for final inspection.

Finding a cheap home builder may be a difficult job, as they have an extremely complex and complicated job. However, finding people who do not have a lot of work currently may mean you get a cheaper price. It is worth doing your research first.

How do I best prepare for the first meeting with a home builder?

Before you meet any house builders in London, it is worth trying to view some of their previous work to make sure you are happy with the results. This way you will have an idea of what they produce too.

You should have house plans and specifications drawn up to give to your home builder before you begin so that they are able to give you a proper proposal. Having in mind exactly how much you need them for and what you expect their workload to be like is important too.

Always have as many questions planned to ask as possible, this way you are able to know how many projects they have previously worked on, how long it took them and how many houses they built in the previous year. Depending on what you are hoping for, how many homes a builder worked on in one year can really tell you a lot. If it was a lot then they are an efficient worker, however, if there are fewer this perhaps shows that the quality was higher. It is definitely worth speaking to previous clients to determine which this is too!

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

In order to make sure that your home has a quality finish and that you are happy to live there, it is worth investing in different professionals. They will save you time and money in the long run, and if you are lucky you may find people who work for cheaper rates than you expect. There are hundreds of people who are able to help you. From kitchen planners to engineers, you should have a look into each profession to make sure that you aren’t missing out on vital help! Professionals are often most useful when you don’t have a lot of time to create your dream home alone. Always do your homework first though to make sure you know who is most beneficial for your build.


If you have to apply for planning permission for your home, then the general rule is that you should hire an architect to come up with the plans which coordinate with the council. They will have a lot more knowledge in how to create a functional and well built house, compared to a first time home builder. If there are many legal requirements to be done then you may find that this is extremely overwhelming and an architect can save you money and time in the long run! An architect aims to create a sustainable structure which is safe, environmentally friendly and has all the right facilities for you and your family. They will create detailed home plans for builders to follow. An architect also works closely with your home builder, especially custom home builders as these site specific homes need to be built with a unique set of plans for a specific client. 

Interior Architect

Unlike an architect, an interior architect does not work on floor plans, but instead is in charge of changing the atmosphere and space inside a room, whether this be installing fittings or changing the volumetrics. Always speak to a few interior architects first to make sure you have the right one for you.


The work of a painter can save you a lot of time. Although you may be able to do this job yourself, and save money, you will find that it can be extremely time consuming and not give you a good finish!

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