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Home stagers help to make homes that are for sale display a more welcoming environment so that they will be most attractive to a potential buyer. Often, when we view empty homes without furniture, we must make a real effort of imagination to try to see them in perspective, to think ’here will be a bed,’ ’a shelf will go here,’ ’this room serves as a study.’ So the work of home stagers can be very helpful in improving the chances of selling our house. Staging a house works to create spaces that invite habitation and show visitors the future living possibilities, highlighting the positive aspects of the house.

What are the functions of home staging? 

-Optimize lighting in spaces.

-Highlight the house’s strengths and resolve minor defects in the home.

-Appropriate and or modern decoration.  

-Improve circulation in spaces and between spaces. 

-Furnish and decorate the empty spaces. 

Why use the services of a home stager? 

-You’ll recieve best quality and attractive photographs of the property, which means more interest and visits from prospective buyers.

-Improves review of potential buyers. 

-Increases selling price. 

-Reduces exposure time for sale. 

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