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Villeroy & Boch
Villeroy & Boch es una de las marcas premium líderes en el mundo para los productos cerámicos. La empresa familiar,
Linhas Simples
Linhas Simples is a company of:- Consulting - Architecture - Interior Design, Remodeling and Rehabilitation - Management
耀昀創意設計有限公司/Alfonso Ideas
憑著對建築設計的熱情與堅持從紐西蘭 澳洲回到出生的台灣 帶領著一個團隊在每個作品裡灌入想法、巧思與創意 轉化原本的條件限制我們期許能夠在動線、收納、空間、與美學的每個環節裡 能夠讓屋主收藏幸福與感動 With the passion to
ShiStudio Interior Design
História Sheila Moura Azevedo, portuguesa, nasceu em São Paulo em 1977. Filha de um designer industrial e de uma apaixonada
Bel Decor
Born out of necessity to make a difference, Bel Decor focus on innovative design solutions to serve our clients unique needs
Formarredo Due design 1967
Dal 1967 la Formarredo Due progetta e realizza soluzioni per l'arredamento di cucine, camere da letto, camerette, soggiorni
Sin dal 1970, Trezzi Interni propone una vasta gamma di cucine, soggiorni, salotti, camere da letto, camerette, bagni e
Carta da parati degli anni 70
Il negozio online dove trovare una selezione curata ed esclusiva delle migliori carte da parati presenti sul mercato. Divise
Estudio Arquitectura y construccion PR/ Remodelaciones y Diseño de interiores / Santiago, Rancagua y Viña del mar
Nos dedicadamos a proyectos de arquitectura y construcción tanto habitacionales como comerciales. Especialistas en remodelaciones
Wkwadrat Architekt Wnętrz Toruń
WKWADRAT - PRACOWNIA ARCHITEKTURY WNĘTRZ WKWADRAT Architekt Wnętrz w Toruniu wykonuje projekty wnętrz mieszkań i domów na
Rima Design
Sobre a Rima Design A Rima Design tem morada em Lisboa e foi fundada em 2018. Apesar de ser um projecto novo, a equipa por
Bconnected Architecture & Interior Design
Situado en el corazón de Santa Catalina, bconnected Interiorismo y su extraordinario showroom aportan un enfoque único al
Diseñamos tus espacios con valor sentimental y los personalizamos con tu estilo y gustos, logrando contar así las historias
Monoceros Interarch Solutions
Monoceros Studio initiated in 1999 by three amigos Donika, Kinjal and  Gaurav, Monoceros Studio has
形構設計 Morpho-Design
形構_ 形態的構成有其前因後果,設計就是構成的過程,其間富含無限可能,我們不侷限思維,享受與業主的知識交流與磨合,以現代技術精準確認設計合宜性最大化空間效益,將創意與實務落實於空間 使命_傳達設計知識及理念,幫助業主釐清問題,確立方向, 建立品牌
"Creare con il cuore; costruire con la testa" viemme61 è uno studio di interior design che si propone come interlocutore
ESTUDIO FRANCIA. Arquitectura de Interiores. Gestión Integral de Obras y Servicios. Diseñamos, construimos y hacemos realidad
BAANSOOK Design & Living Co., Ltd.
“Tailor-Made Kitchen & Cabinet Solutions” by BAANSOOK มอบประสบการณ์ที่อบอุ่นและประทับใจในการแต่งครัวและส่วนอื่นๆภายในบ้านให้กับลูกค้าทุกคนด้วยนวัตกรรมและคุณภาพการให้บริการที่ไม่เป็นรองใครยึดถือหลักการทำงานว่าบ้านทุกหลังที่เรารับผิดชอบต้องดูแลให้เหมือนบ้านตัวเอง
Décor na rede: Revisite oferece consultoria de decoração online para todo o Brasil A arquiteta Taiza Santos democratiza

When do I need an interior architect?

The main reason for hiring an interior architect is so you know you will have a beautiful, well-fitted home before you move in. They are able to give you an idea of where to begin decorating your home, help you put pieces together, or even execute the whole project if you have no time to do it yourself.  If you have little time, then it is a great idea to hire an interior architect. They can create a home which may increase value for when you come to sell it whilst also making sure everything suits your tastes. Having an extra set of eyes is often invaluable to show you just how to create a better look.  Interior architects can also help you find other professionals in the industry using their contacts. If you need anyone from an electrician to a designer – it is worth asking your interior architect, to help you save time!

What does an interior architect do?

You may consider hiring an interior architect if you are worried about staying in budget, or even within a time limit. They do all of the research into brands, products and furniture for you!  They are able to think about the bigger picture, creating a liaison between you and your architect and making sure that everything within the finished product works well. For example, sockets and lighting usually need to be addressed before work begins.  Having a good interior architect will mean they have a large amount of connections and resources – they may be able to save you money when sourcing your pieces and especially choose pieces which work well together. The main role of an interior architect is to work on the overall feel of inside a room. They ask many questions to determine what you are looking for, draw up a plan and then follow the whole process through. They may meet with contractors, hire other people to do work, make sure everything is fitted properly, and generally help you avoid stress and headaches.

Architectural interior remodelling

Remodelling your home may be a long process if you do not have the necessary skills to know exactly what to do! An interior architect will be trained in this area, so will easily be able to help you. They will be able to take measurements for you, create a blue print or plan to your specifications, and then make sure everything is ordered and fitted correctly. 

They will also be able to guide you around any legal issues and contracts which may be an invaluable asset if you have little time! 

Interior renovation

If you have little experience in interior renovation, then you should not underestimate the importance of an interior architect. The work can be extremely long and difficult without professional help. It is worth trying to estimate how much you are able to spend and how much time you can allow before work begins – remember to be generous as projects may run over! It is also worth remembering that pictures are an important part of the process. From giving you ideas, to helping you explain to others exactly what you want. On homify there are thousands of pictures which can help you choose the best options for your renovation. You can even create an ideabook to save your pictures and add text, helping you keep all of your thoughts in order.

How do I find the right interior architect for my home building project?

Within the construction industry, many people know each other and so are able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to hiring the right professional for you. If you have hired an architect then they may know an interior architect who works well for you. Remember to communicate clearly with your interior architect so you are not left disappointed by the project. You should also make checks on the work so you know everything is running smoothly. It is imperative to find someone who has a similar style to your own, to find this out; you should always ask to see previous work. 

With homify you can also check out many skilled interior architects in Liverpool. Our directory lists specialist architects in every area of home construction, design and visualisation experts, and you can filter your search to make sure the people you are looking at are close to you.,

What do I need to look out for when choosing an interior architect?

The most crucial thing to look out for when you are choosing an interior architect is whether their style is favourable to you. If you find someone who does not have the same style, then you may be disappointed with the finish of your home. It is essential that you ask many questions and contact a few interior architects, to compare styles and make sure you have the right person for you. Remember to find out about their past experiences, current projects, and even how much they charge. 

How much will an interior architect cost?

The work of an interior architect can vary hugely, depending on how much you need them. Therefore, having a clear idea of this before you speak to anyone is a worthwhile idea as you will be able to find quotes from interior architects are more accurate.  It is unlikely that you will find a cheap interior architect as their work is skilled and they will have to spend a lot of time on your home. However, if you ask around then you may be able to find a great bargain. Often, you will find that for commercial work many interior architects work by a square foot basis and for small projects, many interior architects charge hourly rates – this is something to remember to ask about at your first consultation.

How can I contact an interior architect?

With homify’s directory, you have a simple way of directly contacting an interior architect close to you in Liverpool. You can visit their Facebook pages, read their reviews, and even view their previous work all without leaving the site. After you have found someone who is compatible with you, all of their contact details are easy to find on their page so you can book a consultation.

What does the Architecture Registration Board do?

The Architecture Registration Board (ARB) works in order to make sure that people who call themselves architects are qualified and registered. This up to date list of architects is made easy for you to find online.

The ARB investigates claims of misconduct if a member of the public feels they have been wronged. Their work is overseen by a board of 15 members – 7 architects and 8 members of the public who are appointed by the Privy Council. They may even take action against people who wrongly call themselves an architect and take money and work from home builders.

What is special about Liverpool Architecture?

Liverpool has an interesting history, with architecture to match. Its buildings are extremely functional as it was once an extremely important trading port. Many buildings were built to be shipping firms, company headquarters and all the while, they generated huge wealth. The architecture was extremely dependent upon the wealth created by trading and an impressive city has been created. 

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

The process of creating your dream home can be extremely intimidating. However, in Liverpool there are many people who are able to help you in this process, meaning everything is made a little easier for you. Below are some options for you to consider before you start building!


Architects are highly trained professionals who are able to see the bigger picture. If you require planning permission then you should consider hiring an architect. They use many techniques to help create your dream home. They keep many things in mind, not just what the building looks like, but also many other details such as how it will evolve in the future and whether it is economically and environmentally friendly.

General Contractors

General contractors are often hired by the client after being advised to do so by their architect. They work as the main liaison for everyone on site and this is how an architect keeps track of their plans.  As always, a cheaper option is doing the work yourself. But this only works if you have experience or are willing to put in a lot of time! Your general contractor is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly so can be a huge asset to help guide you through the project and deal with the more difficult everyday tasks.

Kitchen planners

With homify, you’re easily able to find the perfect kitchen planner for you. There are so many people within Liverpool, and using our directory, you’re able to filter it down and even check maps to make sure they are close to you. Using homify you can also create an ideabook full of kitchens you love so that you can later show your kitchen planner exactly what you expect.


If you have hired an interior architect, then they may be able to guide you in the right direction of a perfect designer for you. Designers work on creating a style throughout your home, making sure that everything matches your tastes. They may even save you money in the long run by adding value to your home.

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