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NSDA (Noriko Sawayama Design & Associates Ltd. est. 2000) is a professional design practice based in London providing comprehensive
Cassidy Hughes Interior Design
With a collective love for colour and unconventional details, we provide a personal approach to design for clients looking
Orchestrate Design and Build Ltd.
Orchestrate specialises in building things well. We understand the South West London housing market and the things that
Keir Townsend
Наша компания, удостоенная международных наград, специализируется в дизайне интерьера. Наша студия и шоурум расположены
NSDA is a professional design practice based in London (est. 2000) led by Creative Director  Noriko Sawayama.We provide
Cris&Me l.t.d.
Cris & Me is an interior design and architectural company founded by Cristina and Michele Fumagalli, brother and sister
Phillips Design Studio
Phillips Design Studio is a leading specialist in luxury bespoke interiors for contemporary living.Our extensive portfolio
Balance Property Ltd
Working throughout central London BALANCE PROPERTY LTD offers a professional services tailer-made to suit your home renovation
House of Sylphina
House of Sylphina is a design studio based in London and was founded by Sharon Toong. Originally from Hong Kong, Sharon
align is an interior architecture and design agency, based in Farringdon, London.The aim of our business is to align our
Morph Interior Ltd
We offer our clients a reliable and innovative design, Architecture and Project Management service, we monitor and direct
Another Design International
Another Design International's design approach is sophisticated, creative and forward-thinking. We realise and understand
Forster Inc
Forster Inc is an award-winning, creatively driven interiors consultancy based in Shoreditch, London. Our mission is to
Nelson Design Limited
Founded by Claire Nelson in 1991, Nelson Design is a creative and vibrant architectural interior design company, offering
Flair Studio Ltd
Founded in London in 2018, Flair Studio is a RIBA chartered, young, creative and independent interior architecture company
Katharine Pooley
Katharine Pooley creates inspiring interiors for the most discerning clients. Her unique approach succeeds in capturing
urban living interiors limited
Urban Living Interiors design studio  located at the heart of central London. Interior architecture, project management,
MKV Design
MKV Design is an award-winning London-based interior design practice which specialises in the luxury hotel and resort sector
DO Design Studio
DO Design Studio is an independent interior design practise harnessing its strength and experience in the world of international

Interior Architects in London

What does an Interior Architect do?

Interior architecture represents the foundations of a building. Combining the science of functionality and ergonomics, interior architecture aims to make the flow of a space as dynamic and functional as possible. That is where Interior Architects come in, who need to ask themselves: what is the role / intended function of the structure? What is the logical workflow? And does it integrate perfectly into the building’s overall architecture and design?

Think about how an office space, for instance, has different requirements from a residential house, and how it needs an entirely different layout. This all comes into play, and it is the job of an Interior Architect to design the space with those necessities in mind.

After meeting with a client, the Interior Architect will draw up sketches and 3D designs with visual aesthetics and functionality in mind for the project. Along with possible designs, the professional will also produce samples of materials and finishes to discuss with the client. After approval is gained from the client, the Interior Architect will liaise with suppliers, vendors and other relevant professionals in the industry to commence the building / renovation of the structure.

What will an Interior Designer take care of?

Although many people assume Interior Architects and Interior Designers to be the same people, there is a fine line between these occupations.

Once the Interior Architect has created the canvas for a particular space, the Interior Designer enters the project to paint on it (metaphorically speaking). This professional is trained to enhance all aspects of the Architect and Interior Architect’s planning by complementing it with carefully selected add-ons. Lighting, fabrics, wall treatments, colours, patterns, floors, furnishings, and décor are all incorporated by the designer to enhance the space in terms of functionality and visual splendour.

With a specific style in mind (modern, rustic, Scandinavian, etc.), the Interior Designer brings out the best features of a house (or office, or store...) by giving it a visual personality, which should reflect the lifestyle of the occupants. A well-placed piece of artwork (or floor rug, or armchair...) can become a stunning focal point in a room, similar to how well-coordinated illumination creates moods and atmosphere though the interplay of light and shadow.

Finding Interior Architects in London

Luckily, homify aids in your quest for the perfect Interior Architect in London via our expansive collections of professionals. The fact that our lists also include additional data on each expert (such as location, portfolio, contact details, customer reviews, etc.) makes homify the more preferred method of finding the right professional compared to word-of-mouth referrals.

With a London Interior Architect working on your project, you are working with a professional who can introduce you to other pros in the same vicinity, including Interior Designers, Electricians, and many more.

In addition, working with a local also means:

•        Lower travel expenses for all parties

•        Paying less on transporting materials for your project

•        Benefitting from the Interior Architect’s knowledge on the local climate and environment, preferred design styles for architectural structures, London’s relevant building regulations, plus the applicable authority’s planning regulations.

What must I consider when looking for an Interior Architect in London?

1.    Start with references and reviews (both of which you can find on homify). This will point you in the right direction in terms of the Interior Architect’s reputation in the industry, what past clients think about the professional, etc.

2.    Although it’s not a total deal-breaker, experience does play a major role when it comes to choosing the right professional. However, working with someone who has produced the same or similar results in the past does ensure extra peace of mind.

3.    Narrow down your list of possible candidates (no less than three) and ask all of them to submit quotes for your project. Ensure that all work and materials are quoted for – you don’t want any hidden fees popping out at the last minute.

4.    How do they communicate with you? Are they open to sharing ideas? While some people prefer to be very involved in the project details throughout the process, other clients choose to hand over everything to the professional and let them handle it all. Discuss this with the Interior Architect upfront.

5.    Does the Interior Architect’s fee schedule work with your project budget? It is vital that you are 100% comfortable with the professional’s fees from the start, as it’s bound to create issues later on if you’re not. If there is any cost on the quote that you’re unclear about, take a moment to discuss it and ask for clarification.

How much does it cost to hire an Interior Architect?

The fees of your Interior Architect will depend on the size, type, and quality of the project. These fees can vary for many reasons, yet it generally reflects the level of service provided and the quality of the finished project.

If a proper brief and budget are established right at the start, fees are usually negotiated very early on. Should this not be the case, a lot of Interior Architects sometimes work on a time charge basis for feasibility stages until the build cost, size and complexity of the project are better established.

The charge-out rates for Interior Architects in London are usually higher than the rest of the UK. This is usually in line with the higher staff salaries and costs of running a practice in the capital. Percentage fees are also likely to be steeper in London, although the difference may not be too considerable if the project is also based in the city.

What other professionals might also be required for my project?

Depending on the size and scope of your construction project, the following professionals might also assist with its successful completion:

·         Architect

·         Quantity Surveyor (the ideal person to establish an early estimate of the building cost, based on the concept design)

·         Structural Engineer

·         Electrical / Mechanical Engineer

·         Landscape Architect

·         Interior Designer

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