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J&L Interiors, LLC
J&L Interiors, LLC is a full-scale residential and commercial interior design firm located in Northern Virginia with
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ALGEDRA Interior Design is specialized in providing stunning and excellent interior design services that include creative
Olamar Interiors, LLC
It starts and ends with listening, with a lot of conversation in between.  Starting with our first conversation, we listen
Lorna Gross Interior Design
BIO -  After over a decade in the field, Lorna Gross-Bryant has become one of the top “go-to” designers for luxury clients
RedBird ReDesign
LIVABLE INTERIOR DESIGN: Let us do the work to create a stunning home that reflects your style of living. You want a home
NAFASI is energy and play. It's repetition and layering. It's function and fun and comfort and thought. NAFASI is creative
Shotcount Paper Hangers
With over 35 years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers, Shotcount Paper Hangers provide the services of
UpMedio Design
The leading expert in interior design & project management, UpMedio Design is an interior design firm in Bangkok that caters
Kellie Burke Interiors
Kellie Burke Interiors is a full service interior design firm that is committed to providing their clients with unique,
Celine Interior Design
Celine interior design established in 2014, is a world leading and award winning luxury interior design practice designing
"Design studio S-8"
My name is Olga Glushkova, I am an interior designer (all over the world) Owner the interior design “Studio S-8”. We love
Andrea Schumacher Interiors
We pride ourselves on bringing the utmost value to every project while carefully curating each home individually for each
Amy Peltier Interior Design & Home
Amy Peltier Interior Design & Home is an award-winning interior design studio and home store offering a wide array of
Jota Barbosa Interiors
A nossa equipa tem por missão dar forma ao seu projecto, respeitando a sua identidade, necessidades e ambições. A sua casa
Impression Design Workshop Ltd
Impression Design Workshop Limited was established by 2005, which always strives to provide the client with the highest
Corelate. Architecture | Interior Design
We are a service oriented architecture and Interior Design studio, specialising in residential and commercial properties

What Does an Interior Designer Do? And a decorator?

Both the interior designer and the decorator work on projects for houses, apartments, office environments and businesses - that is, they work with enterprises for both professional and personal use. Still, the differences between the professions direct, organise and facilitate their action and position in the market.

Interior Designer: The work of an interior designer is more focused on aspects such as acoustics, ergonomics, lighting, temperature and other dynamics that are intimately involved in the environment. The interior designer will design a project to meet the customer's wishes, requirements and needs.

In this sense, it is necessary to have training, studies and a lot of research, so that there is coherence in the final space. Thus, we can say that what guides the work of the interior designer is the quality of life.

The designer analyses all the variables identified by himself and the client, to present a project that coordinates these elements, providing an environment that stimulates and satisfies the client in the most varied needs.

Decorator: This professional has the responsibility to create a pleasant and aesthetically balanced space. It will help the customer to choose the furniture, the accessories (lamps, paintings, carpets …), the textiles and the best colour combinations.

The decorator articulates his knowledge, taste and experience by identifying and analysing the client's profile, taking into account his goals and interests.

Decoration is a more limited field since the specialist cannot interfere with the structure of the work, which is the responsibility of the interior architect, nor the environment, which is the responsibility of the interior designer.

How can I choose a good interior designer or decorator?

Both interior designers and decorators have enjoyed great success over the last few years. But in view of the wide offer on the market, we have to make a correct selection, to have a job that meets our expectations.

But then, how should I choose my professional? What should I take into account? The homify brought together some tips to help you select your decorator or designer interiors.

Take note of the following points:

Define your project - this advice is so important that it seems obvious. The sooner you think about what you want and how you want it, the more relevant and effective your search will be. To get your bearings, try to answer these questions: What are your needs and wants? Want to simply decorate your interior or want a more radical change? What budget do you have? These questions will help you determine the most suitable professional for your project: interior designer or decorator.

Make sure the professional lives up to what you want - there are as many different jobs as there are wishes! But there are professionals who are more specialised in one area or style than others. In this sense, your choice will depend mainly on your needs. Will you need someone to take care of everything, from A to Z, or just a counsellor, to guide you on the possibilities of making a space more enjoyable? As you know, for an in-depth change you should go to an interior designer, if you need something more punctual, such as a slight decorative change, look for a decorator.

Look for portfolios and other information - every home decorating and interior design professional should have a portfolio, which is a compilation of various work done. This consultation allows the client to have a very clear idea of the professional's type of work, style or tastes. In addition, you can narrow your search through the Internet and social networks. Carefully read the comments left by the various customers who used your services.

Try looking for 3 to 4 professionals, because in addition to getting a higher offer, to find your style, you can have a better comparison (quality/price).

Keep an eye on prices and schedules - don't hesitate to quickly address the issue of budgeting, and watch carefully if the trader charges by the hour or by the fixed price.

The values of an interior designer or decorator can vary greatly, both by reputation and by region. We therefore advise you to request a quote prior to any appointment. Make sure your budget includes (project, materials and labour) and be careful with the details and list of work to be done. Through homify, you have access to all construction and decoration professionals. You can request a quote very quickly via our page. See how you can do it - here.

How can I find a good interior designer or decorator?

As we just mentioned, you can consult the interior designers or decorators registered with homify. We have a very large list to meet all homify readers. There are professionals from all over the country, from north to south, but also from all styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

Each image presented on the platform is by a homify registered professional. So if you liked a particular project, just click on it. For more information, contact the professional directly.

The homify page is very easy to use, has unlimited access and access to the service is free. You can browse hours and hours, organise your ideas in idea books, search on all styles and spaces. This search will help you define your project and your ideas. So take your time, try to characterise your space, define the coverings, choose the colours and you will quickly be led to choose the professional that meets your expectations and needs.

The professional will help you define the needs of your space and make the most of every square meter. Only with excellent communication between the client and the professional, can you have a good project.

Where can I keep looking?

While homify is a fairly complete platform, you can deepen your search by other means. For example, buy some magazines in paper format, as well as being inspiring, you will find some contacts from decorators and interior designers. Possibly some of these professionals are registered on our platform.

Use social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn - and find out from your acquaintances. The message will be shared and you will quickly get some contacts from interior designers and decorators in your area.

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