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Algedra Interior Design
ALGEDRA Interior Design is specialized in providing stunning and excellent interior design services that include
Clean Design
Clean Design is an award-winning, full service interior design firm, focused on creating interior spaces that are elegant
Kellie Burke Interiors
Kellie Burke Interiors is a full service interior design firm that is committed to providing their clients with unique,
UpMedio Design
The leading expert in interior design & project management, UpMedio Design is an interior design firm in Bangkok that
"Design studio S-8"
My name is Olga Glushkova, I am an interior designer (all over the world) Owner the interior design “Studio S-8”. We love
Andrea Schumacher Interiors
We pride ourselves on bringing the utmost value to every project while carefully curating each home individually for each
Membangun dan mendesain furniture custom dan interior yang berbasis di Jakarta. Kami membangun dengan ketelitian dan keterampilan
Joe Ginsberg Design
Located in the heart of New York City, Joe Ginsberg’s award winning design studio is well known for an extensive number
Lorna Gross Interior Design
BIO -  After over a decade in the field, Lorna Gross-Bryant has become one of the top “go-to” designers for luxury clients
How to present a story of the space, perhaps it's not the most avant-garde idea, however what the house-owner expects to
Gotz Consulting & Interiors
Gotz Consulting, Construction & Interiors, offers a turnkey service for all stages involved in creating that ideal home
JKG Interiors
JKG Interiors London is a full-service residential and commercial design studio outfitted to handle all aspects of interior

Are interior designers or decorators the same thing?

Not! Although these professions are usually associated with and focus on common subjects, these professions are of different scope.

A decorator is a skilled professional to make the aesthetic update of the spaces, dealing with details and details concerning the aesthetic finishing part. His work focuses on furniture and accessories, and may also cover coatings and some more technical details.

The interior designer is a highly trained professional, usually licensed, to design, or redesign, the interiors of buildings, whether residential or commercial. It intervenes both in the layout and composition of the spaces themselves, and may propose the construction of elements or the breakdown of walls, although they cannot make structural or facade changes (in this case, the intervention of an architect is required).

These professionals are especially adept at updating old-fashioned or dated spaces and providing them with modern features, adapted to modern life, in terms of structure and spatial distribution. Due to the strong aesthetic component, both training and work, these professionals often also do the decoration work.

When do I need a decorator?

While you may be without a decorator or an interior designer, it is always helpful to have a current and professional look at the subject, avoiding risky choices of space elements that could ruin the style of your home. That said, you need a decorator when you want to give your spaces a different image, whether at home or in a commercial project. Decorators have an aesthetic instinct, know about image trends, and usually have enough experience to help you combine the various items that give your room a stylish, helping to create a more defined and pleasing, possibly more up-to-date image.

When do I need an interior designer?

Here too there is no legal obligation, but great advantages.

If you love DIY projects, you have an eye for aesthetics as well as the dimensions and spatial layout of the elements in your home, you can try to make a decorative project yourself or even a small layout of a living room or kitchen. But there are projects where, for sure, the best option is to hire an interior designer.

If you need to make background changes to improve the use of your living space and the overall liveability of your home, then you need an interior designer.

Need custom-made furniture to be more functional, make better use of the area and still look great?

Want to make your kitchen more practical?

Want to diversify the activities of a space or combine several features?

The answer to all these questions, and more lies in hiring an interior designer!

Are There Interior Designers & Decorators in Leicester? How can I find them?

There are several interior designers and interior designers working in Leicester and it is very simple to find them by doing a quick search on this site!

Leicester is an inner-city, but very young and full of vitality. The proximity of universities with courses in this area generates a good number of young and innovative qualified professionals who can be very helpful to you.

You can find them here at homify, by searching other speciality websites, decorating magazines… You can also look them up with your friends and family after successful projects.

What work should I do before hiring one of these professionals?

A highly recommended step is to look at homify for images that are close to your ideal for spaces and create with them one or more idea books. You will quickly realise that this tool is very practical for organising your ideas and inspirations. If you choose homify professionals, you also have our guarantee of professionalism and you can get in touch with them and even request quotes and opinions via our website.

The other key step at this stage is to realise your expectations of the money you have to spend and to set a ceiling for your project. Thus, the professional will know, at the outset, what you can count on and how much you can charge.

Do I really need an interior designer or a Leicester decorator?

It doesn't really have to be from Leicester, but hiring a nearby interior designer (or decorator) can bring you great benefits. If your project is in Leicester or the surrounding region and you are not finding your professional of choice, you can expand your search a little...

The distances can remain relatively short and their cost is little relevant to the final value of the project.

Hiring a professional close to the project location helps lower travel, material and furniture costs. It will probably also help you get the best and most capable professionals for the tasks at a lower price thanks to the contacts that interior designers usually have. For example, if you need custom-made furniture for a particular space, your interior designer will probably meet the ideal carpenter to build it in the surrounding area.

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer or decorator in Leicester?

It is impossible to point to the right values because there is no price table for this type of services. Moreover, the scope of each of the professionals is so diverse that the price turns out to be greatly influenced by the prestige of the firm itself.

However, it should be noted that although Leicester is a fashionable city, it is still a cheap city to live in, and it is possible to find affordable housing, suggesting a similar policy for the treatment of its interiors.

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