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Interior Designers in London:

London has always been and still is the interior design capital of the UK, with historical movements occurring on the regular, during the reigns of our monarchs and empire, right up until the present day. In fact this part of our design history has spread throughout the world and still plays an important part in home decoration.

Our extensive catalogue of London based interior designers covers projects large to small, regardless of cost or lavish intention. As you may have seen already, many of our designers have created out of this world interiors that make them stand out in such a crowded market place. So browse through our catalogue to find the interior designers that will fit you, admire their portfolio and contact them -free of charge.

For some ideabooks on interior design, take a look at this lovely London home project or a house design on Billionaires row—Bishops avenue

To find an interior designer on homify, look at the listings above and, if needed, refine your search to make your results more accurate. 

So, what is an interior designer?

An interior designer is, in essence, a problem solver; resolving issues with space and layout, refining colour schemes and any general issues that may not be apparent to the untrained eye. Given the field, interior designers have an extensive product knowledge and can often suggest and implement design ideas that may not have initially been considered. Generally speaking, clients have some idea as to what they would like the finished product to look like and it is therefore the obligation of the interior designer to execute and deliver based on the needs of the client. Whether or not the fit out is from scratch in a new build, which often comes with a little more freedom, or being completed in an already existing property, the interior designer is responsible for the whole project. A firm of designers or single person may be entrusted with your home, but you can rest assured they will strive to create the perfect result for you.

What kind of things should I enquire about?

Firstly, take a look at their portfolio (which you can do here on homify, on the experts profile), if you like their work and it fits you time and budget, think about contacting them.

Secondly, think about your budget and discuss it with them. Be stern about your budget and try to make them make the most of what you can offer.

Thirdly, timelines are often lengthy with busy designers. They may have projects on for a while before they can fit you in; so if it's an emergency project, bare this in mind.

Finally, research your professional: look for reviews, references and so on, just to check if everything is in order!

Good luck with your search.