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1801 Joiners in Cardiff

Buscott Woodworking
Bespoke Architectural Joinery, Kitchen and Cabinet Makers.
Buscott Woodworking Ltd
Architectural Joinery and Cabinet Makers.We manufacture bespoke joinery and Cabinetry to our design, or to Architects drawings
Young & Norgate
At Young & Norgate we create contemporary furniture and interiors that are unique, elegant and timeless. Our company has
Falegnameria Quaranta S.r.l.s.
Siamo una azienda artigianale con a disposizione le ultime tecnologie per il legno
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Rizzo 1830
La Rizzo è una falegnameria di lunga tradizione nasce nel 1830 e da allora si occupa di arredo personalizzato, dal progetto
STOOF`F Interior Projects is specialized in producing interiors and setting up complete projects for business and the private
Arredamenti Brigadoi
Pensiamo a tutto noi perché il tuo tempo è estremamente prezioso! Il servizio che ti offriamo è garantito e coordinato,
Cooperativa de la madera "Ntra Sra de Gracia"
Sociedad Cooperativa de Castilla-La Mancha de Trabajo Asociado que lleva 50 años al servicio de la Ciudad de Puertollano
Wir sind dieMeisterTischler, eine moderne Tischlerei in Wilsdruff, im Großraum Dresden. Wir fertigen für Sie hochwertige
1994 yılında ahşap atölyesi altyapısı ve kişisel mesleki birikimlerle kurduğumuz firmamızı, yıllar içinde teknik insan gücü
Marcenaria Good Work
Produzimos móveis Residenciais, Comerciais e Funcionais. Móveis sob medida com excelente qualidade e acabamento,sempre pensados
Woodworking and design studio from Battersea,London.Proud manufacturer of interior pieces in New York,Dublin and London!
Pühringer GmbH Co KG, Möbellinie
TRADITIONELLE MÖBEL NEU INTERPRETIERT Unsere Möbel werden im eigenen Familienbetrieb im Mühlviertel gefertigt. Die Leidenschaft
Helm Design by Helm Einrichtung GmbH
Die „Helm Einrichtung GmbH“ wurde im Mai 2004 von Daniel Helm unter dem Namen „Wood Expert“ gegründet. Heute ist die Firma
Tischlerei Charakterstück
Wir die Tischlerei Charakterstück, stehen für individuelle Möbel mit Charakter.  Von der Beratung bis zur Realisierung stehen
Falegnameria Chiatti
Siamo produttori e rivenditori di infissi ed arredamenti di qualità, su misura. Da più di cinquant’anni lavoriamo il legno
Proest Interior
Proest Interior ontwerpt en bouwt duurzame interieur projecten van hoogwaardige kwaliteit van hout tot Solid surface en
Dal 1974 i Falegnami Ascari di Modena realizzano mobili e arredamento in legno su misura. Specializzati in arredamento per

What do joiners do?

A joiner manufactures, conserves and restores furniture as well as wooden decoration objects. The work of this professional takes place in a workshop. Despite the artisanal and traditional character of woodworking, this craft today makes use of computerized production control systems, manufacturing and machinery supported by CNC (Computer Numerical Command) technology, a system that enables the control of machines. It is important for woodworkers to keep up with technological development in order to be able to perform diverse and high-quality work. Joiners can work for residential construction projects, but also interfere with the production of shops and commercial spaces. In addition to wood, it is appropriate to know how to work with other materials that can be incorporated into the parts they manufacture.

What distinguishes joiners from carpenters?

 Joinery and carpentry are mixed in some respects. Both areas have wood as their raw material and are important in construction. Joiners make many pieces and structural elements of wood that are later installed by the carpenters at the job site, ie one professional produces and the other installs.

As a rule, the joiner uses noble woods, unlike the carpenter who works the solid/raw wood. Unlike the carpenter, who focuses on heavier, industrial work that requires physical effort, the joiner engages in precision work that appeals to a more artistic and creative side.

Carpenters and woodworkers should have a notion of mathematics, geometry and drawing. For carpenters, it is especially important to know how to read and interpret house plans.

Now that you understand better what each professional is up to, it will be easier for you to decide which one to hire. Remember, however, that these areas are not watertight, that is, there are woodworkers who take over jobs that tend to be done by carpenters and vice versa.

Why hire a joiner in Cardiff?

Nowadays, the concept of DIY is pretty fashionable. Between videos on YouTube and tutorials on platforms like Pinterest, you can learn how to do some things within the woodworking area and beyond. However, you also need some basic building and DIY skills and the necessary tools. It's normal for people to be tempted to roll up their sleeves and do some things. This way they can save. However, there are jobs that should be delivered to those who know.

Why hire a joiner?

Quality: Joiners have the experience and knowledge that enables them to achieve high-quality results. They are trained professionals, who have already found themselves in various jobs and are used to finding ingenious solutions to problems that may arise.

Time: The work done by a joiner can take time to perfect. Now, if this is in the hands of a professional, imagine how long it will take someone inexperienced before a particular piece of furniture, part or structural element is ready. Hiring a professional joiner prevents the project, however small, from extending indefinitely.

Cost: A DIY may seem cheap at first, but you have to consider all the materials and tools to buy. Also, if something goes wrong, you spend even more money repairing or asking a joiner to fix the problem. That said, we have no doubt that, especially for the most intricate projects, one should not hesitate to hire a joiner. By this, we do not mean that DIY is not recommended. It all depends on what you want to do and who you are going to do. There are amazing DIY projects that promote the recycling and reuse of materials!

Creativity: As noted above, woodworkers must be creative and have fertile ideas. If he devises a unique piece that stands out in a certain space, it is the joiner who must draw and shape it.

4. What to consider before hiring a joiner in Cardiff?

Before you hire a joiner in Cardiff, consider the following questions:

  • For more complex jobs, it is preferable to hire a joiner who already has at least three years of experience ;
  • View the portfolio of more than one joiner before making a decision, and prioritize a professional who has already done work in the area you need (for example, if you are looking for a joiner to make wooden furniture and fittings for the home, so it is advisable to opt for someone who has already done such work);
  • Ask for quotes from more than one workshop to compare what each offers and at what price;
  • Ask questions about used wood and try to know which wood is best for your project and why;
  • Check references left by former customers. If they are positive, you can be more rested;
  • Talk to the joiner about his qualifications and find out if the workshop is technologically up to date;
  • Ask about the payment methods. The most normal is having to pay half at the beginning and half at the end.

5. How can homify help me find a joiner in Cardiff?

If you are looking for a joiner in Cardiff, start your search for homify. Through our website, we aim to let you know what is best in the UK - and in the world! - in terms of housing, construction, decoration and design. In addition, we propose to connect our readers with the right professionals. If, for example, you see a home decor project that fits you, you can contact the professional responsible for that project, whose name will appear in association with the images or in our articles.