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Southside Glazing & Joinery
Southside Glazing and Joinery was established in 1982. We have now been in business for over 30 years giving a professional
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Falegnameria Quaranta S.r.l.s.
Siamo una azienda artigianale con a disposizione le ultime tecnologie per il legno
Falegnameria Grelli
La Falegnameria Grelli è una ditta artigianale a conduzione familiare.Produciamo esclusivamente arredamento su misura in
STOOF`F Interior Projects is specialized in producing interiors and setting up complete projects for business and the private
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Pensiamo a tutto noi perché il tuo tempo è estremamente prezioso! Il servizio che ti offriamo è garantito e coordinato,
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Pühringer GmbH Co KG, Möbellinie
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Frigerio Paolo & C.
Our philosophy is the exploitation of wood, a sustainable raw material, with maual processes that allow us to seize, through
Helm Design by Helm Einrichtung GmbH
Die „Helm Einrichtung GmbH“ wurde im Mai 2004 von Daniel Helm unter dem Namen „Wood Expert“ gegründet. Heute ist die Firma
Falegnamerie Design
Falegnamerie Design realizza mobili e arredamenti su misura con qualità e stile per la vostra casa. Il nostro laboratorio
Tischlerei Charakterstück
Wir die Tischlerei Charakterstück, stehen für individuelle Möbel mit Charakter.  Von der Beratung bis zur Realisierung stehen
Falegnameria Chiatti
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Dal 1974 i Falegnami Ascari di Modena realizzano mobili e arredamento in legno su misura. Specializzati in arredamento per

If you are looking for joiners or woodworking ideas, homify is the right place, but before you continue your research, stay here for a while and find out interesting information about this profession and how to use it well.

Joinery - Work wood with art

Joinery is a very old artisanal work that focuses on the creation of artistic pieces in wood. These pieces are often part or coupled with carpentry pieces, although they may also appear as simply decorative pieces such as wall panels or decorative accessories. The joiner usually works in a workshop, as his craft requires delicacy and some non-portable tools, but sometimes he can also work at the place of assembly of parts to make finishes and fittings.

Joiners and carpenters - what unites them and what separates them

Joiners and carpenters work with wood and often collaborate with each other. There are professionals who do both carpentry and joinery work. It is in the material that the two professions coincide but differ in purpose.

Carpenters are dedicated to the construction of functional and structural parts. Roofs, stairs, pergolas, formwork for construction… These are works of carpenters, in which wood and its derivatives are used.

Joiners focus on the creation of decorative pieces in natural wood, although they can also use their derivatives as support. They are also responsible for creating the unions that connect these pieces.

What does a joiner do in his work?

In his daily life, a joiner goes through several steps to produce the final pieces.

It is important to know them, to give real value to this type of work:

  • Creation and elaboration of the design of the parts to be produced, through sketches or computer programs;
  • Analysis and execution of drawings, instructions or models contained in the projects of other professionals such as interior designers, decorators, architects, or even clients;
  • Working the wood after scratching it according to plan, cutting, sanding and turning notches to create the desired patterns;
  • Assembly and joining of the created parts, joining them, fitting them or securing them with the appropriate methods;
  • Finishing and protection of parts made with paint, varnish or wax;
  • Installation of hardware such as handles, hinges or tacks;
  • Maintenance of work instruments;
  • Specialisation in specific types of jobs such as hoisting, inlays, turning, etc.

Types of work by joiners

Joinery works are in vogue and are moving farther and farther away from that image of worked furniture that was once there. Design evolves and even if you prefer a minimalist work, woodworking can produce the perfect piece for your home.

There are a large number of jobs you can ask your joiner:

  • Decorative panels - inlaid or inlaid produce beautiful decorative panels, with the pattern you want. It's a delicate job and it can be expensive, but it will look exactly the way you want it to;
  • Finishing for staircases and handrails - these are hard work for carpenters. From turning baseboards to polished handrails, there are a plethora of woodwork finishes to give your home more customisation;
  • Boat Parts - Rudder wheels, trim and carvings are some of the pieces that joiners make for the luxury nautical industry;
  • Tables and chairs, sofa legs and armchairs - Joiners specialise in period pieces, but can also create modern designs;
  • Carving - is best known in churches, but decorative carving is perfect in your home. A furniture designer or interior designer can create the right piece for you and then order it from a joiner;
  • Preservation and Restoration of Antique Parts - If a chair is missing a leg or an ornament in a beautiful old Ottoman, you can ask a joiner to make a replacement;
  • Others, according to your imagination. The joiner you choose can help you create the perfect piece for you.

How can I use homify to find perfect ideas and the best joiner

The homify is the ideal platform to search for the best ideas for your home and find the professionals who created them. All you have to do is sign up, start searching and saving images in idea books, and then show the professional you choose. If you are interested in a particular job, click on the professional's name and have all the information you need to contact them and even to request quotes.

If you are a professional, here you will find an ideal partner to grow your business. The homify acts as a showcase for the world where you can showcase your best work and thus raise customers.

Advantages of hiring a joiner from North Lanarkshire

Joinery is craftwork that must be preserved and cherished, so by hiring a joiner from your region, you will be promoting the traditional arts and crafts and the local economy, something dear to those who love their city.

But there is another practical reason for hiring a nearby joiner - the short distance lowers transportation costs. If the order is small, you can go to the workshop and take it home. If there is transportation and assembly at the destination, in principle the work is cheaper.