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Diane Berry Kitchens
Since opening her own Kitchen Studio in 2002, Diane Berry has built up a reputation for an efficient, personal service and
Kitchen Architecture
With showrooms in London, Oxford, and Cheshire, Kitchen Architecture is the largest independent designer of bulthaup kitchens
PTC Kitchens
Our kitchens are manufactured with German quality. The design and installation process is completed with the utmost professionalism
Design Manufaktur GmbH
Wir sind ein Einrichtungsstudio, welches in den Bereichen: Wohnen, Küche, Bad, Objekt und Lichtplanung tätig ist.
Tim Wood Limited
Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, free-standing furniture and architectural interiors are all custom-made and tailored exactly
Fabricación y exposición propia de cocinas. Estudio de cocinas con más de 25 años de experiencia. Mobiliario de cocinas
Séverine Kalensky est la dirigeante depuis 1997 de SK Concept La Cuisine dans le Bain. Spécialiste de l’aménagement d'intérieur
Beer GmbH
Individuelle Küchen und Möbel von der BEER Küchen Manufaktur im Münchner Norden Mit großer Leidenschaft und langjähriger
Raycross Interiors
At Raycross Interiors, we offer our customers a unique service - providing you with the same dedicated member of our experienced
Urban Myth
We design. We manufacture. We import. We create amazing kitchens for both the trade and consumer markets and we have been
CACHO Estudio De Cocinas
Somos una empresa dedicada a la venta y comercialización de muebles de cocina de fabricación Alemana, baños, armarios y
Adornas Kitchens are a Design Studio based in Bangor County Down. We're passionate about designing spaces that are both
Area design interiores
“A cozinha é o coração da casa, é tradição e faz parte das nossas memórias.  É um espaço maravilhoso onde a magia acontece
Teddy Edwards
Kitchen Architecture created Teddy Edwards to provide the very best quality handcrafted, traditional kitchens in the marketplace
Klocke Möbelwerkstätte GmbH
Hersteller von hochwertigen Küchen,- und Badmöbeln, sowie allgemeine Innenausbauten. Planungsteam aus Innenarchitekten und
We are a family run business - Designing, Supplying and Installing Kitchens in the Essex area.  The majority of our business
Línea 3 Cocinas Madrid
Diseños y Decoración de Cocinas con Proyectos Personalizados a cada Cliente. 
Немецкие кухни
Компания "Немецкие кухни" является официальным представителем фабрики Beckermann Kuchen в России. А так же является представителем

Why should I hire a kitchen planner?

We have no doubt that a good architect or interior designer can competently plan a kitchen. However, a kitchen planner has an in-depth knowledge of space and can go further to equip and decorate it.

And what other services do kitchen planner bring anyway? We would highlight the following:

They offer experience and knowledge: just as in other areas of design and architecture, experience and knowledge are crucial here in order to achieve a good result. Professionally planned kitchens offer this experience and are able to create effective solutions at all levels. With the help of one of these professionals, you will discover options you did not even know exist and ensure a kitchen of great aesthetic and functional quality.

They help you choose the style to follow: If you are unsure of the style to follow and what suits your home and your personal taste, the kitchen designer will have the perfect support for a decision. This professional will understand with you the best choices to make and will help you narrow them down so that the project makes sense. This will allow you to follow the style you want while securing the functionality that a space requires.

Optimizing the budget: Hiring a kitchen planner should be seen as an investment that makes you sure that you will miss some mistakes that will save you a lot of money. Lacking knowledge and / or experience, it is normal to make mistakes and easily exceed the budget initially foreseen. The designer will know how to stay within the values discussed and yet design the best kitchen possible. In addition to all this, having a planner work on your kitchen will mean an increase in the total value of the property, which could be good in any eventual sale.

Optimizing project time: If you try to carry out the project at your own risk, it is very likely that, as with the budget, the deadlines set for the project will also be largely exceeded. On the contrary, the designer is used to managing time and deadlines. With the help of one of these expert professionals you can save a lot of the time, you would be looking for inspiration, suppliers, materials that fit your taste, and so on. And believe me, there is so much, so much offer for the kitchen that it is easy to get lost in the midst of what lies ahead, which can result in hasty choices.

What should I consider before hiring a kitchen planner?

Where can I look for a kitchen planner: Nowadays, more and more designers are specializing in kitchens, so it won't be hard to find the one that fits your design idea. You can choose to ask for some support from the store where you plan to purchase the materials/appliances you are going to use in the kitchen, you can ask for references to acquaintances who have already embraced similar projects, or you can just look for the ideal professional online on pages like homify and even speciality magazines. Here, on our platform, we give you the opportunity to know the professional's profile, see the work he has done and get in touch with the office.

Know the portfolio and creativity of the kitchen planner: Before hiring, whatever the professional, it is essential to know his creative abilities. Ideally, when it comes to kitchen planner, you should start by understanding how long the professional has been working in the area, in what areas he has done it, what kind of projects he has done and make sure that he is shown examples of work created. , previously. This will ensure you can hire a creative and competent designer for the project in question.

Recognize the technical and product knowledge of the planner: Given the specificity of the work in question and the area where it will focus (kitchen), it is elementary that the professional involved has extensive technical and product knowledge.

In addition to specific knowledge related to the kitchen space, the planner must have a general knowledge of architecture and construction, in order to be able to bring to the project technical advantages that make the kitchen a modern and practical space. Just as important as technical knowledge is product knowledge, that is, knowledge of products and equipment that will be central to the proper functioning of the kitchen. Knowledge of the most appropriate models and brands of furniture and appliances will be useful not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of ensuring their longevity and budget utilization.

Confirming the professional's experience: As in other areas of work, especially technical and / or artistic, experience is a key factor in evaluating a potential professional to hire. Given the volume of investment that goes into building a kitchen, the experience of the designer will in some way be a guarantee of safety and of work done competently and effectively.

Looking for testimonials from former clients: Any professional works for a client to respond to their problems and meet their needs and wants. Therefore, as a complement to all of the above, there is nothing better than asking/seeking feedback from former clients of the planner in question. This will ensure that, in addition to hiring a planner with a quality portfolio, you are also hiring someone who communicates well with clients and has made a positive impression on the projects you have worked on.

How much does the work of a kitchen planner cost?

It is impossible to give you an exact answer to this question. The price asked by a kitchen planner is determined by a number of factors, which may vary widely: type and size of space, customer's wishes, project location, contractor prestige and so on. What we suggest is that you choose from three to five kitchen planners whose work you enjoy and ask them all for a quote. You should not only ask for a quote because you will have no margin for comparison and you risk missing a better offer.

Types of Kitchen Designers

Designers associated with a brand or store: A designer with a professional association with a particular brand or product store is usually a professional with a deeper knowledge of the products he represents and can, therefore, add value. in certain situations. For example, if you want to renovate your kitchen wiring and lighting, you will have the advantage of hiring a professional associated with a brand or store in the product category you need, as you will find a professional who will not only play the role of planner, but also that of supplier.

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