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LWK London Kitchens
LWK London are a London based kitchen company specialising in the design, supply and installation of luxury German Kitchens
Laura Gompertz Interiors Ltd
Interior designer specialising in bespoke kitchens and bathrooms.Laura works with clients to provide imaginative yet practical
Matthews Unique Kitchens
Matthews Unique Kitchen are a small joiners and cabinet makers based in North London who specialize in making one-off  hand
Kitchen Co-Ordnation
Kitchen Co-Ordination is a London based kitchen Design Studio specialising in Rational - Italian Designed German Built Kitchen
Reeva Design
Reeva Design is a design studio that provides luxury furniture for the home. We pride ourselves on three main principles
Cococucine: London’s home to contemporary Italian designer kitchens. Our kitchens combine functionality, the latest technology
Juric Design is a family owned business with over 12 years of experience in designing and producing premium and contemporary
Form London
Form is passionate about creating beautiful objects and spaces. We are centred on exceeding client expectations and provide
Halcyon Interiors
Halycon Interiors have been creating beautiful contemporary kitchens since 1981 to clients across the UK. We believe the
Just Click Kitchens
Supplying stylish high quality kitchens and fitted bedroom furniture to the UK. From replacement kitchen cabinet doors and
Finch London Ltd
Finch London is a bespoke kitchen and furniture company based in East London.Our small team of skilled craftsmen and designers
Kitchens Continental Ltd
Kitchens Continental is a London based, family run business with over 20 years experience in the kitchens industry. We offer
Relic Interiors kitchens and furniture
Since 2010 we have been designing and building kitchens and furniture using a mixture of reclaimed and new timber. All our
Place Design Kitchens and Interiors
Place Design Kitchens and Interiors is a small bespoke Kitchen and interior design company based in East London. We supply
Kitchen Architecture
With showrooms in London, Oxford, and Cheshire, Kitchen Architecture is the largest independent designer of bulthaup kitchens
The Kitchen Consultancy
At The Kitchen Consultancy, we offer an extensive range of European manufactured kitchen, with a wide choice of styles and
Vogue Kitchens
Specialising in LEICHT Kitchens, Vogue have over 30 years experience within the Kitchen Industry. Visit our LEICHT Kitchen
Ogle luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms
Luxury design studio specialising in kitchens, Bathrooms & Stonework, with a focus in the use of natural stone. Working
The Kitchen Makeover Shop Ltd
We specialise in affordable kitchen renovations by offering a free design service to update your existing kitchen while
ProSpray London Ltd
Refinishing furniture, doors and cabinets is the practical solution for breathing new life back into your existing décor

What do kitchen planners do?

Having a dream kitchen is the desire of many homeowners, especially for the way the space is viewed today. More than a division with a purely utilitarian purpose, people see the kitchen as a sharing and convivial environment. In this sense, it must be well prepared to provide comfort and functionality to those who use it. A kitchen planner is able to turn the dream into reality and intervene in space in many ways: it can be a simple remodelling, a root building or the repair of structural problems. The designer will help you plan the kitchen layout, choose the materials, furniture, colours, patterns and will take into account details that seem irrelevant but make all the difference, such as the location of outlets or incorporation of new technologies.

Why should I hire a kitchen planner?

A kitchen can also be designed by an architect or interior designer, but choosing a kitchen planner is choosing someone who knows this room like no one else, and is already used to dealing with setbacks and finding cunning solutions to get around them.

What specific reasons justify using the service of a kitchen planner?

We would highlight the following:

    · Kitchen planners cooperate and coordinate teams that integrate the professionals needed for the project. This frees you from the hassle of having to recruit the people you need and worrying about their reliability;

    · A planner will help you choose the best materials for the space. Not everything we like is best for the division, for several reasons. Be open to suggestions and rely on professional experience. Remember, too, that betting on expensive, better quality material can avoid problems in the future;

    Having someone in charge of all the planning is a huge asset. Managing teams, keeping to deadlines, dealing with unforeseen events, choosing materials and accessories and controlling the budget are almost always extra sand for those who are not experts in the field;

    · A planner, from whatever area, can see beyond the obvious and come up with unexpected proposals that make kitchens special. Experience is crucial in making this happen;

    · Kitchen planners are excellent allies for making custom projects. If you idealise a space with some specificities, you have the right person to help you achieve your desire;

    · These professionals are prepared for whatever comes and goes. Hiring them does not mean that everything will go perfectly, but that you can count on someone who knows how to handle the unforeseen, without delaying the work too much and spending more than expected;

    · Planners know how to optimise budgets, that is, do more with them than expected. In addition, they have a comprehensive knowledge of material types and prices and can bring surprising and creative solutions to the table;

    · The kitchen is a division that combines electrical installations with plumbing, ventilation systems and, often, gas. Each of these elements must function correctly and coexist in the same space. Let a professional handle it and ensure the safety of your family.

How to choose a kitchen planner?

Before hiring a kitchen planner, consider the following questions:

    · Find out if the planner is qualified as such. Do not expect to find a degree in Kitchen Design because this course does not exist. However, the planner can and should have certifications or have short courses in the curriculum that make him able to develop this activity with mastery;

    · Reflect on the degree of involvement you want to have in the project. There are those who insist on following each step, but there are also those who prefer to delegate the task, entrusting it to the professional in its entirety. We would say that, as the kitchen should fit your needs and purposes, it is appropriate to make your ideas clear and to go along with the planner through each step;

    · Set the budget at the outset because you need to know if the planner can work within the value presented. Set a spending ceiling and stand firm against it;

    · References are important. Try to get feedback from former customers. You may find it on the Design offices Facebook pages ;

    · It is advisable to work with a planner who is aware of deadlines and works with the utmost rigour to meet them. The project may vary in complexity, but set with the planner a time frame that seems reasonable to both;

    Carefully review the planner’s portfolio and hire someone who shares your style and vision.

Are there kitchen planners in London? How to find them?

If there is a city where there will be no shortage of offers in this area, this city is London. However, prices are likely to be somewhat inflated compared to smaller cities.

You can start your search through homify. If you are a frequent reader, then you know that we have thousands of projects carried out by professionals from all over the country. In addition to being able to know about these projects, it is also possible to access the contacts of these professionals, their addresses and even their Facebook pages and websites: all in one platform.

In addition to homify, use the internet, architectural, home decor or speciality magazines (kitchens), shops selling lines, accessories and kitchenware and ask for suggestions from those close to you.

In any case, favour planners in your city, to save money on travel and to work directly with a person who already knows the local reality (the suppliers, the most competitive prices, the materials in the region that are therefore cheaper, Among other things).

How much does it cost to renovate the kitchen?

There is one thing to keep in mind: The kitchen is the most expensive division of the house, but the price of a remodel varies widely, depending on a number of factors.

A deep work can cost an average of £3500, but if the work only changes some elements - new cabinets or painting, for example - the price will be around £1600.

Note, however, that a very good kitchen with excellent finishes and appliances can reach

We suggest that you ask for various budgets to make a comparison and support your decision on a reasonable value for money proposal.

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