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Spitzhüttl Home Company
Spitzhüttl Home Company in Neubrunn bei Würzburg ist ein familiengeführtes Möbelhaus. Mit unserer jahrzehntelangen Erfahrung
ADN Furniture
A empresa ADN Furniture esboça, desenha em 3d e produz mobiliário por medida. A empresa conta com uma equipa de design de
Toren Cocinas
Somos una empresa conformada de un equipo de personas, que de manera conjunta diseñamos y estructuramos espacios funcionales
Desenho Branco
A Desenho Branco desenvolve projectos de Design e é especialista nos ambientes de cozinha. O trabalho que desenvolve destina-se
DIONI Home Design
A DIONI Home Design está no Av.João XXI 12  em Lisboa para o ajudar a concretizar o seu espaço de sonho. Com o nosso know
Casa Interior
We deliberately want to make a difference in the kitchen industry centered on you and your family – That is our aim and
Specializzati in soluzioni di arredo salvaspazio e nella creazione di cucine moderne di piccole dimensioni anche
Kouch & Boulé
Empresa especializada en Reformas Integrales y Parciales y en el Mobiliario de Cocina Alemán de alta calidad.
Be One Mobiliario
Somos una empresa mexicana enfocada en la creación y rediseño de espacios para vivir o trabajar. Somos fabricantes de mobiliario
Marchi Cucine - Dialma Brown MX
Muebles y cocinas con diseño y fabricación italiana en madera sólida.
MODE ARQUITECTOS SAS es una empresa de arquitectos jóvenes de la UNIVERSIDAD PILOTO DE COLOMBIA, con experiencia en el campo
Design Manufaktur GmbH
Wir sind ein Einrichtungsstudio, welches in den Bereichen: Wohnen, Küche, Bad, Objekt und Lichtplanung tätig ist.
Diane Berry Kitchens
Since opening her own Kitchen Studio in 2002, Diane Berry has built up a reputation for an efficient, personal service and
Fabricación y exposición propia de cocinas. Estudio de cocinas con más de 25 años de experiencia. Mobiliario de cocinas
Beer GmbH
Individuelle Küchen und Möbel von der BEER Küchen Manufaktur im Münchner Norden Mit großer Leidenschaft und langjähriger
Raycross Interiors
At Raycross Interiors, we offer our customers a unique service - providing you with the same dedicated member of our experienced
Séverine Kalensky est la dirigeante depuis 1997 de SK Concept La Cuisine dans le Bain. Spécialiste de l’aménagement d'intérieur
CACHO Estudio De Cocinas
Somos una empresa dedicada a la venta y comercialización de muebles de cocina de fabricación Alemana, baños, armarios y
Designer Kitchen by Morgan
Designer Kitchen by Morgan is a multi-award winning kitchen design and build practice specialising in all aspects of bespoke
Willow Tree Interiors
We take our inspiration from the design and details of your home, whether you want to keep the style you currently have

To renovate my kitchen, do I need to hire a Kitchen Planner?

Yes, we advise you to enlist the help of a professional. There are some renovation works that, if desired, do not require the services of a Designer. However, the kitchen is the room in the house that has the most technical implications and specifications that only a professional can help us. Remodelling this space usually requires electrical, plumbing, ventilation and gas installations. A mistake in the design of this division can become quite expensive and dangerous, so entrust this division to a competent professional!

What Does a Kitchen Planner Do?

A Kitchen Planner is an Interior Designer who specialises in this space of the house and will be the greatest ally in renovating your kitchen. This work requires a very high degree of technical knowledge as well as materials, coatings and floors that are suitable for moist and sensitive spaces.

Renovating a kitchen also requires the work of other professionals such as plumbers, floor installers, electricians, tilers, cabinetmakers and painters, depending on what you want to change in your remodelling! Have you ever imagined supervising so much labor? Another solution would be to hire a builder or contractor, who would be in charge of the work. The end result of your kitchen could even be quite functional and a contractor knows better than anyone what the sturdiest material for your worktop is, but it is the planner who will ensure you combine all materials, creating a functional environment. and aesthetically harmonious!

Where Can I Find Kitchen Planners in Wigan?

Wigan is a very central and populous municipality and for this reason, it will not be difficult to find a Kitchen Planner. Check out some suggestions to get started with the process:

  • Friends, family, acquaintances

Start by asking people around you if they have contacts from Kitchen Designers! Friends and family can meet someone who can help you. Also ask in your area of residence and in the commercial spaces you often go to.

  • Internet searches

Use search engines and analyse the results that will come to you. See your portfolios, this will help you find the professional you most relate to!

  • Social networks

Ask for Kitchen Designers referrals in their networks, on different social networks and platforms. The answer may lie in those who least expect it!

  • homify

You can also do your research here at homify, start by exploring Kitchen Planner in Wigan. Browse your projects, follow the ones you like best. If it's convenient for you, quickly create a homify account and contact Kitchen Designers right here!

Can I hire a non-Wigan Kitchen Designer?

Yes, you can hire a Kitchen Designer outside Wigan. We even advise you to ask for more than one budget and from different areas, however, you should consider the surrounding areas as it can make the whole process easier. In the end, be aware that awarding the work to a Wigan professional will bring you some advantages, such as:

  • Travel may be more frequent and cheaper;
  • This professional will have supplier contacts near Wigan, which can speed up construction time;
  • Knowledge of the typical construction and resistance of materials to the climate of Wigan;
  • Contacts at Wigan City Council and other social and regulatory entities in the area.

What should I do before moving on to hiring a Kitchen Designer?

  • Gather the information you need to pass on to the Designer.

Make sure you provide all the necessary information for this renewal. That is, the kitchen plan, your needs, your likes and dislikes (it's also important to avoid surprises).

  • Ask for quotes

We advise you to ask for 2 to 3 quotes. Study them, not just the price difference, but essentially what each proposal includes and excludes.

  • Meet the Responsible Kitchen Planner

You must have a good relationship with the professional who will accompany you in this change of your home. You must base your decision, not only on the best budget but also on the professional you identify with most!

  • Set deadlines

Set, together with the professional, reasonable time to complete the work. Consider the depth of the work and what it entails. Is it a work in depth? Are they going to break walls and change the plumbing? Or is it a painting of cabinets and minor changes?

How much does it cost to renovate the kitchen? Is this renovation more expensive with a Kitchen Designer?

It is not necessarily more expensive with the monitoring of a professional in this field. Keep in mind that the kitchen is the most expensive home remodelling room. Essentially for ventilation, gas, electricity and water, plus the price of appliances. Awarding the work to a professional only - rather than hiring plumbers, electricians, etc. - is simpler and possibly somewhat equivalent in pricing. Note that a Kitchen Designer has its suppliers who are likely to offer you lower prices compared to the sale values to the public. This way, you will only gain - in less hassle and equivalent prices - by hiring a Kitchen Planner to be responsible for the work.