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Green Point Garden Design
Green Point Garden Design is a garden design business based in Bristol run by qualified horticulturalist & garden designer
Founded in 2003, Jardíssimo offers a wide range of services in the areas of landscaping and engineering, including garden
Boceto Arquitectos Paisajistas
Boceto AP es un estudio de arquitectura de paisaje fundado en 2009. Nuestro compromiso es diseñar y crear espacios exteriores
Vertical Garden - Jardim Vertical e Paisagismo Corporativo
For more than a decade Vertical Garden has been offering the best and most up to date vertical garden solutions. We specialize
Hace más de 25 años que nos dedicamos a la jardinería, realizando proyectos y diseños de paisajismo para satisfacer
Arquitectura Vegetal SL
Arquitectura Vegetal es una empresa cuya actividad principal es la Jardinería y el diseño de jardines exclusivos así como
Jardinería y Paisajismo. Diseño y creación de fuentes de agua, arroyos y cascadas.
Araiza Pérez David  APD  Arquitectura   Paisaje Diseño
Ofrecemos soluciones completas de paisajismo desde el diseño hasta la construcción. Consideramos el clima, uso de agua,
Estudio de paisajismo e interiorismo vegetal con base en Barcelona. Dirigidos a plantear, dirigir y ejecutar proyectos de
MJ Landscapes
We are a landscaping business based in the market town of Tenbury Wells, servicing the surrounding areas. With a wealth
Director:Ian Jackson BA(Hons)LA, Dip LA, CMLI Experienced Chartered Landscape Architect holding an honours degree and post
ARCADIA GARDEN Landscape Studio
Фирменный «почерк» нашей компании выражается в непохожести и разноплановости стилевых решений каждого нового сада. Только
Verde Lavanda
Verde Lavanda es una empresa conformada por profesionales amantes de la naturaleza y la jardinería.   Buscamos
Studio B architektura krajobrazu Bogumiła Bulga
W ramach projektu wykonuję szereg analiz, w tym inwentaryzację dendrologiczną, analizę gleby, cieków wodnych i inne, aby
Munder und Erzepky Landschaftsarchitekten
ENTWERFEN PLANEN BAUEN Mit einem Faible für alles Schöne und Großartige gehen wir an jeden Entwurf, immer bereit einen neuen
Tukang taman dan Jasa tukang taman , jasa pembuatan taman tukang | renovasi taman | taman depan rumah | taman belakang rumah
Pracownia Projektowa Architektury Krajobrazu Januszówka
Pracownia architektury Januszówka działa na lokalnym i ogólnokrajowym rynku od 2001 roku. Założyciele Przemysław Janusz
ON Tasarım LLC is the company established in 2007 by Dr. Oktan Nalbantoğlu has been carrying on wide range of project works

Why is it better to hire a Bristol Landscape Architect?

Working with a professional in your area (in this case, Bristol) means you are in contact with an expert who can introduce you to others in the industry, such as Gardeners, Interior Designers, and many more. This is because many professionals in the design / construction industry network with one another.

In addition, working with a local also means:

·         Lower travel expenses for all parties

·         Paying less on transporting materials for your project (i.e. bricks for your landscaping pathways)

·         Benefitting from the Landscape Architect’s knowledge on the local trends and styles, relevant building regulations, plus the applicable authority’s planning regulations.

How much will a Bristol Landscape Architect cost?

There is a growing popularity for indoor outdoor living, which means more and more homeowners are searching for ways to style up their gardens and yards to produce striking exterior spaces perfect for entertaining, socialising and relaxing. But landscaping prices can vary greatly depending on your needs.

Professional Landscape Architects can arrive and renovate your entire garden or simply lay down a new garden path, erect a pergola, and call it a day. And don't forget that your choice of materials and finishes, the experience and reputation of the professional you use, as well as your location can all impact the final price (technically, professionals in bigger cities like London charge a bit more, although it all comes down to wants and needs at the end of the day).

For a full-scale project that includes a design team and landscaping crew, don't expect to pay below £7,000, even for small garden designs. Of course if you don't have a few thousand pounds to play with, you can always break your landscaping project down into separate phases in order to cut costs, or opt to DIY some tasks yourself.

Some average landscaping components and prices in the UK include:

·         Laying a patio on an already flat area should average about £800 for a 4m x 2m area.

·         Pulling up a patio and replacing it with lawn can cost about £500 for a 4m x 2m area.

·         Creating two raised vegetable beds with a total size of 4m x 1.5m  (as homegrown veggies are all the rage right now) can cost between £200 and £700, depending on your location and quality of materials.

·         Rockeries is another trendy option, for which you can expect to pay about £350 for a small design (which should include all the plants and rocks)

·         Building a small garden pond (about 1.5m in diameter) can come to £400 - £800 including digging, lining and filling.

What must I ask a Landscape Architect before hiring them? 

1.    Are you fully insured? It’s important that anyone doing work in or around your home (especially when they’re going to be working with machinery and moving heavy plants and trees around) are insured.

2.    How long have you been in the landscaping business? Ensure the professional has the experience, manpower, and skill to take on your project.

3.    Do you have industry specialists on staff? You want to make sure your Landscape Architect’s team have the necessary knowledge and experts when it comes to special instructions, like an arborist dealing with trees.

4.    Do you have a specific style you specialise in? While most Landscape Architects have no problem working on numerous styles, some choose to specialise in certain designs (i.e. modern, rustic). Make sure the candidate you’re interviewing knows what you want and that they are able to give it to you.

5.    Will you proceed with the project until completion? Chances are you won’t be the landscaping firm’s only customer. Before any work is started, get a clear timetable which details when the various phases of the project will be completed.

6.    Can you provide a drawing / design of your plans for my project? A drawing or sketch of what the professional envisions for your project is the best way to ensure you are both on the same page. Just keep in mind an additional fee may be charged for this.

7.    What is your guarantee? Always enquire about separate warranties for plants, pavers and wall installations. Most companies guarantee their work for at least two years.

8.    What installation processes will you use? It should be easy for the Landscape Architect to break this down into separate categories: how they are going to build your project, what materials they will use, and what equipment they will bring along.

How can I find the right professional Landscape Architect in Bristol?

homify assists in your search for the perfect Landscape Architect in Bristol via our generous selection of professionals. The fact that our lists also include additional data on each expert (such as location, portfolio, contact details, customer reviews, etc.) makes homify the more preferred method of finding the right professional compared to word-of-mouth referrals.

To see which Landscape Architects are available in Bristol, simply click on ‘Bristol’ in our selection of locations/cities at the bottom of the ‘Landscape Architects’ page. Alternatively, type in ‘Bristol’ in the ‘search’ bar.

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