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Today every business needs to be on the Internet if they want to gain visibility among potential customers. That’s why most physical stores also have an online shop where you can place orders. A step further gives you the stores that are exclusively online, which do not have a traditional store front but are always able to be accessed on the Internet.

What advantages does an online store have? 

- Attracting many potential customers: an online crosses borders and can reach anyone on the Internet.

- The ease of buying online is much simpler and includes delivery so the customer avoids having to carry the product home, especially if it is heavy.

What does an online store have to do to succeed? 

- Know how put yourself in the search engines. When you don’t have a store front at street level, google becomes your window to the outside. Making sure you show up on the first pages of the search engines will improve the ability of potential customers to access your website. 

- A good catalogue that is accessible and easy to navigate. Customers cannot see your products directly, so you need a catalogue that is easy to access and displays all the information necessary for your customer to get a very accurate idea of what you’re selling. Also, the higher the quality of your photos, the more professional you seem. 

- Good customer service. When buying blindly, you may find yourself with something unexpected and need to make a return. Good customer service that will ensure a fast and flexible response is crucial to the success of your company.

What do clients value when buying online? 

- More product diversity and more stock. 

- A product description that includes a section of reviews from other users so that they can know how the product they are considering has worked out for other customers. 

- The ease of comparing products to other brands and models. 

- Comfort and speed: shopping is much faster and less stressful. 

- Accessibility: with the exception of customer service, the catalogue is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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