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Decor Group
Decor Group mette al servizio di imprese, studi di architettura e professionisti nel settore interior design serietà, competenza
Pintura de Cuadros para tu hogar
Hola que tal Ofrezco Cuadros, pinturas, se manejan diferentes técnicas óleo, acrílico, marmolina, texturas, acuarelas,
Paulo AFonso
Temos perfeita noção da situação económica, actual, do nosso país. Por isso, temos sempre a solução adequada e com a máxima
Edil Finiture & Colori s.a.s.
Operanti nel settore dell'edilizia pubblica e privata, siamo specializzati nella Pitturazione, Decorazioni d'interni ed
Murales Divinos
Somos una empresa especializada en decoración y pintura. Contamos con más de 20 años de experiencia en asesoramiento y aplicación
Malerbetrieb Maleroy
Dekorative Innenraum Gestaltung mit Unikatwänden   Stucco Veneziano + Betonoptik + fugenlose Beschichtungen mit Marmorputz
Básico Veneciano,Arte Decorativo
"Básico Veneciano,Arte Decorativo", is the result of over twenty years in the world of High Decoration coverings Los Dorados
Schoo GmbH
Maler Schoo in Dormagen - Ihr Malerfachbetrieb für Qualitätsbewusste Schoo GmbH in Dormagen ist Ihr kompetenter Malerfachbetrieb
sedef boya ve cila sanayi
Jakob Messerschmidt GmbH - Malerfachbetrieb
Wir sind ein mittelständischer Malerbetrieb im Hochtaunuskreis und beschäftigen uns schon seit über 67 Jahren mit dem Schwerpunkt
Clean Pinturas
Olá, seja bem-vindo! Meu nome é Cleber.Sou pintor profissional com ótimas referencias em carteira de trabalho atuando hora
MasQuePintura es una empresa de pintura, decoración y reformas, trabajamos de forma profesional, impecable y a un precio
상업미술을 하는 페인팅 전문업체입니다. 뮤지엄, 상업공간은 물론,  페인팅이 필요한 모든 공간이 저희의 작업영역입니다.
DraDog Werkstätten Berlin
Künstlerisch- handwerklicher Fachbetrieb für Oberflächengestaltung und Wandunikate, hochwertige Maler und Lackierarbeiten
Now it is popular to use Japanese woods in Tokyo Olympic , We make and sale Natural Oil Finish to use for wood , in and
Beschichtungstechnik, Dekorations- und Illusionsmalerei, Holzimitation, Anstreicherarbeiten, Fassaden, Stuckarbeiten
Painter Of Distinction
Mission:To provide first class finishes using both traditional & modern methods, at prices that are competitive with the
Cicerone Neamu | INTERIOR
Herzlich Willkommen bei Cicerone Neamu | INTERIOR  20 Jahre Berufserfahrung, internationale Arbeiten für Kunden, unter anderem
Dorénavant je ne suis plus peintre en bâtiment, ma société est radiée depuis 2018, cependant j'en ai profité pour officialiser

What types of painters are there in Bradford?

There are basically three types of professional painters on the market:

  • Artistic painters - work on canvas or even on walls to create unique works of art. If you think these professionals only work in their studios, look better. There are professional artistic painters who are dedicated to producing murals and frescoes on the walls and ceilings of houses!
  • Maintenance painters - they are the best-known professionals on the market and let's face it, we all end up playing their part, especially indoors. These painters are dedicated to maintaining already painted surfaces, whether for a complete painting or just a coat of paint, to refresh the image of the coating.
  • Construction painters - are the most sought after professionals in the market, dedicated to the coating of buildings at the time of construction, but also to subsequent maintenance. These painters need specific training, particularly in the use of equipment and the safety of work at heights.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Painter

Although almost everyone has been a wall painter at one time or another in our lives, the cheap option can be quite expensive. A painting is a relatively simple job, but subject to many mistakes, which can be quite expensive, as well as unsightly.

Hiring professional painters has some advantages:

  • They know how to prepare surfaces and do not try to skip this step;
  • At present, most painters already have the necessary covers to protect the various areas to intervene and know how to prepare the sites, such as applying tapes to baseboards and sockets. But, this work can also be done by the client, so contract if the responsibility is to fall on the professional;
  • They know how to choose the most suitable inks and know the techniques for applying them;
  • Do care finishes;
  • They know how to apply techniques to create effects and textures, which sometimes give ruinous results when tempted by amateurs.

How can I save money by hiring a painter?

The amounts charged by these professionals are fairly homogeneous across the country, but there are ways to save on hiring a painter without having to go for DIY painting:

  • Ask for more than one budget (at least three) - only then can you have a comparison and the possibility to choose the cheapest one;
  • Enjoy quality inks on sale - just hire the paint application and take advantage of speciality store promotions. The same applies to colours on sale. Choosing one colour over another can help you achieve desirable savings if you have flexibility;
  • Prepare the spaces to paint - this advice is very important for work on time, but also helps you save money by preventing any damage to your furniture;
  • Avoid prolonged wear on the surfaces to be painted - obviously, a paint job is expensive and we don't always have the capital to do it right away, but avoid letting the surfaces go bad as this will make the work more expensive;
  • Opt for a contract - it will save you money on delays and bad work. Establish in contract what will be done, the deadlines, the suppliers, the existence of insurance, the compliance with the occupational safety and hygiene rules, the values and other specifications that you need to see well established.

How can I find the right professional in Bradford?

Once you have reached this page, continue here. If you didn't find what you needed here, on the Bradford page, try Leeds or Manchester for example. In regions with good access and short distances, price differences will not be very significant.

For more coverage, also look for professionals and recommendations through social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or even Instagram. Online forums are also very helpful in getting contacts and feedback on the work of professionals.

Following the usual method of listening to friends and family may be an option, but care must be taken with personal sympathies and recommendations as they can lead to unpleasant experiences.

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