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What do plumbers do?

A plumber can be a life saver when you are having water related problems in your home. Their skills are invaluable if you do not know what you are doing! A plumber can solve anything from toilet related issues to water heating problems and you will often be very grateful you called them! Along with water, plumbers are also responsible for solving all other bathroom, kitchen and drainage related problems. An experienced plumber can solve your sticky situations in a quick time, so you won’t have to deal with any reparation costs in the future. If you are building your home from scratch then you will find that a plumber is required to set up the water systems in your bathroom, kitchen and also any external drainage options too. If you intend on having a spa, then a Jacuzzi should be set up by a plumber too.

Plumbers are well educated to prevent blocked toilets, blocked sinks, blocked pipes and blocked drains, so if you’re having problems, do not hesitate to enlist their help!

It is extremely important to make sure that your plumbing is done professionally to ensure you do not have leaks or, worst case, your whole home flooded. If you are having to deal with an old construction, then you need to be very careful about pipes which can easily burst, so consult your plumber before any work begins. If you have an especially difficult case, then your plumber might have to change the entire pipe or a part of the pipe, this can be expensive but is definitely worth finding out in advance and even asking for a quote! Something else which is important to take into consideration is whether you are in an area which is prone to flooding as you will find that having a reliable plumber is extremely useful. They are the best people to contact when it comes to making you’re your home has sufficient drainage!

You will also need to reach out to a plumbing service in order to fix your water heaters or geysers. A plumber is the most important person for this process as they will be able to connect the main line with the heated water line for supplying water in your home. They also assure that the kitchen gets both supplies of water, including fresh drinking water and utility water. Their job is not a simple one often so it is worth taking everything into consideration before you begin designing your own home and making sure you can afford their work too!

To make sure that you know you are going to be getting a great value for money, it is always worth making sure you stick with the same plumber, once you find someone who you trust, keep them on speed dial!

How do I find a high quality plumber? 

You may find that it is sometimes very hard to come across a high quality plumber just by using conventional methods such as asking around. However, word of mouth is a great tool, especially if you live in a smaller town, so make sure you do ask friends and family who they would recommend. Another great idea is to speak to neighbours and ask around to help you find the best agencies for plumbing services. Remember to look out for someone who is of a high quality, this means they should have a lot of experience, be highly trained and be able to fix the problems which you have! Another great place to search for a plumber is online. Remember to do your research and read as many reviews as you can before the process begins. You will be able to use homify’s filter system in order to make sure you find someone who is in your area, who has great reviews and also a Facebook profile which you can easily check out!

What do I need to look out for when hiring a plumber? 

There are many things to take into consideration before you hire a plumber. For example, finding out how much experience they have is very important. You should also make sure that they are qualified and have the right certificates to be working on a build like your own. They should have knowledge of the homes in your area and should be able to sort out your problems, as they will have seen them before. You should try and check reviews and cross check past experiences by speaking to previous customers if possible. It is unwise to hire anyone who doesn’t give you references. Remember to ask around and make sure that you have found a plumber who is locally recommended.

However, another tool which is brilliant for finding someone reliable is the internet – you should do your research and check out the plumbers here on homify! This way you will be able to read their reviews, find all of their contact details and even check out their Facebook profiles in advance. This can save you a lot of time in the long run!

How much will a plumber cost? 

The answer to this is dependent on many factors such as where in the country you live, as well as how much work you need doing, you will find that the cost of a plumber can significantly vary. Often their pay will also vary on their experience and qualifications. Make sure you know where to hire a plumber for the best money satisfaction. For example, if you are calling a plumber from a well-established service agency then you will find that they are likely to charge you a higher price. It is worth getting to know local freelance plumbers in your area who you can rely on and only reaching out to services when you find you have an emergency and no other choice. A local is more likely to do a great job, know the home layout and help you quickly and easily for a good price. You will find that with plumbing, you may feel that your problem is small but could learn that there is a lot more work needed to be done, so always keep your budget in mind and speak to anyone you intend on hiring before any money is handed over to make sure a contract which is fair has been reached!

How can I keep the costs down when hiring a plumber? 

There are many different things which should be taken into account before hiring a plumber. If you need your plumber urgently and do not call them in advance, then you will find that their prices may be more expensive. However, if you make sure to book them well in advance, then they are likely to be able to accommodate you and charge you less. Make sure you know how much work you need your plumber to do before they arrive, if you need them to install appliances, then this may not cost too much, however, if you need a new pipe installed then this can be a lot more expensive! It is definitely worth trying to negotiate with your plumber, for example, if you find that you have a job which may take a few days, then it is wise to speak to them about the possibility of working on daily rates, rather than hourly!

What other professionals do I need for my home? 

If you are building your home from scratch or have a lot of renovation work to get done, then you will find that a professional is the best way to make sure you do not need to pay for reparations in the future! A professional is the best way to make sure you do not have any DIY problems! With homify you will be able to find many different professionals from painters to architects who are able to help make your home build an easier task! With the filter features, you will be able to find people who are close to you, check their Facebook profiles, read their reviews and even check out their previous work. Below are some of the many professionals you should research before you begin your home build.


Many people believe that they are able to do the work of a painter themselves. And, although this may be true, choosing to work with a professional has many benefits from the overall finish of a room to the amount of coats your walls will have. Painters are often required throughout the building process and are extremely useful when you are through with any electrical, plumbing or refurbishing work.


Your electrician should be someone you trust, they should have great reviews and you should make sure that they are there to do all the work you need – rather than doing it yourself! They knowledge is imperative for constructing a new home as nothing can be done without having safe electrical lines in your build. An electrician makes sure that your house is properly equipped with the correct wiring and that your house is free of short circuits or any accidents waiting to happen!


A joiner is a professional who is able to give a home a much better look. They can create neater walls and make sure your electrics and plumbing are not showing. You may really appreciate this when it comes to having a beautiful finish for your dream home. A good joiner may also be able to add storage areas that make your house comfortable! You may also find that a joiner is able to create beautiful custom pieces for your home from wood!