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When do I need a roofer?

The work of a roofer is a highly skilled job so if you feel that your roof has been seriously damaged, or if you need a roof for a home which you are building, then you will need to hire a professional.

If you intend on replacing your whole roof, then you may be faced with a very expensive process and so it is worth getting quotes from many different professionals before you choose who should do the work.

Although you may believe your roof has serious damage, you may be able to just repair it rather than replace it. Roof repairs will often save you a lot of money. There are many roofers who can help you with this process. If your roof was properly installed less than twenty years ago, then you should easily be able to find someone who can repair it. 

What do roofers actually do?

A roofer specialises in roof construction and applies materials which are water and weatherproof to buildings. They will apply these to beams, rafters and trusses, which are the bases which the roof is built on. It is essential that a roofer has training and experience before they begin working as the job can be extremely tricky. Another skill which is essential for a roofer is carpentry as they will be working with expensive materials daily.

A roofer makes sure that your roof is stable and secure so that you can live in your home safely! They will make sure that everything is water and weatherproof meaning that it won’t get damaged easily.

What different type of roofers exist?

There are many different types of roofers that exist and so finding the right person for your roofing jobs is essential so that you can be sure your roof is in the right hands and will be secure! Doing your research and making sure you have the right person for the job is essential. If you have hired a home builder or architect then they may be able to help you with finding someone who is reliable, experienced and efficient in roofing. 

Shinglers i 

Roof shingles work by overlapping elements. A shingler has the difficult job of making sure these typically flat, rectangular shapes all overlap correctly with the joints below. The shingles can be made of many different materials and so choosing the right material is essential. Finding someone who is good at fitting shingles should not be hard in Europe as this is a popular roof style.

Metal roofers  

If you choose a metal roof then it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages. For example, although they are very durable in cold weather, you may find that it is likely they will rust easily. Metal roofers will have to include an insulation layer and install edging before adding metal panels. This work can be extremely difficult and often dangerous so it is worth finding someone who is experienced and checking out their previous work too.

Flat roofers / single-ply  

A flat roof is often used when there is little rain in the area and the climate allows for you to be able to use it to sit out. Flat roofing allows you to use the space for living but not for draining water. Tar is often used for a flat roof and the process flat roofers use is to create a membrane, make the area waterproof and then they begin adding the roof. Single-ply is an alternative form of roofing as it uses synthetic material in a flexible sheet or liquid form.

Hot roofers in Putney

Hot roofing is a process in which tar is laid to create a flat roof. The process can be very difficult and also quite dangerous, so making sure that your roofer has experience in this is essential.

Which materials should I consider for my roof?

When you first choose the roofing materials at you need it is highly important to keep in mind the weather and other issues in your area. Consulting with someone who has experience in roofs is the best way to know which materials are best for your home. There are many different options which can get quite confusing for a first time home builder and roofing supplies can be very expensive if you make the wrong decision! 

Taking into account your local area is also important, for example if you live close to many trees then options such as wood and asphalt shingles may not be the best idea as they are not the most fire resistant. Depending on your budget, you may consider options such as metal, tile or slate or lead roofing but some of these are not cheap. However, they may be a very worthwhile investment if you are worried about fires!

Deciding what matters to you most when it comes to roofing is important. Buying your materials is a huge investment and so make sure you don't make any huge mistakes!

How do I find the right roofer for my home project in Putney?

As many people in the home building industry in Putney know each other, it pays to ask around and find some suggestions of roofers before you start using other methods of finding someone. Make sure you have a few prospects before making a choice so that you can contact all of them and find out who is a better fit for you. It is worth making sure that each roofer you speak to has at least five years of experience too!

Make sure you ask about their previous work in Putney and check out some of these examples, speaking to previous clients is also a great idea. Having in mind your availability and checking that your prospective roofer can also work when you need them is important too.

Remember to ask as many questions as possible to your roofer and their past clients such as; how long do they expect the work to last? Did the job stick within the budget provided? 

Once you have chosen your roofer, it is worth making sure that you both have a contract in writing, consisting of expectations and budget so that both of you are happy.

What do I need to look out for when choosing a roofer?

The most important thing to look out for when choosing your roofer is how many years of experience they have had. Bad roofers will not last in the industry and so the amount of time they have spent doing their job will give you a good idea of the quality of their work.

Making sure your roofer is covered by insurance and that your roof will have a long warranty is also extremely important in the long run. Seeing the paperwork for both is essential. Having a warranty which covers leaks and other labour defaults is a good way to make sure that you know you are not working with a scammer. 

Another important thing to look out for with roofers is that they have good references which they are willing to provide. If anyone is unwilling to give you references or scorns the fact that you asked for them, it is often wise not to work with them. There is usually a reason people do not want you to talk to their past clients!

How much will a roofer cost in Putney?

Knowing how much your roofer is likely to cost before you decide to work with them is essential. Asking many questions about whether they charge by how much the workload is, per hour or per day is essential. Having a detailed estimate of how much the work will cost overall is a good way to make sure that everything is done correctly and no one is left unhappy. It is also well worth including costs of different processes in your contract such as removing the old roof and adding the new roof but also anything that could come up in the process.

How can I keep the costs low when working with a roofer in Putney?

When choosing the right roofer in Putney it is essential that you do not insult them by trying to get away with not paying them what their work is worth. If you do not pay the required amount then it is unlikely that you will receive the best treatment. Therefore, making sure you are both happy with money is essential. 

Beware of scams and shoddy work. If something sounds too good to be true then it most likely is and you should be extremely wary of this. Making sure you speak to references and check out previous work is a way to avoid this. And remember never to hire the first roofer you meet!

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

When you are first building a home in Putney, there are many steps which are essential to make sure you are happy with the finished product. However, if you have no experience then remembering and dealing with each step can be a nightmare without the help of a professional. With homify you will be able to find many people who are local roofers in Putney easily so you can check as many people as you would like!

Architects in Putney

An architect works on the overall structure and functionality of a building. They make sure that the finished product is both safe and aesthetically pleasing. Architects have to spend a lot of their time training before they are allowed to call themselves and architect. The qualifications are extremely tough to procure so you will find that their work is not cheap. However, if you require planning permission then they are definitely the best people to help!

Interior Architects in Putney

The work of an interior architect is completely different to that of an architect. They do not work on the overall structure of a home but instead change the feeling and atmosphere of a room from the inside whether this is through fittings, lighting or even storage.

Joiners in Putney

joiner often produces pieces such as interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs and tables. They may even produce cabinets, bookshelves and furniture to your specifications. Their work is unlike a carpenter as they are more of an artisan and work on decorative pieces rather than fittings in a house.