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Cozzi Stefano Artigiano Edile Piastrellista
Artigiano Edile-Piastrellista qualificato e con esperienza esegue piccole ristrutturazioni, pavimenti, rivestimenti interni
 Elmar Franke Fliesenlegermeisterbetrieb e.K.
Die unendlichen Möglichkeiten mit Fliesen, Sanitär und Vinyl, Parkett und Laminat hat sich die Firma Franke zur Berufung
Fersini Marco - Pavimenti e Rivestimenti interni ed esterni
Marco Fersini è un posatore di Rimini che opera con passione, professionalità e cura dei dettagli. Effettua la posa di
Piastrellista artigiano, specializzato nella posa mosaico per locali commerciali e privati. Effettua posa di: pavimentazioni
Fliesen Hiersemann
Setzen Sie auf individuellen Service durch den Fliesenlegermeister Marcus Hiersemann. Ob Privatkunden, Architekten oder
Göttling Fliesentechnik GmbH
Als mittelständiger Handwerksbetrieb in Hamburg mit vier kaufmännisch/technischen Mitarbeitern im Innendienst, zehn festangestellten
Profi Parkiet II
Produkcja i montaż: - Parkietu - Listew przypodłogowych  - Boazerii angielskiej Od 1995 roku zajmujemy się układaniem i
We produce handmade flooring and wall finishing products, for customers internationally since 1975. Karoistanbul has been
Usługi wykończeniowe w pełnym zakresie.
Tuscania S.p.A.
Azienda a conduzione famigliare che a oltre 30 anni produce gres smaltato di altà qualità posizionandosi tra le megliori
brak firmy-prywatnie
Aktualnie pracuje w firmie budowlanej.Po pracy wykonuje kafelkowanie prywatnie.
Millenium Brokers
´Somos una empresa dedicada 100% a la comercialización de acabados, más exactamente pisos tanto de madera estructurada como
Görer Fliesen und Bau GmbH
Wir sind seit 1992 auf dem Berliner Baumarkt tätig. Unser Leistungsspektrum umfasst die Ausführung von Fliesen- und Natursteinarbeiten
Samet Kural 05304453808
Nevşehir, Avanos,Göreme ve çevre ilçelerde seramik, fayans,mermer, granit, cam mozaik döşeme hizmeti vermekteyim Her türlü
Antica Ceramica Rubiera Srl
Antica Ceramica Rubiera è produttore di piastrelle in gres porcellanato per tutti gli usi architettonici: civili, industriali
Fliesen Schiffbauer
Qualität vom Fachmann im Landkreis Waldshut-Tiengen am Hochrhein Natursteinverblender, LED- Lichttechnik, Mosaik, Großformate
Eccheli Pavimenti e Rivestimenti
Siamo lieti di presentarvi la nostra azienda Eccheli pavimenti S.R.L.S che lavora con progettazione vendita e posa di pavimenti
Attività Edili Cameli Marco
Opero dal 2000 nel settore delle pavimentazioni, sia esterne che interne, di qualsiasi materiale ceramico e/o lapideo, pietre
Ceramar GmbH
Traditionshandwerk für exklusive Ansprüche Bei Ceramar in Düsseldorf erwartet Sie ein Handwerksfachbetrieb mit modernster
Berin Fliesen
Die Firma Berin Fliesen bietet Ihren Kunden umfangreiche Beratungsmöglichkeiten und setzt Ihre Wünche fachgerecht und qualitativ

What do tilers do?

Tiles - also known as tile settlers - are the professionals responsible for tiling, with tiles, the walls and floors of private homes and public spaces. These specialists are also responsible for maintaining, repairing and replacing these materials. Due to their strength, the tiles and tiles are not only decorative, but also protect the surfaces on which they are applied. They are particularly used in spaces that are subject to heavy wear, such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

Tilers must have numerical and architectural notions. Their work requires them to analyze the site of the work, to take measures and to be able to read and interpret the graphic representations related to the spaces that will be intervened. The tiler may also advise the customer on the choice of materials or cooperate with an interior designer or architect to do so. It is also important that these professionals have physical stamina as they need to carry heavy volumes and to be in uncomfortable positions while working.

What are tiles, tiles and mosaics?

It is important for customers to know the difference between these three designations. The tiler is usually described as the one who lays tiles . But this professional does more than that. Currently, it has an extensive activity that arises from the need to adapt to market demands.

Let us then clarify the concepts:

Tiles: The main difference between the tile and the tile is the size. The tile is smaller in size and the shape may vary from square to rectangular to hexagonal. The latter is among the trends. Tiles can be made of different materials such as ceramics, clay, porcelain, marble, among others.

Mosaic: Mosaic is not a type of covering, but a set of tiles placed side by side, with no gaps between them.

Glazed tiles: Glazed tiles are ceramic pieces, usually square and of thin thickness, with a glazed, waterproof and glazed face, resulting from the baking of a coating known as glaze. This phase may be of various colours or be monochrome, textured or completely smooth. Nowadays, the options are numerous and varied. Tiles are used indoors and outdoors and can also come as an isolated decoration element.

3. What distinguishes the floor tile from the floor tiles?

Tiles are professionals who specialize in the application of tiles. On the other hand, the floor settlers are able to install various types of materials, such as wood floors, floating floors, carpets, among others. Settlers have a broader role, but if they are looking for someone to specifically place tiles, it is the tiler who should turn to. This expert knows the characteristics of these materials and their application techniques better than anyone else.

4. What are the advantages of hiring a tiler in Wakefield?

Although they have some skills in construction and DIY, it is preferable to hand these works, especially the most complex and large, to specialists.

When should you call a tiler? How can this professional help you?

Removing Pre-Existing Coverings: Removing pre-existing tiles and tiles is an intricate job that should be done by a professional with the necessary safety tools and accessories. This task generates noise and dirt, which can be mitigated if a tiler is responsible for its execution.

Surface preparation: Applying coatings without previously treating surfaces is a common and avoidable mistake. If the walls or floors are damaged by moisture or other structural problems, the tiles will eventually sag. Note that these problems may need to be solved in collaboration with other professionals such as plumbers (if there is moisture).

Surface Leveling and Mortar Application: As noted from the previous point, tiles and tiles should be applied on level and clean surfaces. Choosing the right mortar is essential for a high quality result. Mortar can be of type AC-I, AC-II, AC-III and AC-IIIE . All of them have, of course, distinct properties that the tilers are aware of. If the wrong mortar is chosen, the pieces may not adhere or later move.

Material Quantity Calculation: After taking measurements, you can determine the required material quantities. It is not advisable to do the calculations fairly. Additional parts may be needed throughout the work and stock should be replaced if some tiles are to be replaced later. If you do not buy too much, there is a risk that the ranges will be discontinued.

Finishes: Once the tiles and tiles are in place, the joints must be sealed to prevent mold and seepage. Tilers will complete their work by applying a sealant, but customers should have this product at home - you can find it in construction stores - and apply it two or three times a year. Doing so prevents the joints from gaining unsightly stains.

5. Why choose floor tiles?

Among the main advantages of these materials, we would highlight the following:

Water resistance : Water resistance depends on the material from which the tiles are made. Ceramics, for example, have a glazed surface that is not permeable to water or to stains. This is the main reason why these coatings are popular in kitchens , bathrooms and laundries, divisions that concentrate high levels of humidity and are heavily used.

Durability: These seemingly fragile parts are actually quite resistant to impact, fire, water, chemicals, and so on. When properly installed and maintained, they can last for decades.

Cost: Prices may, of course, vary. High-quality materials and professional installation will not necessarily be affordable. However, the offer is vast and varied, so we have no doubt that you will find a type of flooring that fits your budget.

Variety: In the market today, you will find tiles in different shapes, colours, patterns and textures. There is even ceramic that reproduces, in a very realistic way, the appearance of wood or stone.

Easy maintenance: simply wiping it with a damp - or even dry - cloth will remove dust and stains on the surfaces of these materials. If there are more entrained stains, use their own products to remove them, but they are not too abrasive, otherwise the material will be damaged. When the tile is in place, you can take the opportunity to find out about the best cleaning products.

6. What to consider before hiring a tiler in Wakefield?

If you want to hire a tiler, please note the following steps.

  • First, review the portfolios of tilers working in your area of residence and choose the three portfolios you liked best. Try not to over-disperse to make the choice process even more confusing.
  • Set up meetings with the tiles you have selected and inquire about their years of experience and their qualifications . Take the opportunity to ask questions and understand if you are facing a friendly professional with whom you have empathy.
  • See references left by former customers. You can find them on Facebook or on platforms like Google My Business if the trader has an online presence . If not, ask directly how you can learn about them.
  • Ask for at least three budgets and favor the proposal that seems fairest to you regarding the value for money and the scope of the service provided.
  • Sign a contract that is clearly written and safeguards all stakeholders.
  • Favor a professional who offers you a guarantee . If problems arise after installation, it should not be the customer repairing the repairs. 
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