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Slipintosoft for Quality Products at Lowest Prices

Slipintosoft offers everything from silk bedding to sleepwear. All the goods are offered in different colors and styles. They keep you comfortable, cool and beautiful.

The skin-friendly bedding of slipintosoft includes—a silk duvet cover, bedding sheet set and silk comforter. You can choose their soft bedding with mulberry silk fabric according to your expectations. Various colors are available for you. For instance—pink, black, white and a lot more.

Different categories of pure silk bedding -

1. Silk pillowcase -

They are crafted from top-quality mulberry silk and are handmade. Feel free regarding its durability and high quality because they are tested by their team. This hypoallergic and natural product does wonders to your skin, hair and overall health while sleeping.

The 19/22 momme housewife silk pillowcase with hidden zipper is environment friendly. As a result, it is safe for your skin. Moreover, it is prepared of natural silk. Silk fabric has numerous organic ingredients which enhance skin elasticity, delay skin senility and prevent dry skin wrinkle.

On the same token, the 19/22 momme oxford envelope silk pillowcase allows your hair to slide on the pillowcase freely. As a result, it reduces facial wrinkles, hair loss and prevents dry hair.

2. Silk sheets -

Besides looking great, silk sheets are also cool and comfortable. 22 momme pure mulberry silk flat sheet is sewn from the mulberry silk. They are of high quality and prepared with utmost care. They keep you cool in summer and hot in winters. Nevertheless, the product is suitable for different seasons.

The other excellent silk sheet is 22 momme pure mulberry silk duvet cover. It weighs 22 momme and is crafted with charmeuse mulberry silk. It is smooth, soft and provides you with a deep sleep at night. According to hairstylists, beauty experts and dermatologists, the product is best for those with acne or sensitive skin. It is a good gift idea on occasions like anniversaries, Christmas and thanksgiving.

3. Silk bedding set -

Sleep is essential for living a happy life. For this, a comfortable bedding set is essential. Isn’t so? The comfortable design of the 19 momme silk duvet cover set can provide you with quality sleep. The silk duvet cover sets are available in numerous colors in 3 and 4 pcs. You can choose a pink, white, black, grey or red duvet cover set to decorate your bedroom.

In addition to colors, numerous sizes are also available for your convenience. For example- king, queen, twin and complete.

4. Silk comforter -

It is smooth, lightweight and comfortable. Silk comforter is suitable for various reasons. It is good for skincare and comes in different sizes like—silk comforter queen, king, full and twin. So you can select the one according to your budget and expectations.

What is mulberry silk bedding?

Mulberry silk is so expensive because this high-quality silk is made from silkworms. However, regardless of expense, mulberry silk bedding has gained wide popularity. It is different from others because it is natural, hypoallergic and odourless.

The highest grade of mulberry silk bedding is A. Whereas C stands as the lowest grade. Mulberry silk requires a little bit of attention and love. So, wisely and gently wash it in the machine at a low temperature.

Note—If you have a time reduction setting in your machine, then use it.

Conclusion -

Silk bedding provides an indulgent and breathable night sleep. Its soft and light feel comforts the skin. At the same time, the natural properties of pure silk bedding prevent hot flushes. Besides superior comfort and long time span, other perks of mulberry silk bedding include—easy care, hair care and skin care.