Rae Wilkinson Design Ltd

Garden with a view

A rural location with a spectacular view and a discerning client, requiring bold, dramatic planting to link to the landscape

  • Rae Wilkinson's naturalistic planting style frames the view

    Mass planted drifts of grasses and flowering perennials set the view with the amazing backdrop of the Surrey Hills beyond. 

  • Courtyard pots and furniture

    Rae chooses planters and furniture to fit the space and the lifestyle of the client. Urbis pots and modular furniture feature in the courtyard space

  • Rae Wilkinson's bold planting style frames the buildings

    Large perennial drifts run from the landscape and into the living space round the buildings

  • Rill planting

    Rae Wilkinson uses structural evergreen planting through hard landscaping features such as the rill. A tinted window sited at the rill end reflects the landscape beyond, thus bringing it into the space

  • Rill and water bowls

    Combined water features create a sense of place - the rill here is flanked by statuesque water bowls chosen from the Urbis range