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Warm Dining

My clients booked me to consult with them about a problem dining room. Originally Mrs Client loved cool blues and relaxing lilacs but the warm was north facing with little sunlight and shaded by a large oak tree in the front of the property. This meant that all the colours she tried sucked all the heat and atmosphere from the room and they left it unused alot of the time. We looked through selected wallpapers and she wanted something really quirky and different. I selected a metallic paper from Eijffinger and blended the rest of the scheme to suit the 1970's build in a country setting. The wanted to keep their existing furniture so working with the tones in the oak furniture and floor we were able to pick a delicate palette that complimented a contemporary style. The clients use the room daily now and banished are the cold chilly feelings from before. Its a real statement room that you can live with for an extended period, and the simple styling of soft furnishings mean that more can be added over time to adjust as design moves on within the home. 

  • Copper Lighting Whitehouse Interiors Modern dining room

    Copper Lighting

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    Sourced copper pendants to enhance the warm tones and keep bang on trend.

  • Soft Furnishings Whitehouse Interiors Modern dining room

    Soft Furnishings

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    We used a blend of Clarke and Clarke plains and Blendworth silk to create a layered and chic look, without being fussy. Delicate touches of colour mean that the palette is blended throughout the room without any one colour becoming to dominating.

  • Feature Wall Whitehouse Interiors Modern dining room

    Feature Wall

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    The feature wall was requested to be the focal point and stop the end of the room being a dead zone. With dining rooms there is often a feeling of needing to fill the walls or space just to make it look more useable and full. With using a paper with a reflection you don't take away any space but add to the image that there is more content in the room than there actually is. This still gives the room an airy feel, without it being cluttered or overly dominating.