A Modern Kitchen by the Sea

Modern & Practical Appliance Wall

This Beauty Family Home is located in County Down, Northern Ireland.

With stunning sea views, the clients wanted a design that would not detract from the changing environment outside. Streamlined matte surfaces draw the eye to the sea, and a neutral palette allows the room to change with the landscape.

All kitchen objects are hidden behind doors and in drawers, however this is a practical family home with 3 children. This minimalist look works beautifully, as every aspect of storage has been taken care of through careful spacial planning. The Striking Matte Basalt Appliance Wall houses the clients coffee maker (accessed by a pull out, see image gallery), Ironing Board & Vacuum Cleaner, Food, and Kitchen Essentials. Handleless, push opening doors and drawers are complimented by Stainless Steel Work Surfaces, and the very beautiful Smeg Linea Hob. The kitchen island was fitted in Matte Cashmere to add a subtle contrast. Stainless Steel Smeg Linea Appliances maintain the streamlined look.

Groomsport County Down
Total cost