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Country Garden, Chew Manga

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This lovely home and garden is situated in the beautiful village of Chew Magna just outside of Bristol. It is a substantial sized garden that is split over several terraced areas that roll down to the river Chew. Various safety and practical issues had to be considered into the design, as there were 3 children under the age of 6 using the space; these included play areas viewable from the house.

The original mix of gravel and paving hampered the children’s’ ability to push their scooters and toy cars around. The picket fence running along the top of the retaining wall was already incorporated for safety reasons, below which was a uneven lawn area and scrub land, which in turn drops further to a less formal lawn area to the river beyond.

The paving design has been carefully designed to break up what could have potentially been too large and area of paving. The circular inlay of beautiful Dutch clay pavers within the main body of the seating area frames the circular wooden dining table set perfectly. These pavers are repeated in the path leading to the main steps to the formal lawn and edge the path to the upper lawn area where the kids can play in view of the kitchen window.

Box hedging was planted along the line of the existing picket fence in the hope that when the children are older and the hedge has grown the fence can be removed completely. Box is repeated in topiary form in the four planting beds that separate the lawn from the main seating area which also intersects with the pathway down to the main lawn below.

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